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CRG@CGP: Class, Race, Gender, Sexuality, Ability, and Museums

“My training as a historian taught me that to separate ideas of class, race, gender, sexuality, and ability from their historical contexts is to miss their true meanings—the real power that they hold in American society to shape and define people’s lives.” 1,056 more words

Transgender Remembrance Week and being unapologetically QUEER

In honour of it being Transgender Remembrance Week, let me tell you about being unapologetically Queer.

I am unapologetically Queer. Society has had a bad habit of telling people how they should fit in to these clean little categories that have been deemed acceptable by “the man” and makes it easier for everyone to understand stuff. 255 more words


Camp It

Day 95 of #100Daychallenge

Once upon a time I would have been embarrassed and insulted if I someone thought I was gay upon meeting me. That was my own homophobia. 254 more words


Book Review: What We Left Behind by Robin Talley

Title: What We Left Behind

Author: Robin Talley

Published: Harelequin Teen, 2015, 405 pages

Recommended if you like: Books with Diverse Characters, Books set in college, Character driven stories, LGBTQIA+, Gender Identity exploration… 793 more words


The Big, Bad Wolf: "Creep" and Gay Panic as Horror 

 Josef (Mark Duplass) has a penchant for scaring people. With love. It’s kind of an eye roll worthy thing, actually. On the behest of his invitation, Aaron (director Patrick Brice) brings him camera, under the assumption he’ll be filming Josef’s time capsule video for his as yet unborn son Buddy. 1,113 more words

Take One

A love letter to you

Hey there,

So here we are, it’s been two years since you and I were on the phone and I nervously confessed my love to you. 856 more words


What the hell does gender identity have to do with fracking?

Originally published at Gender Is War

On the blacklisting of eco-feminists

It’s a plot filled with anonymous denunciations, secret meetings, betrayal, dissidents, blacklists and infiltrators. For those just tuning in, this shitshow is the latest infighting on the left, where ideological purity and individual identity are all the rage – literally. 88 more words

Gender Critical