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Beyond AMMA: The Future of SHIFT

On April 25th, we met Griffin Page, the seventeen year-old protagonist of my novella Amma. Like myself, Page was fascinated by the vibrant world of comic book heroines and femme fatales, especially in the case of  373 more words

[Book Review] Wicked Wonders by Ellen Klages

Title: Wicked Wonders
Ellen Klages (Twitter)
Rating: Recommended (Sort of)
Genre/Category: Slice of Life, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Story Collection, Queer Fiction
Release Date: … 2,334 more words

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Azriel jumped when a wail shattered the early morning air, sent the Currents skittering in all directions, and made him trip mid-fighting dance. Catching himself before he fell into the dirt, he whipped around to face the porch where Relyt stood in front of his rocking chair, his teacup shattered at his feet, grey eyes wide and face pale. 2,529 more words

This is my kind of book! In the tradition of the post-Apocalyptic, survive-in-a-wasteland novel, we start with an almost barren farm and one man alone, learning about the land and barely surviving. 565 more words

Book Review

Review: "Enigma Variations" by Andre Aciman


André Aciman, hailed as a writer of “fiction at its most supremely interesting” (The New York Review of Books), has written a novel that charts the life of a man named Paul, whose loves remain as consuming and as covetous throughout his adulthood as they were in his adolescence. 1,083 more words



Rhyshladlyn lurched to his feet from the stool he’d been sitting on, hands pushing through his hair, raking it back from his face as he paced towards the front door of the cabin and stopped, back to the room. 3,681 more words

I did hesitate to read a book about not just one, but two “straight” men coming to terms with their same-sex attraction, but I took a chance with it and am so glad I did! 694 more words

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