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3 WORDS: Stoked Sunrise Ferocity

For/from Paola

“You are such a buzz kill,” she said, pouting, frowning, pulling her lips into distorted shapes of anger—faked, but not. “Come on! I’m so stoked about it! 777 more words

Interludes & Outtakes (words On The Floor)

3 WORDS: Piano River Feather

For/from Jenn

(and all my girls with artists’ skewed priorities)

“We are not moving a grand piano down to the river—are you insane?” I said. 719 more words

Interludes & Outtakes (words On The Floor)

Interview: USA Today HEA

Wowza! I was reviewed about my queer, smutty book, Behrouz Gets Lucky in USA today’s Happy♥Ever♥After romance page!

Behrouz Gets Lucky is straight out magic, crammed full of humor, a literary aesthetic, marvelous food and hot sex. 173 more words

Behrouz Gets Lucky