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Watch Jamie Foxx fight for his freedom in “Django unchained”

Set in 18th century, old west, when slave traders & bounty hunters walked free, the movie tells the story of Django, a shackled African slave & his incredible fight to free himself & his wife Broomhilda from the clutches of brutal slave traders. 304 more words

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Reservoir Dogs and Theme Analysis

As an adolescent, I believed that that tagline of a movie was its theme. If I wanted to know what it was about, I looked at the movie poster. 314 more words


Hollywood's latest hangout? A gritty restaurant not far from Skid Row

Bestia sits on a ramshackle block, a stone’s throw from Skid Row in Los Angeles. The food: homey Italian that you probably wouldn’t make at home (unless you’re in the habit of curing your own meats and butter poaching lobster). 672 more words


Django Unchained - Film Review

An absolutely legendary film, I think I’ve watched Django Unchained around 3 times now and it still hits the mark every time! The film is comedic, action-packed, violent but not without plot. 534 more words


Süt, Yitirilen Masumiyet ve Maskeler: Inglourious Basterds & A Clockwork Orange

(© Fil’m Hafızası, Mustafa Koca) – “Süt Kokulu Filmler” özel dosyasından

Daha dünyaya geldiğimiz andan itibaren bize hayat veren iki iksir vardır bu dünyada: Biri bizzat varlığıyla yaşamı var eden, şeffaf, tatsız, tarafsız, dürüst ve saf olan “su”. 1,008 more words