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The Storms were rolling in, the horizon uncharacteristically dark for two tick marks past midday, and by the Nameless, it was difficult to determine whether it was a good or bad omen that the Storms were arriving earlier this year than the ones before. 3,153 more words

Book Review: Highly Illogical Behavior by John Corey Whaley

Lisa just wants to get into the second best psychology program in the US. If that’s means using sixteen-year-old, agoraphobic Solomon as her personal project to help her get into her dream school, then that’s what she’ll do. 300 more words



“What do you mean there’s nothing for me?” Relyt asked trying to keep the disappointment out of his tone but judging by the way the Druid frowned at him, the look not one of reproach but rather one of sympathy, he must have been unsuccessful. 2,674 more words


“This is such bullshit,” she muttered testily to herself as she pushed through the thick grasses of the farmland she had recently landed in. “I should have just let the damn Lord King murder me along with my brother, then I wouldn’t be in this damn mess. 3,395 more words


Azriel watched as Thayne approached Rhyshladlyn where the Qishir stood in the center of the training fields and his eyes narrowed. Everything about his niece’s body language screamed  3,325 more words

Book Review: A Good Idea by Christina Moracho

Gripping, haunting, and thrilling— these are the three words I’d use to describe A Good Idea by Christina Moracho. Reading this book gave me the same eerie feeling that sitting in my empty apartment during the middle of a thunderstorm gives me, lights flickering, thunder shaking the windows, Wi-Fi signal only showing one bar. 336 more words


Book Review: One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva

Director, writer, and native New Yorker Michael Barakiva debuts his first novel, One Man Guy, a coming-of-age story following an Armenian American boy who experiences falling in love for the first time while dealing with the social struggle of being both Armenian and American. 135 more words