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Pulp Fiction - he flipped out over losing a watch that was in a stranger's ass for three years?

A big confession. Until this weekend I hadn’t watched any Tarantino.

Friends of mine who are proponents of an auteur theory of cinema – that the director should be regarded as the “author” of a movie, using shots in the same way that a prose author uses words – in particular seem to be dismayed that I’ve never seen any Tarantino. 1,041 more words


Why Quentin Tarantino refuses to watch Netflix

In what seems like a blink of an eye, Netflix managed to became an absolute juggernaut in the media space. Once a niche purveyor of DVDs, Netflix today has over 65 million subscribers across the globe. 349 more words



From the casual film fans point of view, there seems to be nothing but superheroes and reboots of other franchises which begs them to ask themselves and their peers, “Why does Hollywood not make anymore original stuff?”. 473 more words


Movie Marathon Ideas

I do not know of anyone who doesn’t like to watch movies, be it a local movie or foreign one, we all love to just sit back, eat a popcorn, letting it take us anywhere or to a different dimension, amaze us, inspire us and some make us cry. 980 more words


Music Of Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is a brilliant film maker and that brilliance comes with his ability to perfect music in film. I’ve decided to list my favourite musical moments in no particular order because there is no way I could pick a favourite. 593 more words

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“La Visita”: la carta de disculpas de M. Night Shyamalan

En una entrevista Quentin Tarantino declaró, que supo cuando debía regresar los pies a la tierra, y eso sucedió justo cuando hizo a lado de Robert Rodríguez “GrindHouse” (donde Tarantino hizo “DeadProof” y Rodríguez “PlanetTerror”) pues los resultados de taquilla fueron tan malos que no sólo entendió que sus fans no lo seguirían hacia cualquier experimento fílmico, sino que los estudios entendieron con esto, que el director había pasado su racha “de buenas películas”, por lo que no dudaron en comenzarle a ofrecer guiones para refritos y películas comerciales. 401 more words


Quentin Tarantino Still Records Movies On VHS From Television

LOS ANGELES (CBS Las Vegas) – Quentin Tarantino is a fan of technology from the past.

Indiewire reports Tarantino, when asked about streaming products such as Netflix and Hulu used to binge watch different shows or movies, told them he wasn’t a huge fan. 125 more words