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Dear Straight People, What Does Your Favourite Queer Eye Guy Say About You?

Three seasons in, I love Queer Eye.

Five fabulous (but not so fabulous that they intimidate you) gay men coming together to school bigots groom clueless straight men into better versions™ of themselves, without adhering to the tropes of being catty, conniving or cocky (as the media perceives us to be)? 1,210 more words



empty space with

reverberating echoes

an unsteady pulse

a wave that never breaks the shore

where can she ever find her



Round-up of published things

My ability to stay on top of everything has slid significantly lately. (Planning a wedding is stressful, guys! Everyone wants to sell you shit and you have a… 64 more words


The Never Ending Process

The only way to learn how to write is to write a lot. I can’t remember which writer I got that little piece of advice from but it has always rung true for me. 1,328 more words

A Sinking Swan

I was swimming until I wasn’t.

The open waters began to close.

My feathers, they were ruffled.

The grey swan left to sink.

They move in rings, but they’re empty. 69 more words


Hacktivate Yourself in Hong Kong

Korhan Erel will spend two weeks in Hong Kong for the exhibition “Hacktivate Yourself”, where they will show a sound installation titled “we’re all alike” and perform an audiovisual show with visual artist Vvzela Kook on March 30th. 1,650 more words


Closer to Fine

In the show Transparent on Amazon Prime, there’s a scene where Moppa and her two daughters, Ali and Sara are singing this song on the way to a feminist music festival. 2,932 more words