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It is not often that you know your protective spells have worked. I have been putting protection on my house for years and a few months ago I had confirmation that what I was doing worked. 123 more words

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In the heathen community in The States, racism has reared its ugly head with the policy of the AFA being changed to “they celebrate their masculine men, feminine women and white children”. 91 more words

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‘Dedicated Naturalist’: Sessile or pedunculate?

A snippet from my volunteer work on the ‘Dedicated Naturalist’ Project, helping to decipher and digitise, record and publicise the life’s work of naturalist extraordinaire, Dr Mary Gillham. 324 more words


Introduction to Tribal Tree

I was going to write a ritual to introduce my son to our tribal tree, but yesterday my husband said “why don’t we go up to the woods? 76 more words

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I would not involve more than one non-pagan in a group which is doing pagan work. I have found that non-pagans are often there only because they are curious and if there is more than one talk turns to non-pagan subjects and the essence of the group is diluted. 50 more words

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This year, I chose to celebrate Lughnasadh by having lunch with non-pagan friends. This did not work, because since we didn’t talk about Lughnasadh or pagan subjects, it felt like I wasn’t celebrating the festival. 60 more words

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In order to perform a spell or ritual correctly, you must have your head together.

By this I mean even before getting everything together for the spell, you must eliminate all possible distractions, e.g. 113 more words

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