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Cinematography Appreciation Post

Okay, so…the technical side of filmmaking went over my head for quite some time. In many ways, it still does. However, I think that may be one of the reasons why I find it so captivating as a medium. 568 more words

Film And Television

"The Young Director Who Keeps Getting Compared to Quentin Tarantino"

Anytime a director takes a really worn-out formula or structure and freshens it up is a good time (more often than not). So Lowlife, a movie where a man in a luchador mask roughs people up for a sex trafficking, organ snatching sicko, is my kind of a thing, a clear descendant of the grimy, violent crime films inspired by  83 more words


5 Auteurs Everyone Needs To Watch During Their Lifetime

Some films we laud because they take us to the edge of our seat, others instead plunge us backward coweringly into our couch cushions. ‘The acting was great in this movie; I loved the way they shot that movie.’ Of the many ways we discuss, evaluate, love, and measure greatness in film, one metric not considered often, or weighed nearly heavily enough, is originality. 536 more words


Inglourious Basterds, Film Tarantino yang Bukan Main Apiknya

Sekali lagi dan entah akan berapa kali lagi film karya Quentin Tarantino berhasil memukau saya. Dapat dikatakan saya amatir soal film, tapi saya tahu karyanya yang berjudul ‘Inglourious Basterds’ adalah film yang menakjubkan. 498 more words

Inglourious Basterds

Here's a peek to an intriguing mind of a person

Let me be your Uma Thurman to my Quentin Tarantino – Eclectic Home


Tarantino Movies Ranked

I enjoy Quentin Tarantino’s movies, most of them are very good, if not excellent.

Since his first movie in 1992, Reservoir Dogs, and his huge follow-up in Pulp Fiction, he’s only directed seven more movies. 204 more words