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Queer Demons: A Short Story

Queer Demons: A Short Story by Julie Langston

Content Note:  This story contains disturbing themes and images including graphic violence, transphobia, homophobia, physical and emotional abuse of a minor, strong language, religious themes, themes of suicide and self harm.  7,067 more words


The Calm Before (43.1)

48th of the Aster’s Gloom, 2030 D.C.E, Night

Tambwe Dominance — Rangda City, Ocean Road

Colored streaks and bursts filled the night sky with fleeting color. 4,617 more words

The Solstice War

War and PTSD as a Trope in Romantic Fiction LGBT and otherwise

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder should not be glamorized and neither should War. There is nothing beautiful about it. When you come home with PTSD, there is no amount of romantic love that can save you. 702 more words

My Next Door Neighbour

I think Emily had lived next door to me since I was…12? Yeah 12. I moved to Eastern Heights when I was 12. Now I’m 18 and about to go off to college in a few weeks. 1,784 more words


Interview and guest post from Alex Powell

We’re absolutely delighted to welcome Alex Powell to the blog today as part of Diverse Books Month. Alex is a Canadian author, living in Vancouver, who writes for Less Than Three Press, writing mostly Sci-Fi and Fantasy although they love writing cross-genre work. 1,619 more words

Author Interviews

Salva's Taboo Exchanges IX

This chapter contains bigoted words used in a fit of self-loathing by a character, against herself; it also contains violence, and familial abuse and manipulation.  5,820 more words

The Solstice War

Expressions of Literalchemy (1)

On tumblr, I posted a lot of things to a personal tag, “Literalchemy.” It was a tag I used for thoughts about writing. For privacy reasons, and because a lot of fucked up people on tumblr hate me for no reason, I decided to remove my tumblr from search engine indexing. 1,540 more words