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Prince and The Event

This talk was originally presented at the “Prince from Minneapolis” conference held at the University of Minnesota April 16-18, 2018. While it establishes the same arguments I make in the Prince chapter in… 4,562 more words

New Sessions

LGBT leaders discuss how to change the future of gender studies

By Ambriah Underwood

At the 11th Annual DC Queer Studies Symposium held in Tawes Hall on April 13, students and community members learned the importance of LGBT history, including discussions from scholars and artists on the future of queer studies. 569 more words


Kyle Bella and Our Viral Lives

Kyle Bella, who recently graduated from the Social Innovation and Sustainability MA program, recently shared his graduating student presentation virtually after presenting “Our Viral Lives” 482 more words

Cultural & Cross-Cultural Studies

Call for Proposals: Intersecting African, Queer and Religious Studies

Call for Proposals for Research Workshop for African Postgraduate & Early-Career Researchers

Deadline: 13 May 2018

Workshop: 20-21 September 2018 in Accra, Ghana

Conveners: Dr Rose Mary Amenga-Etego (University of Ghana) and Dr Adriaan van Klinken (University of Leeds) 499 more words



Having looked through Techne previously, I found that returning to it was almost comforting, and that’s the first takeaway I want to address. I’ve often found that many websites, or apps, or digital texts will be a bit alienating, will either rely too heavily on the digital or too heavily on something else–the artistic, the academic, maybe–and as a result the experience of navigating those spaces–be they personal blogs or digitized versions of novels or even contemporary storytelling experiments like what Steven Soderbergh recently did for HBO–isn’t all that great. 496 more words

What We Can’t See by Sara Frykenberg

As a professor, I find myself returning to a similar struggle again and again. I know what I know; and I know what I hope students will gain from the class, in terms of content knowledge, critical thinking, classroom community-making, etc. 1,236 more words


Genetics, Gender Identity, and Youth Transitions: Context and Questions for Reflection

by Mauro Sifuentes, doctoral candidate in Education & community-based educator

During late July this past summer, Stephen Rosenthal, M.D., medical director of the UCSF Child and Adolescent Gender Center, a professional collaborative of medical and advocacy experts, presented recommendations to a group of over a hundred parents of transgender youth who showed up to hear the most recent findings from a field of research that seeks to identify a biological basis for transgender identities; most of the adults present were parents of children or youth who receive clinical care from this center. 1,375 more words