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On Discovering Queerness in Later Life

I was 47 when I recognised that I wasn’t exactly as straight
as I’d heretofore assumed. Now, I flatter myself that I’m about as liberal, 1,279 more words


Discussion Post: Queerness in Indian Film, Where is It? What is It? When is it Good?

Seems like a good time to do one of my “this isn’t everything, or even the best things, this is just some stuff to think about” posts on queerness with… 1,096 more words

Like a Virgin

I haven’t died, I haven’t disappeared, and I haven’t given up on this blog.

But what I have done is… stop cruising. After my last post… 209 more words


Book Review - Ethan& Juliet

Hey everyone. Seeing as I’m closing down my other blog and transmuting this one into a messy home blog for everything that goes through my brain – BEHOLD! 622 more words

Barney Stinson is right about suiting up.

Barney: Lesson one, lose the goatee. It doesn’t go with your suit.
Ted: But I’m not wearing a suit.
Barney: Lesson two, get a suit. Suits are cool. 308 more words


Pushing Onward

I still feel physically gross and awful.

I am no longer full body achy. What aches is my muscles and joints, but specifically the ones that I was using while snow boarding and not all of them. 265 more words