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Queer Eye Season 2 Launches Globally 15 June 2018!

Queer Eye is back, and ready to transform the stylistically challenged into hip and happening savants at the hands of the new Fab Five. These fearless ambassadors of taste are about to embark on Queer Eye’s boldest crusade ever, bringing a message of encouragement and uplift to eight new heroes in Season Two. 201 more words


Queer Eye Season 2 Announced!

In a time when America stands divided, and the future seems uncertain, a team of five brave men try to bring people closer together with laughter, heart, and just the right amount of moisturiser. 270 more words


"Queer Eye" Review

“Queer Eye”, once known as “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”, is a Netflix original series reboot of the early 2000s makeover show in which five gay men—Antoni Porowski (food expert), Jonathan van Ness (grooming expert), Tan France (fashion expert), Bobby Berk (design expert), and Karamo Brown (culture expert, though he is more of the therapist in the group, if anything) get together to give fellow straight ‘nominees’ a well-needed makeover. 446 more words


Flashback Friday-Queer Eye (2003-2007)

The stereotype of straight men is they dress like slobs, are useless in the kitchen and generally unable to put themselves together. The stereotype of gay men is very much the opposite. 141 more words


All Eyes On Queer Eye

By: Christiana Cleveland

“The original show was fighting for tolerance, our fight is for acceptance.”

The new, eagerly anticipated re-vamp of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy… 296 more words


You Should | Watch Queer Eye

I’m going to be talking about one of the Netflix’s latest, and most wholesome, additions. There will be ‘spoiler’ esq bits discussed. If you’d rather not read those then please go no further- if you’re happy to read ahead please do. 615 more words