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I can't believe I'm in love w a furry

Band Camp: lol he has a My Little Pony bag … how cute
School Starts: lol he’s so funny
The Sax Section Gets a Groupchat: 690 more words


Dear Will- Will world understand ?


being translucent in an opaque world

as i’ve been repeatedly told, it helps to express your feelings. tell someone when you’re dysphoric, or anxious, or suicidal. i say it’s a load of crap, but hey, it can’t hurt to try. 488 more words

First Post

About my blog

I will be discussing problems within the LGBTQ+ community that need to be addressed and corrected. I also will highlight how some people in the LGBT community refuse to acknowledge their privilege based on race and gender, e.g., white people, cis people, and trans men. 34 more words


Highlighting Diversity?

Have you all read this article?  (‘Highlights’ Magazine Under Fire for Calling LGBT Families a ‘Situation’) It’s another installation in the saga of Childhood Icons Making Really Bad Choices ( 231 more words

Hillary Clinton LAUGHS About The Fact That Muslims Murder Gays and Women

No, it’s not funny Hillary. Saudi Arabia kills gays and women; Hillary Clinton takes their money, (they are her largest campaign donor;) Hillary Clinton opposes domestic oil production; Hillary Clinton wants to import MORE savage muslim immigrants. 195 more words