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What I'm Working on

At the moment I’m working on a quatrain (an Irish poem with four lines, polysyllabic rhyming and other constraints) for the Midwinter Solstice. I wassail the trees at the Midwinter Solstice and this is to help, as the wassailers would sing something to the tree. 134 more words

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Celtic Exhibition

A few days ago we went to The British Museum for an exhibition on the Celts.

The exhibition was about what the Celts were and are. 134 more words

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Deities with Problems with one Another

Even within a pantheon deities can have problems with one another. For example, The Morrigan never likes it when I speak to Siannon in a meditation. 39 more words

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The day before Samhain I bought turnips for turnip lanterns and started carving them. As with everything, you get better with practice and this is no exception as I’m now able to do more detailed carving on the lanterns. 332 more words

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I am a polytheist, which means I follow many deities. When I first started out, I read a book which said that you follow one male and one female deity as a “Lord and Lady”. 133 more words

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Irish Deity Names

When reading about Irish deities there are two things you have to bear in mind :-

1. Spellings are optional. A name may be spelt (depending on which source you read) as Tealte, Tailte and so on and so forth. 34 more words

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Irish Texts

The Irish texts come from two sources. The first is the monks, who wrote what they heard down and the Romans, who did the same. 116 more words

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