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Problems within the community

You know what, I’m going to say it sometimes, the trans and queer community fucking sucks. Do you know what sucks more than politics, queer politics. 381 more words


Queering of Age: Max Caulfield's Transition & Mine

The idea of “coming of age” is one I always find interesting because of how often it springs up in fiction, and how it’s not nearly the same in the real world. 1,669 more words


FEMME Identity & Accessibility

Femme is an inherently queer identity that allows those who take on this identity to reclaim the power of femininity from the overarching patriarchal ideology that equates “feminine” with “weakness”. 183 more words

More Fashion

Running toward love

Despite (or perhaps as evidenced by) my multitude of serial monogamous intimate relationships, I am a runner. Over the years, and after two harmful formative relationships, I have developed the beautiful capacity to check out. 550 more words



Am I allowed to mourn his breasts?

I’m afraid that even to broach that question will label me unsupportive. Render me less than: The one who isn’t truly celebrating this day, this change. 748 more words


Extract: The Way Out

Sebastian Buckle’s The Way Out tells the story of homosexuality in the public eye. In this complex and nuanced history of gay movements, society and the media, Buckle gives us a fresh look at how the struggle for acceptance and equality has been fought – from the early images of homosexuality in the 1950s, to the partial acceptance in to the mainstream of queer identities in the twenty-first century. 1,258 more words


Punk as Rebellion: A Queer Reading of Chloe Price in 'Life Is Strange'

Life Is Strange is progressive in that it speaks to different kinds of relationships among women, sexual fluidity, and queerness. In analyzing Chloe Price, Max’s childhood friend, through a queer lens, I discovered that her relationship with Rachel, the missing teen, is ambiguous. 852 more words