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Interview with IOP Fellow and Feminist Extraordinaire Christine Quinn

Christine Quinn served as the Speaker of the New York City Council, the first woman and first openly gay person to do so. She ran for mayor of New York in 2013 and has been an IOP fellow this semester. 1,702 more words

Current Events

The First Steps into a Genderqueer World

By Anonymous

Hmm, that’s funny––MS Word doesn’t even think that “genderqueer” is a word…

For years I’ve felt those familiar feelings: this body isn’t quite right for me. 1,149 more words


Open letter #1

Who are you to decide I’m not good enough, I’m not pretty enough, I’m not smart enough to be me.
You say my voice doesn’t match the body. 131 more words


You can spend days looking at a blank page, and for a writer that is the worst type of torture...

… And then when something comes, anything, whether it’s about what you intended to write or not – when it comes and it feels true, or even just somewhat true to what you’re feeling, the days you’ve wasted dissolve like the point of a match. 7 more words


Listen to Kamikawa's FRAKKNUCKLE audio exclusives @ LUNAR POETRY: https://lunarpoetryblog.wordpress.com/category/audio-page/

You can listen to ‘An Ending’, ‘Hot Sex Sun’ and ‘Body Talk’ at Lunar Poetry‘s audio page. Click on the link below and scroll down to hear samples of my work, from upcoming collection  52 more words


Gendered Lines - A Snapshot of Life in Japan

The notion of a male-female gender binary has powerful influence in many cultures, but its presence is especially visible in Japan. From an early age, children are taught that humans can and should be divided into groups based on two opposite sexes and genders. 407 more words

Gendered Messages

No Longer Queer

Marriage is a cultural relic, a “throw-back”,  if you will. No, I am not just talking about “traditional marriage”,  I am talking about marriage full stop. 351 more words