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QUENTIN BLAKE: LIFE UNDER WATER - A HASTINGS CELEBRATION │ Jerwood Gallery, Hastings → 6 September 2015

The Pirate Family, 2015

Ice Lollies, 2015

Life Under Water – A Hastings Celebration, 2015


“Đ seḷbretd Čildṛn’z Lwrı̣t, most fems fr hiz c̣laḅrešnz wɖ Rowld Dāl, hz crietd 26 ny wrcs ɖt šo ɖ vîbṛnsi v ɖs historic tân n ɖ sì ɖt dfînz it” 24 more words


Matilda, Author- Roald Dahl, Book Review by Nora Garg, age 8 years

Matilda is a story about a girl. But not any ordinary girl! Unlike other parents, her parents don’t like her! because they think if there is  a television there is no reason to a read a little book. 212 more words

Age Group 7 To 10+

The Mays Twenty Three

I did a thing, and it’s in a book! (Or: I did a thing, and my name is in a book. But whatever.)

I’ve been in charge of publicity and events for this year’s edition of The Mays anthology, which has been super fun. 103 more words


Dahl-ing with Adulthood

ADULTHOOD IS THE WORST. I’ve been whining about this for the past few weeks, nay, months, but I’ll happily say it again. Five months after I reluctantly donned the mantle of adulthood and started working full-time I’m still not used to it. 670 more words


Childhood Book Injustices Part 1

I occasionally have to remind myself which one is Quentin Blake and which one is Quentin Crisp, but like pretty much all other children of the western world and beyond, I have an enormous love for Roald Dahl and Quentin Blake. 412 more words


Keeping it all together

Whenever I’m really angry or upset about something, I think about how Roald Dahl translated all of his inner thoughts into the world’s most genius (and twisted) collections of short stories. 259 more words


Depression, Darkness, Sadness and Gloom

I know the title of this post isn’t cheery but thank you for sticking with it. I want to recommend Michael Rosen’s SAD BOOK to you. 287 more words