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The two-way mirror tone pierced the room and silenced them all. Frowning, she looked at the mirror where she’d left it the day before when Thayne had called, flashing back to  3,761 more words

"Kingdoms of Fog" Breaking Silver Part 4 Preview

Before Dorothy, there was Oz, an empire of feudal witches, noble tribes and a mad Wizard.  In a preview of Part 4 of Breaking Silver, 2,394 more words


The training fields fell still as every single Dhaoine held their breath when an ominous wind blew across the camp. It held an ancient magick that made her very bones ache to feel it; as though she had stepped into a Temple and one of the gods’ effigies stepped down and spoke to her. 3,052 more words


“When someone is desperate, they usually resort to desperate measures. It makes people predictable,” Rhyshladlyn shrugged. “It’s why I don’t act when I’m desperate. I act when I’ve given up, when I’ve accepted that my life is about to end. 3,888 more words


She stared down at the destroyed wing buds, right hand clenched tightly around the two-way mirror Kírtlaq had given her from Mother, as a tumultuous mixture of shock, fury, guilt, fear, and revulsion rolled through her. 5,011 more words


When he arrived, he only made it as far as the front door because when he reached for the door handle Azriel’s laughter came from inside and he had jerked his hand back as though burned. 4,830 more words