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"as an ook cometh of a litel spir"

It seems appropriate, on a wedding anniversary, to wonder about the future years as much as to remember the ones that have already accumulated. And so I was glad to walk down to the lower trail and dig up two tiny oak seedlings I saw on a walk last week. 419 more words

Irish Witchcraft

For some years I have been trying to find a strain of witchcraft that is particularly Irish and so far I have failed.

I feel it is time to drop this search and concentrate on doing witchcraft. 79 more words

Quercus Robur

Witchcraft in Venice

Last Monday we hired a babysitter and went to the talk about witchcraft in Venice at Treadwells.

The talk disappointed us by solely focusing on the witchcraft courtesans use. 144 more words

Quercus Robur

Picking up Witchcraft

I am trying to pick up my witchcraft practices and do something every day. It may be a bit of research, a tarot reading or finding an ingredient. 41 more words

Quercus Robur


I haven’t written anything for quite some time due to being ill and my son disrupting my writing.

My son has gained mobility and more importantly can climb on to the table where the laptop is which I am writing this entry, so any writing now has to be done when he is asleep. 34 more words

Quercus Robur


Like a mouldering but still proud old man, Britain’s most famous tree species stands head and shoulders above all others in the national consciousness. The Oak is revered for its strength, its stature and its grizzled, gnarled permanence. 762 more words


Infused Oils

I hadn’t oiled the wood I have for my stang for two years, as I forgot last year when I had my son.

Last weekend my hubby was available so we could go into the woods to gather oak leaves for the oil. 47 more words

Quercus Robur