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As some of you know, I have been flametending for a while now. Despite years of meditation I’m having trouble keeping my mind on Brigit while I flametend. 266 more words

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I missed last Imbolc, as I was in hospital waiting to start labour and give birth to my son, which seems appropriate for the start of Spring. 109 more words

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More China Wine News - Oak and Wine

And the next piece from China Wine News.  This time a more technical one on the science of oak in winemaking.

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As a pagan, I think we who live in Britain have it easy.

While religion is not a taboo subject, if it’s mentioned people will move off the subject quickly. 158 more words

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Some say that you should ask permission for performing spells. I agree with those who say that it’s not necessary to ask when you are doing curses, but what about other spells? 73 more words

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Relationship with Deity

I originally wrote this to answer a friend’s Facebook query, but thought it would make a good post so I’m reproducing it with some slight alterations to make it read better. 677 more words

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