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Let's Celebrate the New Year With a Self-Love Letter to Ourselves

The new year is here and while it’s really just any other day on the calendar, each new years day fills me with renewed hope and energy.   744 more words

Empowering Discussions

When Is a Good Time to Mention That I Gave Birth to This Kid, But Not That One?

Let’s just say that I’m talking to someone I don’t know well, and the fact that I have a toddler comes up. This might be, say, when I’m talking to the only other nursing mom in the office, and we’re joking about the pumping room. 395 more words

Two-Mom Family Issues

The Creation of The Queer Minded Blog

And viola… as simple as that, a new blogsite entitled The Queer Minded Blog has assumed and occupied this specific space in this vastly growing blogging community in the virtual world. 845 more words


Problems within the community

You know what, I’m going to say it sometimes, the trans and queer community fucking sucks. Do you know what sucks more than politics, queer politics. 381 more words


Queering of Age: Max Caulfield's Transition & Mine

The idea of “coming of age” is one I always find interesting because of how often it springs up in fiction, and how it’s not nearly the same in the real world. 1,669 more words


FEMME Identity & Accessibility

Femme is an inherently queer identity that allows those who take on this identity to reclaim the power of femininity from the overarching patriarchal ideology that equates “feminine” with “weakness”. 183 more words

More Fashion

Running toward love

Despite (or perhaps as evidenced by) my multitude of serial monogamous intimate relationships, I am a runner. Over the years, and after two harmful formative relationships, I have developed the beautiful capacity to check out. 550 more words