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Can the Other of Native Studies Speak?

by Billy-Ray Belcourt

Revolution will come in a form we cannot yet imagine

– Jack Halbertstam [1]

Like Judith Butler, I want to begin with a beginning.

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Fears of Coming Out & How to be a Transgender Ally

One of the thing I remember most about coming out as trans was worrying about whether or not people would believe me. I felt that I had to have some sort of proof of being transgender before coming out to people. 1,293 more words


Chart of the Day 1: Attitudes toward homosexuality in New Zealand

‘Chart of the Day’ is a series where I produce and post an original graph from data I found interesting without comment.

Disclaimer: Correlation does not entail causation. 141 more words

New Zealand

Gay and Asian and a New Zealander

I wrote the following piece which was published in New Zealand’s only LGBT-focused magazine, Gay Express, titled ‘Gay and Asian and a New Zealander… 1,121 more words


Triggers and Lions and Vegans, Oh My!: From a Comment War to a Conversation about Cecil and the Ethics of Eating

By Will Stockton and Karen Tongson



On July 1 2015, an American dentist and big game hunter named Walter Palmer killed a lion named Cecil in the Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. 6,182 more words

Political Rants And Raves

Debate: Should the Queer Movement Break Up?

This is a short debate written for Craccum Magazine of the University of Auckland published on 25 August, 2014. The piece is written to satisfy the format of a debate, and do not completely reflect my current views. 1,195 more words

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