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Even though he shouldn’t have, even though he knew what lurked there waiting for his arrival, he’d gone to the Forest. He’d had nowhere else he could go before the panic got too strong. 3,308 more words


Wednesday Morning, 3 AM

I don’t know how I ended up here. I can recount the events just fine, unfortunately. But I don’t know why I am the way I am; why I didn’t do things differently so that it didn’t have to be this way. 7,753 more words

Short Stories


He closed the door as calmly as he could. He didn’t think that Eiod had seen through his glamour, but the Sinner-Anglëtinean had definitely figured that something was off which meant his glamour wasn’t as perfect as it should be. 1,587 more words


Gaudy Bauble

Has there ever been a Lesbian Zoo?

Gaudy Bauble by Isabel Waidner: Dostoyevsky Wannabe Originals

Shortlisted for the Republic of Consciousness Prize 2018

Olivia Laing was not wrong in saying “the future of the queer avant-garde is safe with Isabel Waidner”, as Waidner creates a topsy-turvy, destabilising, dismantling, distorting post-identity Britain inhabited by Gilbert & George-esque lesbians, Peggy “the let’s-get-the-hell-out-of-here Pegasus”, hoofed fibreglass sculptures, Healthy-lips, chalk faeries, a transarmy with red question marks compressing the left-facing heads and the “phantom of prohibited futures”. 1,058 more words

Small Presses


It shouldn’t have known that language. How did it know that language?

He paced the room from wall to wall as his mind reeled. He knew he was likely wearing a hole into the thick rug that had been spread over the stones but he didn’t care. 2,329 more words


Season Two. Episode Fifteen: No One So Little Loved. Part Two.

Episode Fifteen: No One So Little Loved: Part Two.

Leonardo had been eleven years old, the first time he realized what he was.

He’d been walking back from his mother and step-father’s house, idly swinging a stick he’d found. 1,231 more words

A Fiction Agreed Upon


“You did what?”

He had to give it to the Lord Queen, for however dainty she appeared to be, it was in those moments when her voice sliced through the air quick as a lightning strike and cut deeper than Sülknír steel that she reminded them all why the Sinner Demon race had happily accepted another Ka’ahne sitting the throne of their people. 2,657 more words