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5 gay friends you just don't need

Friends are important. So you wanna be selective in who you choose to let into your inner sanctum. But we get lazy sometimes and end up settling for friendships that aren’t that… special.   497 more words


What Fun Home taught me about being gay

When I was coming out 10 plus years ago, I was pretty sure I was doing it all wrong. Not so much the coming out part, but the being gay part. 324 more words


The Patient and the Impatient

Donna came home from her three-week stint in rehab (she broke her ankle in two places and needed surgery to repair it). I wheeled Donna through the lobby, into the elevator, and down the hall to our apartment. 700 more words


Accessing Healthcare as a Nonbinary Queer, Part Two: Making the Appointments

In my previous post, I talked about taking my first step in accessing health care as an out non-binary queer. That same day, I made two appointments: one to see a primary care physician, and one to see a counselor. 497 more words


Taichung Pride

On October 3, 2015 Taichung City held their pride parade. *note, I use the term queer as an umbrella term for anyone falling under LGBTQUA-XYZ* From 2-3 there was an actual walk with many queers and groups in support of equality and solidarity. 186 more words


Review: Oxford Handbook of Theology, Sexuality, and Gender

With The Oxford Handbook of Theology, Sexuality, and Gender, Adrian Thatcher has done an amazing job by bringing together many of the leading scholars in the field. 85 more words

Queer Fashion as a Political Statement: Verge: Queer Fashion Presentation

On October 2, dapperQ, a style site for masculine presenting women and trans-identified individuals, collaborated with bkln boihoodPosture Magazine, and D.Y.D.H Productions… 436 more words