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Words in Ritual

The other day I was unable to celebrate the Spring Equinox for personal reasons. So I thought I’d write a bit about words in ritual. 72 more words

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Writing Spells

I am trying to write more spells. Urgent spells always, no matter who is writing them, get written immediately. These spells are less urgent e.g. a spell for my wassailing ritual at the Winter Solstice, where I am struggling to find a rhyme. 45 more words

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Books to Avoid

When browsing in a bookshop there are certain titles that I automatically avoid. The first is “Celtic Shamanism”. The Celts (and let’s not go into what races were and were not Celts) had druids, which is a perfectly good system and I see no need to tack Shamanism on just because it’s foreign so must be the next sexy thing. 78 more words

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Astrology as a Tool

Astrology can be used for knowing yourself or others, predicting the future or finding out what today is going to be like.

To know yourself or others you will have to do a birth chart, which is where the planets were at the time of your birth. 150 more words

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Land Spirits

Wherever you live, your land spirit should be an important part of your craft because we all live on the land.

Land spirits are localised entities and differ from place to place. 94 more words

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Gawain and the Green Knight

Last Wednesday we went to Treadwell’s to hear a different story with a different storyteller.

The story was “Gawain and the Green Knight” which was being retold from old sources as the teller had been academically trained. 86 more words

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Hard Knock Life

Sometimes I really love my life, whereas sometimes I feel that life is hard and unforgiving.

It’s at these times I get my tarot set out and start asking questions. 90 more words

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