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"The bible is very clear!"

Pieter Niemeyer, with thanks to John MH

“The bible is very Clear”

I can hardly count the numerous times I have heard this phrase being used as a tool to counter and shut down conversation regarding difficult matters of faith and life, particularly in relation to LGBTQ people. 797 more words

Faith Journey's

On Gender Expression, or None Gender with Left Girl

Gender. We’re all supposed to possess it.

We’re supposed to be able to instantly identify “what someone is.”

And when we can’t…people get confused. Even angry. 1,659 more words

Gender Identity

And so it begins...

Who am I?

That question gets more and more difficult to answer as time goes on because of its intricacies and complexities, and yet my identity it is slowly crystallizing before me. 2,513 more words


I’ve come out (in secret) to you

By: Sharmin Shanur

I would like to dedicate this poem to my friend Lucia: You inspired me to write this poem at Kairos. I know I am not gay, but I hope my words are able to  capture what some girls might feel as a homosexual female. 207 more words

Listening Church

I invite you to take a listen. I was honoured to be among this company of people to share my story, our stories, with the larger Church. 8 more words

Faith Journey's

Voy a Mejorar Mi Español

Tengo una meta para mejorar mi español. Voy a escribir blog posts en español para conseguir esta meta. Por favor, corregirme si encuentras errores.

Me estoy comprometiendo a dos cosas cada día: 135 more words

Queer Identity

Jo Chiang: Creating the Space Between Art, Advocacy and Queer Identity

Jo Chiang is a Taiwanese-American actor, writer, filmmaker, and activist based in New York City. Her film work has been featured by Women & Hollywood, Athena Film Festival, Wifey.tv, Everyday Feminism, and Upworthy.  3,341 more words