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Is Kyiv's Friendship Arch a symbol of transnational LGBT rights activism?

As Eurovision gets nearer, the host city of the event Kyiv is preparing to welcome international Eurovision audiences and fans. This week, pictures were released depicting the colouring in of Kyiv’s ‘Friendship Arch’, which was built in 1982 to mark the 60th anniversary of the Soviet Union (during the time when Ukraine was a socialist state under the USSR). 320 more words


"In too deep" with politics and the Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision season is nearly upon us and it has not been without its drama! The pinnacle of this came from Russia, who revealed their follow-up entry to Sergey Lazarev, two days before the official EBU song deadline to submit their entry for the 2017 contest. 615 more words


Transgender Day of Visibility

Here’s to the struggle against gender norms and for universal morphological freedom. Despite what some radfems claim, we ain’t even near peak trans. The future promises to be weirder than any of us can imagine.


Night in the Woods.

I recently posted an article to NowLoading about a game I’ve completed recently, Night in the Woods.

The game is absolutely great and the thing I loved most about it was the level of diversity it contained and how natural it felt. 1,005 more words

The Trope of the Trophy Wife

When I was dating someone who read as butch, I was routinely called their ‘trophy wife’. This always bothered me for a few reasons, in spite of my initial inclination to accept the comment as a compliment about my appearance and my partner’s charm or romantic allure. 367 more words

Youth Liberation and Pedophilia

So for some reason, leftists have recently decided to highlight Milo Yiannopoulos’s supposed support of pedophilia as part of the case against em. The key piece of evidence comes from an interview in which Yiannopoulos refused to categorize eir own teenage sexual experiences with older folks as abuse. 496 more words