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How to Tinder.


Tinder and other e-dating networks are multidimensional entities that could potentially be the topic of a thesis, but the reason I decided to talk about it today was the realization I came to about the reason that I reached for my phone and turned on the app. 2,452 more words


Fuck is a four letter word

“Say it!”


“Say it!”

“I can’t.”

“Just say it!”


“C’mon Hannah, it’s not that hard. Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

This, in a nutshell, was my childhood.   2,044 more words


in which there is no rape of persephone

nostalgia is a funny and terrible thing, and i think in years to come there will be countless in depth studies conducted as to the role of technology in the increase related to crippling nostalgia among its users. 582 more words


LGBT Spotlight: Deadpool

With the new Deadpool movie creeping its way up, Wade Wilson (aka Deadpool), has been creating quite a buzz in the media.

In an interview with the… 446 more words


On Queering Valentine's Day

Our staff found this Feministing.com article today.  It is critically important to think about how holidays affect people who are marginalized within society.

Tell us what you think about Katie Barnes’ idea that Valentines Day is “super heteronormative and kinda sexist.” 13 more words


Chaos not quite contained

Collating colourful memories

Yet wishing for a change

Most mercifully moving on from her and

Chasing the chaos all away

Yet still I see

Her sunlit smile, golden in my head… 35 more words


Token Straight Friend

It seems to me that more and more friendship groups are subverting the Hollywood trope of the Token Gay Friend™ and being a queer mish-mash with a handful of heterosexuals thrown in. 154 more words