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By the time I had spent ten years in the U.S., I had stopped going to gay clubs. It wasn’t simply that I had grown older, though I had. 805 more words


Sorry, But The Cabal Is Real

The so-called "Trans Cabal" is a relatively common joke in trans circles. One perhaps imagines the various party activists, journalists and poets that make up the trans ruling class meeting around a large dining table, drinking fine wine and plotting out the course of The Movement for the next twelve months. 916 more words


Radfem vs Queers: Gender Bout

Re: queer politics is smelly and doesn’t have any goals, radfem is awesome #radfemftwfuckyouqueers

Here’s my response to a transcript of a talk dedicated to clearing up GENDER CONFUSION by Debbie Cameron and Joan Scanlon. 1,672 more words

Class 6 — Notes

This week we read three works and looked at a selection of slam poetry performances by queer artists that provided us with more concepts and embodied ideas to get at the question of the course — which bodies? 807 more words

Class Notes & Presentations *inc. Guide For Week 8 In Advance*

Just Practice - Workshop Series 2015

Just Practice, a training series started last year by Shira Hassan, will be resuming next month. The series focuses on strengthening activists’, youth workers’ and community members’ harm reduction and transformative justice toolbox. 240 more words


Gender Performed: a conversation about sex, gender, theatre & politics

*Might be of interest to any of you thinking about gender performativity, sexuality, and fashion / Definitely an example of some of the issues we have been discussing* 163 more words