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Skyscraper - Scott Alexander Hess (Unzipped/Lethe Press)

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From its brevity to its cover, which I like to think depicts the view from the  floor of the book’s prominently-featured puppy cage, Scott Alexander Hess’s short erotic novel about BDSM, architecture, and rebirth revels in its own apparent simplicity. 466 more words


Kissing, full body contact, legs interlaced, moving slowly, pleasure increases.

Sitting up, moving so that clit to clit is enjoyed.

Weight back on arms, so that more pressure can be applied. 458 more words


ELIZABETH by Nola Sarina

I meet Elizabeth the first day I finally commit to an $85 monthly membership at a twenty-four-hour all-women’s gym. All I’m thinking about is the ellipticals and the sauna. 1,565 more words


THE LONG COMMUTE by L. Sara Bysterveld

The #72 bus. Each morning at 5:36 it picked me up from the corner directly below my apartment balcony. Most days I was the first passenger or very close to it, and on those days I always chose the same seat, halfway back, facing forward, next to the window with one seat between the aisle and me. 1,808 more words


3 WORDS: Stoked Sunrise Ferocity

For/from Paola

“You are such a buzz kill,” she said, pouting, frowning, pulling her lips into distorted shapes of anger—faked, but not. “Come on! I’m so stoked about it! 777 more words

Interludes & Outtakes (words On The Floor)

3 WORDS: Piano River Feather

For/from Jenn

(and all my girls with artists’ skewed priorities)

“We are not moving a grand piano down to the river—are you insane?” I said. 719 more words

Interludes & Outtakes (words On The Floor)