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Night in the Woods.

I recently posted an article to NowLoading about a game I’ve completed recently, Night in the Woods.

The game is absolutely great and the thing I loved most about it was the level of diversity it contained and how natural it felt. 1,005 more words

The Trope of the Trophy Wife

When I was dating someone who read as butch, I was routinely called their ‘trophy wife’. This always bothered me for a few reasons, in spite of my initial inclination to accept the comment as a compliment about my appearance and my partner’s charm or romantic allure. 367 more words

Youth Liberation and Pedophilia

So for some reason, leftists have recently decided to highlight Milo Yiannopoulos’s supposed support of pedophilia as part of the case against em. The key piece of evidence comes from an interview in which Yiannopoulos refused to categorize eir own teenage sexual experiences with older folks as abuse. 496 more words


Le sexe, le genre, et le nouvel essentialisme

Sex, Gender, and the New Essentialism is now available in French! Many thanks to TradFem for the translation.

Un bref avant-propos : Ce texte est le premier d’une série d’essais sur le sexe, le genre et la sexualité. 3,678 more words


Sex, Gender, and the New Essentialism

A brief foreword: This is the first in a series of essays on sex, gender, and sexuality. If you agree with what I have written, that is fine. 2,742 more words


Chelsea Manning's Sentence Commuted

This is a victory for freedom, justice, political prisoners queer/trans revolution, etc. The credit goes to all the folks who’ve support Chelsea Manning, not to Barack Obama. 37 more words