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Let Them Know

It’s a shitty thing to consider, but simple things like holding hands in public and the like take on a different context in a queer relationship, and even if you don’t want them to people’s expectations can change once they have confirmation you’re not straight. 235 more words


Boys to Men to Boys Again

Content warning: some homophobic language

I don’t have queer cis male friends. Sorry to the queer cis guys who think they’re my friends. There’s a New York Times… 1,172 more words

The case of the missing hair stylist

So, I went to get my hair cut Friday afternoon because I was starting to look like a character from the Flintstones.

I drove down the street to the Superhaircuttery where I get my locks lovingly shorn. 329 more words


Familiar Quotations No. 2

I wasn’t sure … I didn’t know what I was until about 1952 or ‘53. I knew that I loved very much my roommate at college, where I had had my first lesbian experience.

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Više od trača

Previranja koja zastrašuju sedamnaestogodišnjake skloni su da nazovu eksperimentom i odmahuju rukom na moguće dileme koje traže odgovor. Kasnije ga ionako niko ne treba I ne želi čuti. 440 more words


Metztli Descends

Margarita left her home on December 26th. The night before, at the Garcia’s annual extravagant Christmas party, Margarita had something big to tell her parents, she had chosen this night because she knew they wouldn’t react as freely in front of dozens of lawyers and senators. 4,469 more words



Yo hi. Welcome to the very first post. I hope to grow this into a lifestyle blog for queer women*. The vision is for Lez B Content (LBC) to have these types of articles: 8 more words