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Sometimes the deities will ask you to do something in meditation. This is not restricted to those deities who you follow. It’s always a good idea to do what they ask, as I have found that the task is beneficial to you. 37 more words

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Themes in Tarot Readings

When you have been reading tarot for a while you will notice that certain cards come up a lot in readings.

If the cards are The Sun or The Star, then you have a sweet deal going. 69 more words

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Unlike some witches, I see nothing wrong in cursing those who have wronged you and yours.

I would advise letting six months between the event has finished before you do the curse. 204 more words

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To me, Lughnasadh is the funerary games Lugh inaugurated for his foster mother Tealte, who died clearing the plain of Mag Mell.

To honour Tealte, I make sure my working circle is clear of any debris before I do my ritual, whereas normally I don’t mind leaves and debris underfoot. 147 more words

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Occult Walk

Yesterday we went on an occult walk in London. The guide Deliane is a trained guide and priestess.

She has really researched the occult history of London. 85 more words

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Getting Out

While I don’t hold with only observing the natural world and not reading books, it’s good to get out and about in nature and be able to identify some of the species you read about. 181 more words

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Critical Thinking

A good friend of mine has become Pagan. In another religion, this would be met with rejoicing, but Paganism is less bothered with converts and followers. 66 more words

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