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TUNES // Al Riggs - Hometown Heroe

Post by Misha

I had this dream that hell was just Los Angeles, but everything cost 50% more and everyone was forced to work only minimum wage jobs. 175 more words


Salzburg - OR - The Hills Are Alive - OR - Traveling is Hard, Relationships are Harder

I grew up loving The Sound of Music.  The opening scene of the film, with Maria in those beautiful Austrian mountains, twirling around on the most beautiful green grass you have ever seen?   1,168 more words


One year on testosterone

Today is a year on T-injections, 50ml / week.  I’d been on Androgel prior to this – from March 2013 to November 2015.  During that time, I didn’t experience many physical changes at all, which was what I was looking for at the time.  508 more words


Save Yourself

Story One

I recently found myself in a pickle concerning my perception on past events. So of course, I went down a rabbit hole tryna elaborate on how bizarrely my memory works. 856 more words


Bisexual Bodies Are Not Your Property

The sexualisation and violation of bisexual people must stop.

Bisexuality is treated as an affliction in society. Bi people are less likely to be out, but more likely to experience mental health issues (including depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation) as well as intimate partner violence, harassment and stalking. 763 more words


Doing The Impossible

According to James Dobson, I’m bisexualling wrong.

“L-G-B-T. You know what the B stands for? Bisexual. That’s orgies. That is lots of sex with lots of people,” … 556 more words