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Solidarity is an Act, not a Speech

Solidarity is a myth. There, I’ve said it. ~Solidarity~ between two or more different groups of minorities is a fucking myth. You want proof? The Orlando shooting victims were gay. 625 more words


White queers, this is a betrayal.

Writing from Coast Salish territories.

I’ve just arrived home and I smell like fire.

I feel like fire too. Raging, quiet, resilient.

Today, QTIBIPoC living on Coast Salish territories gathered to mourn, pay respects to, to send love away with the 49 people who were murdered in the Pulse nightclub on June 12th in Orlando, Florida. 794 more words



Orlando has taken a lot out of me, to the point that I feel like I have to take a rest from debating about or discussing it with people for a while. 50 more words


Wish I Were Special: Gay Panic, Masculinity, and the Queer Other in “Creep” and “The Gift”

(Author’s Note: Hey, look, it’s the paper I presented at the Visions Film Festival and Conference in April!)

This evening, I’m here to talk about masculinity, and clearly, as you can see that I’m the bastion of heteromasculinity, I am the right person to do such a thing. 2,612 more words



Oops! … I did it again. I vanished for months. Got lost in schoolwork. Oh baby, baby.

Actually, this post has nothing to do with Britney Spears at all. 244 more words


The Politics of Visibility

Last week’s Trans Day of Visibility saw a surge of critiques of the phrase’s dubious politics on my Facebook wall. Created in 2010 by the transgender Michigan activist Rachel Crandall, Trans Day of Visibility was meant to be a positive twin to the… 559 more words