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Clara and the Great Goddamn - Asking for It (And Other Songs that will Disappoint my Parents)

artist: Clara and the Great Goddamn
title: Asking for It (And Other Songs that will Disappoint my Parents)
keywords: acoustic, lgbt, acoustic, angst, break up songs, female, vocalist, feminist, funny, humor, kinky, love songs, queer, ukelele, Chicag… 196 more words

Coffee and Internet

Since I started this blog, almost all of my posts have been written in the same place: my hometown Starbucks. It’s indeed where I’m writing right now. 1,367 more words


Transgender Terminology

So tomorrow I am speaking at Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Fayetteville about how to be inclusive of transgender people in work, public, home, and worship. I find it fortuitous that the Bruce Jenner interview aired last night and I am speaking about this tomorrow. 1,061 more words


Organizing a book of short stories

When I was younger, my main goal in life was to create a well crafted memoir, detailing the trials and tribulations of my formative years. Witnessing severe abuse as a small child, becoming a victim of abuse during my teen years instilled an insurmountable rage inside of me. 767 more words

A Message from the Past

When I went to college, I decided that I wanted to have a clean slate. I would no longer be the girl I had been in high school. 384 more words



there’s an ocean of stars inside me
a galaxy that presses at my seams
begging to be released in offering to you
swallow down this stardust world… 35 more words


Interesting Things - World Immunization Week edition

It’s sort of amazing that I have not spent time on this blog ranting about vaccines yet.  It’s a topic that has generated in me visceral anger and passion as well as intellectual bafflement and persistence — why life-saving, highly cost-effective tools could become seen as anything other than essential or the foundation of our privileged life-expectancy that they are.   166 more words