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The great divide

As I look across to the edge of High Wood from the back of the Biology department where I work I should be able to keep a watchful eye on my oak tree but it’s rather difficult to identify from the line of trees on the horizon. 430 more words

Midwinter Solstice

I realise that it’s a couple of weeks since the Midwinter Solstice, but I’ve been busy with Christmas preparations, social activities and sleeping as I’m in my third trimester and very tired. 124 more words

Quercus Robur

Results of Blessing Trees

Since I hadn’t written a wassailing spell for the last year or so I’d been blessing trees I took fruits from.

The other week I took a walk in the forest and found that the trees had literally bore fruit, which was bigger than usual. 56 more words

Quercus Robur

What I'm Working on

At the moment I’m working on a quatrain (an Irish poem with four lines, polysyllabic rhyming and other constraints) for the Midwinter Solstice. I wassail the trees at the Midwinter Solstice and this is to help, as the wassailers would sing something to the tree. 134 more words

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Celtic Exhibition

A few days ago we went to The British Museum for an exhibition on the Celts.

The exhibition was about what the Celts were and are. 134 more words

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Deities with Problems with one Another

Even within a pantheon deities can have problems with one another. For example, The Morrigan never likes it when I speak to Siannon in a meditation. 39 more words

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The day before Samhain I bought turnips for turnip lanterns and started carving them. As with everything, you get better with practice and this is no exception as I’m now able to do more detailed carving on the lanterns. 332 more words

Quercus Robur