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The cisgendered male default: a pointless feminist rant

Did you know fetuses start off female before hormones kick in and masculinize them? By this model, masculinization is a deviation from default.

Nonetheless, society has this message for us: 643 more words


And then...

A day had passed since MW called me to tell me how she was feeling. I was still thinking about the consequences of our conversation the day before. 793 more words


The Revival Movie at FRINGE! 15

From 24 November through 29 November, the FRINGE! Queer Film and Arts Fest took place in East London. Last year I wasn’t able to attend, and this year I was also out of town for much of the festival dates, but I was able to schedule that my Meet Up group attend the second screening of… 444 more words

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Bisexuality in the Media.

Yesterday, there was some talk on Twitter around the idea that Steve Rodgers (Captain America) in MCU is definitely not straight and how much some (myself included) would love to see him be bisexual (or some other variation). 465 more words

Fake Pearls

The morning the story was printed, I sat in a diner a mile away, a stream of engulfing black coffee. I laughed, thinking of how lost the reporters must have been, trying to find the road that frayed off into nonsense at the end. 963 more words

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