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For the Sympathizers

Someone asked me what they, as someone who can sympathize but not empathize with the trans experience, can and should do?

I’ve wrestled with this question because I’m just one person. 558 more words

Happening Now--#BlackOutPride Action Disrupts Chicago Pride Parade

Happening Now: Members of the Black queer community of Chicago are disrupting the Chicago Pride Parade. Here is their public statement:

On this day in 1969, Sylvia Rivera, a Boricua trans woman, threw the bottle that sparked the infamous Stonewall Riot. 1,429 more words

Ethnic Studies

A response to CA Conrad's Harriet Essay on Whitman

CA Conrad wrote an important essay on Harriet. One that no one should ignore, or dismiss, or shy away from because it offends. It has pushed my own thinking on art, poetry, revolution, and I would ask that anyone reading this… take a deep breath, step back, and let it work on you—in the context of our received notions of where we have come from.

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Tell us, Chris Hedges, What will be the course of this Revolution?

Chris Hedges on Salon

Question is… can we do the revolution, like digging under the foundation, and as the Empire collapses, a little here, a little there, replace it with what we’ve been working to build together, like the ship of Theseus, piece by piece, plank by plank–and at last, transformed into something unimaginable until it emerges, whole and free of the empire of money and death that had engendered it? 41 more words


Vogue Is Not For You: Deciding Whom We Give Our Art To

I began voguing as a sixteen year old high school student.

Still struggling with what it meant to be gay and Black, learning of the ballroom scene both relieved me and ignited within me whole new passions. 1,474 more words

Ethnic Studies

A Community Challenge

Given the current political climate and the necessity of decentralising the main stages as the be all and end all of theatrical endeavours, I believe that it is essential for amateur theatres to engage more with new writing and utilise their existing infrastructure to support developing artists. 1,170 more words