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318. Catherine Lundoff (a.k.a. The Fantastic Wolf) -- An Interview (Out of This World)

Shakespeare, queer noir, and vampire yaoi, oh my! Catherine Lundoff joins Jen and Paul to talk about her new collection of short stories, Out of this World: Queer Speculative Fiction Stories… 143 more words

Genre Fiction


Rhyshladlyn hissed sharply through clenched teeth as he stumbled sideways, right shoulder smacking hard against the stone wall of the alleyway he had woken up in. 2,948 more words


*Well if that didn’t get their attention, I don’t know what will,* Nhulynolyn muttered and Rhyshladlyn barely repressed the snort that threatened to escape in response but he managed, stoic mask still firmly in place even as the unnatural quiet that had settled around his shoulders following his statement began to feel like a living presence versus the absence of sound. 3,583 more words


Anis had seen many expressions on his little brother’s face over the last nearly ninety years ranging among anger, fury, dejection, hopelessness, agony, heartache, hatred, love, hope, happiness, elation, and a thousand and one others for which no words existed to properly describe them. 3,003 more words


Nothing moved, nothing made a sound save him and the shuh-shuh of his boots on the floor as he walked the halls that held the Shadow Chambers of the Old Ones, all around him the concussive press of Their combined Presence thickening the silence that, were it the product of anything else, would have set his ears to ringing but as it were, he barely noticed it. 2,677 more words

Breaking and Entering - Original Fiction

Notes: This original fantasy (almost romance) story has been in the works for a LONG time and I’m happy that I can finally share it with you all! 8,072 more words

Short Fiction

The Unnatural Philosophy of Kit March: Skin

Tes Alden, collector of words, rescuer of books and counter of objects, knows ze isn’t like everyone else. This wouldn’t be such a problem if everybody else didn’t struggle with it. 11,435 more words