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Starting T injections, tomorrow

Over the summer, I decided I wanted to try injections, short-term.  In September, I started working toward making that happen.  It has taken this long, because it took a very long time to even make an appointment. 764 more words


Writing Wednesday - Branded

There’s a blog post I just read that left me blinking a bit. In it, to paraphrase, the advice given was basically: “don’t post controversial opinions or express views if you think it has the possibility of upsetting readers.” 1,135 more words

Writing Wednesday

We Interrupt This Program

After writing once a week for four years. I’ve finally decided is time to switch things up and stop posting on schedule and only post when I feel like it. 542 more words


One year

It’s been one year since I came out on Facebook (thanks for the reminder, Facebook), and I almost feel normal.  I was at an event with some women from my support group about a month ago, and I expressed how I feel like I should still be coming to the group.   230 more words


The Beast in the Jungle and the Halberstam Reading

Many themes in the Halberstam reading correspond to Henry James’ The Beast in the Jungle. For example, I mentioned in my last post that Halberstam uses words such as “shadows” and “detours” to describe her approach to queer theory (Halberstam 4, 6). 564 more words

Day Eleven: Post-Election, Pre-Apocalypse

Every day, I am reminded that people are the most temporary part of life. One day, your support system is so strong, so present. The next, you’re realizing that so many people just…moved on. 866 more words

Real Life

de-centering sexualities

If metropolitan lesbians and gay men had in fact succeeded in wiping out power in relationships, all we would have to do is enjoy our egalitarian practice and let everyone else in on the secret. 146 more words