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The 'Coming Out' Scrum

Contrary to popular belief, coming out as gay when you’re famous and in the public eye is still newsworthy. In a world where homophobia still exists and is nurtured like bacteria in a petri dish, someone coming out shows that some people are brave enough to not live a lie and this spreads a message of hope to people agonising over their sexualities and whether to divulge their preferences. 772 more words


For Brown Girls Only

For Brown Girls Only Picnic, held on the 30th of August, was an event that celebrated women of colour and gave them a platform to create, perform, and speak up about their struggles and victories. 8 more words

Cape Town

Let's Do It All Again

So… remember how I mentioned Dani wasn’t feeling well on her birthday?

Well… that continued. By Thursday morning she was having such severe chills that her teeth were chattering. 1,234 more words


I cannot lose you again

You are fading away,
And I don’t know why,
You cannot go away,
Ahead lays a long way,
I cannot lose you again.

I planted a bad seed, 83 more words