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Extract: The Way Out

Sebastian Buckle’s The Way Out tells the story of homosexuality in the public eye. In this complex and nuanced history of gay movements, society and the media, Buckle gives us a fresh look at how the struggle for acceptance and equality has been fought – from the early images of homosexuality in the 1950s, to the partial acceptance in to the mainstream of queer identities in the twenty-first century. 1,258 more words


Punk as Rebellion: A Queer Reading of Chloe Price in 'Life Is Strange'

Life Is Strange is progressive in that it speaks to different kinds of relationships among women, sexual fluidity, and queerness. In analyzing Chloe Price, Max’s childhood friend, through a queer lens, I discovered that her relationship with Rachel, the missing teen, is ambiguous. 852 more words


Who "Gets" to be a Feminist? by Sara Frykenberg

Last year a friend of mine who is also a professor, a professor of Philosophy, initiated an email conversation with me to casually dialogue and ask some questions about feminism, a topic about which he had only limited knowledge. 1,024 more words


MHM Ep11: Clear Requests


Today on the Mental Health Mash-Up we want to talk about clear requests– why they’re so challenging, how we can all be a little bit better at them and why they’re so important to our mental health. 411 more words

Traci Medeiros-Bagan

Jasper Lam: On masculinity and landscape

“In this work, notions of queer identity, homosociality for queers, homoeroticism and masculinity are explored through the documentation of the duration of time spent on an art residency featuring another male photographer as the primary subject. 25 more words


Glimpses Into My Self-Love Journey

This January marks the 5th Annual 31-Day Self-Love Diet Writing Challenge that my mom, Michelle Minero, a therapist who specializes in eating disorder recovery, and I host each year. 235 more words

My Life

One of the Boys: How MMORPGs Shaped My Young Queer Life

I never wanted to be “one of the girls.” My mother was a top finance executive when I was growing up, a working mom who had made her way up the ladder with her brains and talent. 2,740 more words