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He’d spent a century, a century, fighting alongside his birth race, a race that had never loved him, that had taken one look at his mismatched eyes and wings and rather than see the gift inherent in them and the Touch of the High Ones they signified, had instead loathed him from the start. 3,317 more words



He had seen a lot of things in his lifetime: a darkness that moved like a flesh and blood Dhaoine, that breathed and acted like no absence of light should; death and bloodshed on a level that went beyond what even the Old Stories contained; horrors that the word “nightmare” didn’t even come  3,587 more words



For 2018 I’m challenging myself to write more, to finish some of my writing projects and in particular to share some more of what I write. 363 more words



The war had started much like he had expected, the first battle starting not even a full day after he had buried Azriel, though with far less violence than any of them had prepared for, at least in the beginning. 4,283 more words



The Forest is filled with a Silence that makes eir skin crawl. But ey doesn’t let the fear that presses gentle fingers against eir spine take root because ey knows that regardless of the dangers that lurk within the underbrush and hide in the dark green canopy, ey is safe because the Forest belongs to eir kind. 1,180 more words



He rubbed at his face while he walked back to his tent, fingers catching on his gretkewq, the facets of the jewel scraping softly against the pads of his fingers, feet dragging through the sand. 3,974 more words



Everything was going well, well enough that she was wondering where the trap was. Even though it was clear that it existed in the emotional storm that filled the halls of her home, that shadowed the streets of her City. 3,998 more words