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“Pregnant Person” is the “All Lives Matter” of Reproductive Healthcare

Originally published at Gender Detective

Earlier this month, transgender activist Trevor MacDonald published two opinion pieces on the Huffington Post, each to attack the feminist organization Woman-Centered Midwifery. 95 more words

Female Biology

Rocking the Boat: Exhibition Methods of Storytelling the Experience of Gender & Sexuality in Museums

By: Sarah Olivo

In May 2014, transgender activist and actress, Laverne Cox, graced the cover of Time Magazine heralding the “Transgender Tipping Point.” In the past year alone, we have seen athletes and celebrities question the gender binary, including the first U.S. 2,217 more words

Gently Outing Me

Day 32 of #100Daychallenge

Coming out means your friends and family know you deeper, know you better. But it’s not just about sexual orientation. We can come out about anything that we keep hidden. 449 more words


Trish Salah's Poetry Collection WANTING IN ARABIC: Why to Read It, and How

Have you ever read something that felt too smart for you? Winnipeg-based writer Trish Salah’s poetry collection Wanting In Arabic was like that for me, especially when I first picked it up. 1,163 more words


Listen to and read 'An Ending', from my new collection FRAKKNUCKLE...

An Ending

From a sailor’s knot

Father-learned, bobbing

gently blood red,

purple-veined, ceiling

plaster snow falling

on kitchen floor slate,

beams cracking under

flesh and rope weight, 118 more words


Good Day to You

Turning back the clock as you walk within sunshine.

Smiling at Those who pass by.

A dare is shared if eye contact between strangers are made. 320 more words



Take away our land and we’ll take away your might.

A leader that walks his flock, around the block to thin out the heard.

Flashing lights and loaded guns, across checkpoints of police. 189 more words