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Queer Book Club: Nevada by Imogen Binnie

Nevada is the story of Maria, a young trans woman living in New York, struggling with her relationship to her body and her inability to be emotionally present in any of her relationships. 749 more words

2 Wrongs

My heart stopped, seeing her arms wrapped around another woman. I always wondered how I might react to finding Jayla cheating. I often joked with friends that I would cut a bitch, but always suspected my sadness would outweigh the anger of being betrayed. 4,269 more words

Black Lesbian Fiction

One. Two. Three. - Part 1



I woke up, in a semi-panicked state. My heart raced, not immediately recognizing my surroundings through the gunk in my eyes, the result of dosing off with my contacts still floating in my eyes. 4,190 more words

Black Lesbian Fiction

First Taste - Part One

My smile widened, reading the card attached to the flowers. Something to make you feel better. My heart fluttered with excitement. No one had ever done anything as thoughtful as having flowers delivered to my job before. 4,000 more words

Black Lesbian Fiction

Queer Classics: Fire from Heaven by Mary Renault

This is the first of Mary Renault’s Alexander the Great trilogy, a fictional account of Alexander’s early years. I’m glad I read this as my first novel of the new year, because it’s excellent. 289 more words

Never Ending Roadtrip

It’s one in the morning when we stop at the gas station. She climbs out of the truck and cracks every vertebra in her back, one noisy pop after the other like artillery fire. 3,184 more words


Chapter 27 - Duty Bound

Hunt Leader coughs again, a dry and painful sound. Devon and I jerk to look at them.

“Hunt Leader?” I say.

Devon cuts me a glance. 2,745 more words