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What are the radfem debate sticking-points and why do we care so much about them?

The gender debate is becoming ‘too hot to handle’. Speak boldly on the matter only if you would also boldly enter a witness protection scheme afterwards. 1,916 more words

Feminism And Gender

Dispatches from the Margins: Lesbian Connection & the Lavender Menace

A brief foreword: Every so often, a lesbian will write a message that deeply moves me. They usually start out by thanking me for defending lesbian sexuality in a time when it is contested and then move on to express something deeper – a feeling of loneliness and despair brought about by the way lesbians are treated in progressive spaces, be they feminist or queer. 3,866 more words


“Let it be known that homosexuals are not cowards”- the story of Willem Arondeus, queer antifascist

On the night of 27th March 1943, the Amsterdam Fire Department received a telephone call from the Gestapo. The Public Records Office- a registry office that held the information of hundreds of thousands of Dutch citizens— and thus a useful resource for the Nazi occupiers hunting Jews and ‘degenerates’— was on fire. 1,269 more words


Reflections of a Very Gay, Very Closeted Trans Girl

Being totally honest, it wasn’t until I left high school that I became aware of myself as an independent person- Someone with their own thoughts, ideas and personality. 1,639 more words

Social Change

Gender Gerrymandering

This morning, quite mechanically, I updated my Facebook newsfeed. Its a bit like spinning a wheel of fortune- there is a thrill in the unpredictability of what might come up. 2,450 more words

Religion, LGBT Activism and Queer Politics in Africa

Call for Papers for AASR Conference Panel

Ezra Chitando (World Council of Churches/University of Zimbabwe) and Adriaan van Klinken (University of Leeds)

The African Association for the Study of Religions holds its biennial conference on the theme “Revisiting Religion, Politics, and the State in Africa and the African Diaspora”, in Lusaka, 1-4 August, 2018. 211 more words



The survey might be over, but the jury is still out and the battle for equality is far from won.

No sooner did the polls close than the debate on what the legislation might look like began. 1,091 more words