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A ‘gay’ is the golden sunset watched reluctantly from a wake.

A ‘gay’ is the golden sunset watched reluctantly from a wake.

Un « gay » est le coucher du soleil doré qu’on observe à contrecœur depuis une veillée.

– Tristan Coleshaw.

We Don't Have to Be The Building at Silo 7 Auckland

With the help of GABA, Phantom Billstickers, Artist Alliance and Auckland City Council, we took all 16 works to Auckland as large scale posters that were installed in Silo 7 on the waterfront. 42 more words


Katy Perry Does Critical Theory

There is little doubt now that we are living in a strange time, a time where Teen Vogue talks Black Lives Matter, Elle Magazine quotes Russian revolutionaries, and… 1,411 more words

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Christmas, Jesus, and the Small Town Horror Story

It is Christmas time and, as is tradition, queers across the land are preparing to go visit their terrible suburban home towns. Suburbia is the haven of the nuclear family; a white picket fence, and 2.5 decidedly heterosexual children. 865 more words

My disabilities don't make me an inspiration

There are days when I just want to scream at people to back the frak off. Days where I wish I didn’t hear the words ‘you are an inspiration to me.’ I’m not an inspiration. 502 more words


Feminist Utopias and Battling Cruel Optimism in Ghostbusters

When I first heard about the new Ghostbusters, I was bursting with anticipation. But when the trailers started coming I quickly tuned out. Like a child who has peeked at their Christmas presents before the big day, I needed to hold the excitement in. 1,034 more words

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