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Survive 2016 .... 7 tips for contractors

An excellent contribution from Ian Heathwood, principal at McKays Solicitors, specialists in construction law. 

Added comments in italics are the opinions of the editor, Payment Really Matters. 1,095 more words

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When are you finished? Practical Completion

Many construction contracts, especially bespoke one-off contracts, are not managed by an independent superintendent (architect or engineer) and do not provide for a mutually acceptable definition of “practical” or “substantial” completion.   261 more words

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Security of Payment - How far down the chain does it apply?

In Capricorn Quarries Pty Ltd v Inline Communication Construction Pty Ltd QSC 388 the Supreme Court of Queensland considered whether particular activities undertaken in a quarry were ‘construction work’ or ‘related goods and services’ under the Building and Construction Industry Payments Act 2004 (Qld) (BCIP Act). 801 more words

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Don't trust a Trust

Beware trading with trusts.

A common vehicle to operate a family business is by way of a discretionary family trust or trading trust.  It is dangerous to trade or contract with a trust unless you know full details of the trustee. 644 more words

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Period Contracts - make sure all your work is covered

Many small builders, subcontractors and maintenance contractors work under period contract arrangements.  Most of these arrangements that we have seen have no, or minimal contract documentation defining how new work and variation work are included in a period contract.   322 more words

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Construction Payment is a specialised knowledge area

Construction payment and cash flow is a critically important aspect of your business, yet the management of payment processes and collection is often relegated to the office junior or the accounts department, often the least equipped to deal with payment. 342 more words

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BCIPA Review

The BCIPA has published a detailed discussion paper to draw out the industry’s opinions on the Building and Construction Industry Payments Acts 2004 (Qld).  Every stakeholder will be attempting to improve its position in the event of a payment dispute.   9,525 more words

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