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Another listicle: 5 queer YA books that killed me, and one it would be criminal to leave out

As briefly alluded to in this blog, I’ve been getting into a queer YA niche lately. While it’s not a genre without its problems—the predominance of the gay cismale experience, for example—the best queer YA fiction I’ve read has been gratifyingly good with intersectionality; David Levithan might be a white gay guy and thus best equipped to write about that experience, but his books are full of trans drag queens and multiethnic characters. 1,737 more words

Eff Yes


The pain was intense and she was confused as to why she had gone from fine one second to this. Wondered when she had lost track of the enemy she’d been trading blows with… 2,739 more words



Time might be immemorial here in this lonely place where the Dead and the Lost sang mourning songs. Though what they mourn exactly isn’t entirely known or necessary but mourn they do. 146 more words



It felt like it had been years since Xitlali had begun to take her anger out on his flesh. Since that first searing stripe of pain had bloomed along his spine, since she had made the first stinging slice across his ribs. 1,221 more words


Season Two. Episode Sixteen: The Emperor.

Episode Sixteen: The Emperor. Part One.

Aspen set the flyer down inside the underground lot, and flipped off then engines. She turned around to look at Russo, who was fiddling with the straps of her belt. 1,494 more words

A Fiction Agreed Upon


Her stomach dropped out as the World tilted slightly only to right itself as soon as it shifted. Before she even had the chance to wonder what in the fuck a ping lanced across her mind, just sharp enough to catch her attention but not sharp enough to drop her. 3,107 more words


Queer Book Club: Regeneration Trilogy by Pat Barker

An actual book review from me, for a change. I’m rather late to the party with these ones, as they were published in the 90s, and the first one has since been made into a film, but I enjoyed them so much I thought I’d dust off my reviewing hat and recommend them here. 301 more words