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Triggers and Lions and Vegans, Oh My!: From a Comment War to a Conversation about Cecil and the Ethics of Eating

By Will Stockton and Karen Tongson



On July 1 2015, an American dentist and big game hunter named Walter Palmer killed a lion named Cecil in the Hwange National Park in Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe. 6,182 more words

Political Rants And Raves

Guest Post - The Real Barriers to Care: What We Truly Need to Combat HIV

Cassie Warren is a health educator, activist and youth worker dedicated to radical access to affirming health services, especially for trans and queer young people. She works at the Broadway Youth Center in Chicago–a community space for trans and queer youth experiencing homelessness. 1,705 more words


Debate: Should the Queer Movement Break Up?

This is a short debate written for Craccum Magazine of the University of Auckland published on 25 August, 2014. The piece is written to satisfy the format of a debate, and do not completely reflect my current views. 1,195 more words

Break Up

Who Represents Us?: On Popular Culture and Social Justice

One of my least favorite situations to find myself in is at a party, a bar, or a club, cornered into a conversation about a pop song, a music video, a TV series, and its radical implications for social movements. 1,509 more words

Ethnic Studies

Letter to Police Attending Nottinghamshire Pride

This is a letter I intend to hand out to police attending Nottinghamshire Pride 2015 in uniform.

To members of the police who are participating in Pride events: 633 more words

Trans Activism

Societally-sanctioned shapes of expression

I’ve been thinking quite a bit recently about how each individual, when entering and interacting with society, is forced to do so as an identity which is already societally-sanctioned (and therefore comprehensible), because it is the result of our cultural present, and therefore also our historical past. 386 more words


For the Sympathizers

Someone asked me what they, as someone who can sympathize but not empathize with the trans experience, can and should do?

I’ve wrestled with this question because I’m just one person. 558 more words

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