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Ash Key Pickle

Today I made Ash Key Pickle. I picked the ash keys from my tribal tree and will eat a bit of them at each festival, but especially at the Winter Solstice, which was the time when trees were traditionally wassailed. 18 more words

Quercus Robur


Yesterday we celebrated Midsummer. I did a very short ritual in the garden, as I wasn’t feeling very well.

We walked up to our tribal tree and talked to it, then went home and planted two rose bushes. 15 more words

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I’ve always had a bit of a problem with altars. I think it’s because of my Protestant upbringing, which sees altars as being pagan.

I’ve had an altar for the past year for my ancestors and I talk to them every evening. 61 more words

Quercus Robur

Put a cork in it: Quercus suber

There are about 600 species of oak, native to most countries in the northern hemisphere. Although in the UK we tend to think of the common oak as a quintessentially ‘English’ tree, we only have two species: the sessile oak ( 334 more words


City Pagans

I have always been happiest in cities. This seems an odd thing to say, but there is so much life in them. There are blades of grass and butterfly bushes growing in the cracks in the cement; sparrows and of course the eponymous pigeons. 81 more words

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A friend of mine is a goth in The States and is getting comments as to how she is bringing the pagan movement down. This is absolute nonsense. 72 more words

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In Paganism and in witchcraft we cannot be good at everything.

Sometimes we just don’t have the talents for some things and it’s best to concentrate on what you’re good at. 36 more words

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