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Love is the Cure: Extract

Here’s an extract from the start of my vampire novella, just to give you a flavour.

Asher hasn’t fed for a week. Now he just lies on our bed, staring at the wall. 820 more words

Love is the Cure

My gothic novella, Love is the Cure, is available on Amazon.

Here’s the blurb:

There’s a knack to eternity. Not everyone has it.

Kerrick’s come a long way from the gutters of Victorian Spitalfields, but he’s still rash, violent, and a demon with a knife. 100 more words

Homesick At Space Camp by Francis Gideon

This was a really cute sci-fi romance novella. It’s about a guy on a space station on the planet Zaffre. He’s left Earth after losing his mother and he may be doing a bit of a running away from his problems there. 352 more words

Book Reviews

Gay bear romance about being psychic: short rec

The main character of “The Psychometry of Snow” by Nathan Burgoine is either psychic or psychic and mentally ill, but either way: he hears residual voices coming from objects people have touched. 148 more words

"[Living] is a very involving job, which takes much concentration and practice."

The Gilda Stories, by Jewelle Gomez

I’ve never read anything quite like this dignified, almost musically written epic work of Black lesbian vampire fiction. Because Gomez’s protagonist, Gilda, lives for centuries, we reap the benefit of her birds-eye view of humanity’s history as she repeatedly reinvents her persona. 216 more words

REVIEW: Husky (Justin Sayre)

Encapsulate the book in one sentence?

“Chubby proto-gay worries a lot.”

Intriguing, tell me more.

As the final days of the summer holiday tick away, Davis is worried about a lot of things: the clothes his loud Irish Nanny wants him to wear, his weight, his love of opera instead of what everyone else listens to, what his hard-working mother is up to with her handsome baker, and his lifelong friends who seem to be drifting away from him in the morass of insecurity and identity that is adolescence. 1,016 more words


The Emperor Waltz

I’ve always rather liked the (probably apocryphal) idea that film pitches consist of a magic equation.

“Think Reservoir Dogs meets Cinderella.”

“It’s Some like it Hot crossed with Homeward Bound.” 804 more words

Book Review