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Asexual Awareness Week

The 22nd till the 28th of October is Asexual Awareness Week, and the 26th of November is Asexual Visibility Day. Since I’m asexual and I didn’t even know there was an awareness week until recently, I felt like I needed to do something to, well, raise awareness. 321 more words


Review: "Ghost Town" by Malinda Lo; Uncanny Magazine #18

I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.

That’s a lie. I am afraid of ghosts.

This is why I loved “Ghost Town”. Malinda Lo so skillfully plays with tension and format that the moment you think you’ve figured it out, she gets you. 251 more words


Myths And Realities

I went to Glad Day on Thursday Oct 19 to take in the ‘Myths And Realities Of Artists’ Health Panel Discussion’ by Mahlikah Awe:ri, Charlie C Petch and Dr. 403 more words


How Writing Makes Me Feel

A True Tale

By Whippoorwill

So I mentioned to a friend at work that I write, and upon further enquiry I revealed that I write queer horror/supernatural erotica. 325 more words


Queen of Blood

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And Sophie lay unconscious in Eleanor’s arms for several minutes, before the convulsions of her rapidly subsiding, violently inflicted orgasm began to fade. 1,142 more words


Grandma, the totalitarian

This was a hard poem to share because it’s deeply persynal. Racism is alive and kicking, and it manifests in some very cruel ways. I’m not sure what else to do with that pain, other than to turn it into art, and hope that things will shift in the future.

RECOMMENDATION: Masseduction by St Vincent (music LP)

So this was my first serious listen to St. Vincent and I did not regret it! This album is part of what I think of as a deliciously unholy trinity with Melodrama by Lorde and Anti by Rihanna. 127 more words