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The Unheard Pain You Know

you know you didn’t birth the yolk
of growth to a flower’s bloom, and
you can’t wind-shake the thought
of the plagiarization of scars from your skin… 136 more words

Black Art

Helping Another

Out of nowhere it seems, an almost forgotten sense of peace has entered my heart. A steadying of nerves without invitation brought my mind and body back to a near lost state of existence. 441 more words



In time comes clarity, jumbling, stumbling, bumbling through every sensory awakening soft bright and abrupt. Oh this thing called clarity, I foolishly thought I had met you, 10,000 clones before. 469 more words



It has now been a little over a year since my last drug use. I share no pride nor surprise about this news, it just is what it is. 518 more words


hymns from the bedroom

A  work  of  photography  by  Poem  Baker

“I’m  a  self-­‐taught  documentary  photographer  who  shoots  on  instinct.  since  picking  up  a  camera  about  five  years  ago,  I’ve  been  enthralled  by  the  transformative  nature  of  portraiture  in  its  power  to  both  mask  and  lay  bare  the  human  persona.  759 more words


Greer Lankton - beautiful freaks.

What first comes to mind are lifelike sewn dolls, strange enchanting freaks. Glamorous, gender defying creatures posed in the most bizarre otherworldly window sets. Nan Goldin’s and David Wojnarowicz’s muse first became known through actual East Village window displays, the major focus of her work being on gender issues, sexuality and self-discovery. 353 more words