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Happy Pride month fellow Rainbows🌈🏳️‍🌈

The LGBT community has adopted certain symbols for self-identification to demonstrate unity, pride, shared values, and allegiance to one another. LGBT symbols communicate ideas, concepts, and identity both within their communities and to mainstream culture. 30 more words


Essay -- Capitalism and Queerphobia, A Materialist Analysis

It goes without saying, I hope, that oppression based on gender identity and sexual orientation is a reality in our society, and as materialists we must recognize nothing exists without cause, and that these seemingly identitarian axes of oppression act in some way as functions of capitalist class society. 929 more words


a gender-inclusive God

At my church, I participated in the liturgy guild which is a group of congregants (members of the church) that help to create the liturgy, or all the goings-on in the service. 359 more words


Poem -- The Changeling

The stars hung in the darkened sky
As the corbies eastward fly
And forth she wanders, passing by
beneath the silver moon

The old straight road, she knew it well… 126 more words


Poem -- The Nightlands

He’d packed his bags the night before, to early be away
And saddled up his horse to ride before the break of day
But his mother woke ere he was gone; his business she would know… 460 more words


You only gave us rights because we gave you riots: thoughts on Pride

I’ve had three partially-written blog posts about Pride sitting here in the queue for a few weeks, but kept changing my mind about which direction I wanted to go with it. 1,797 more words


Summer Styles

As the name of this blog suggests, I like to dress dapper. But, wearing blazers, button downs, ties, and slacks isn’t ideal in Houston’s 90 degree heat. 497 more words