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Queer Rights Won't Be Privatized

There’s an interesting trend I’ve been seeing in the media and its coverage of queer issues, especially discrimination laws. For those who haven’t heard, Indiana’s governor, Mike Pence, recently signed into law a bill allowing businesses to refuse service to queer and trans customers. 468 more words

Noah Shavit-lonstein

from Art Threat: Performing Oloha in Queer Times.

In 2001, filmmakers Kathryn Xian and Brent Anbe broke new ground with their documentary Ke Kulana He Mahu: Remembering a Sense of Place. The film, which documents the lives, struggles, and aspirations of several queer and trans Kanaka Maoli (Indigenous Hawaiians), also made an important and, at the time, novel effort to explore how the ongoing exercise of settler-colonial rule in Hawai’i shapes gender and sexual identities. 38 more words


Radical Feminism: De-Constructing Gender vs De-Constructing Sex.

Radical feminism is against gender enforcement, and it’s completely for women having control over their own body. The way to dismantle patriarchy isn’t by lumping gender and sex into one box, and then de-constructing it. 629 more words

Homophobic Counterframing and Liberal Assimilation

The mainstream LGBT movement in the United States has historically advanced modest, legal demands (e.g. anti-discrimination laws, same-sex marriage, inclusion in the military) under a “civil rights” frame. 959 more words

Left-wing Politics

possibility, deracination, sentimentality

By the time I had spent ten years in the U.S., I had stopped going to gay clubs. It wasn’t simply that I had grown older, though I had. 805 more words


Sorry, But The Cabal Is Real

The so-called "Trans Cabal" is a relatively common joke in trans circles. One perhaps imagines the various party activists, journalists and poets that make up the trans ruling class meeting around a large dining table, drinking fine wine and plotting out the course of The Movement for the next twelve months. 916 more words


Radfem vs Queers: Gender Bout

Re: queer politics is smelly and doesn’t have any goals, radfem is awesome #radfemftwfuckyouqueers

Here’s my response to a transcript of a talk dedicated to clearing up GENDER CONFUSION by Debbie Cameron and Joan Scanlon. 1,672 more words