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Dakota Access Pipeline, etc

Merry meet!

I am sorry that I have not been around for the last couple of weeks. I am going through a fairly difficult time in my life (although I expect things will be looking up any day now). 141 more words


I’ve got one hell of a weakness for older men. And by older I mean, I mean OLDER…

I was out on a beer run late one friday when I got a Grindr message from Randy, this super hot lawyer in his 50’s. 260 more words

In My Heart - Moby

For Gary

I read Moby’s memoir yesterday, and put some of his songs on to go to sleep to last night. In My Heart was playing as I feel asleep, and I dream-heard it throughout the night, thinking about the person who is finding my heart. 72 more words


Summer Love Playlist 2016.8

Here is my most recent playlist. While most of them focus upon a time in my life this one more seems to focus around a person in my life, Half Elegant (previously known as R). 1,429 more words

Yeti's Life

What to Do When You're Anxious, Part One

I keep reading these terrible articles about how LGBT and queer folks are killing themselves at a higher rate than the general population, have worse health outcomes, are more likely to be depressed and have anxiety… etc etc into infinity. 438 more words


A Rose by Any Other Name

I only came across the term “asexuality” when I was in my twenties. As soon as I read about it, the light bulb went off: it fit perfectly. 474 more words


I'm here and queer

A few months ago, I met a guy. Now before you say ‘aw’, this isn’t some kind of ‘boy-meets-boy’ fairy tale: apparently we’d been on a date before, but I didn’t remember it at all. 61 more words