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Why I Won't Use Queer as an Arab Bisexual

I had a lesbian friend who once told me that the word “queer” is one of her favorite words. If she had told me this a few months prior to our conversation, I would have fervently agreed and went on tangential conversations about the theories of my favorite queer icons and how much I’ve been learning from them. 681 more words

CA Conrad's censored interview for the Library of Congress

I wish every poet, every Queer, every American, every human being alive in this most dangerous of times, could read this.


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Is Bruce Springsteen a counter-public?

Bruce Springsteen’s recent North Carolina show cancellation in direct rebuttal to HB2 laws offers a rich example of social action and opening possibilities for public engagement. 171 more words


Can the Other of Native Studies Speak?

by Billy-Ray Belcourt

Revolution will come in a form we cannot yet imagine

– Jack Halbertstam [1]

Like Judith Butler, I want to begin with a beginning.

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Fears of Coming Out & How to be a Transgender Ally

One of the thing I remember most about coming out as trans was worrying about whether or not people would believe me. I felt that I had to have some sort of proof of being transgender before coming out to people. 1,293 more words


Chart of the Day 1: Attitudes toward homosexuality in New Zealand

‘Chart of the Day’ is a series where I produce and post an original graph from data I found interesting without comment.

Disclaimer: Correlation does not entail causation. 141 more words

New Zealand