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Why I Can't Be Proud In Homophobic Africa

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#Pride2017 is coming to an end and most African countries didn’t have national Pride parades. 722 more words


Seattle Pride Parade 2017

Last video of Pride month 2017! I’m going to be gone all weekend camping, so here you go and have a great weekend! I might write a post about my thoughts on pride/accessibility and stuff later, but that won’t be for a week at least. Enjoy!


On queer aesthetics and not feeling 'Queer Enough'

On queer aesthetics and not feeling ‘Queer Enough’:

Some excerpts:

Femininity is complicated. Despite not shaving and rarely wearing
make-up, I perform it well. Still, conforming to gendered stereotypes or…

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The Exclusion and Misconceptions of Bisexuality

Interestingly enough, bisexual individuals tend to get a lot of disdain and are excluded from both people within and outside of the LGBT community.  Here are five misconceptions about bisexuality and my thoughts on the matter as a bisexual. 846 more words


the body and getting a hand

It’s been a while since I’ve done a life update, so I think I’ll give it a go.

Right now I’ve just started with a new counselor who specializes in body issues and also knows a lot about gender. 226 more words

I'm Feelin' Pan-tastic

Content Note: descriptions of homophobia and bullying

With Pride Month coming to a close, I find it appropriate to reflect on my own sexuality and how important it is to me. 513 more words