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A friend of mine is a goth in The States and is getting comments as to how she is bringing the pagan movement down. This is absolute nonsense. 72 more words

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In Paganism and in witchcraft we cannot be good at everything.

Sometimes we just don’t have the talents for some things and it’s best to concentrate on what you’re good at. 36 more words

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Two Talks

Last week I went to Treadwell’s to see two talks. This was unusual for me, but one of them was a memoriam to Terry Pratchett and I did not want to miss this. 181 more words

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Since becoming pagan I’ve learnt to value experience over book-learning. Don’t get me wrong, books are valuable pointers in the right direction and you can learn a lot from a good book, but the best way to be a pagan is to go out and do it. 82 more words

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Some pagans I have met seem to want to whitewash paganism as “we never do anything wrong”. The reality is that pagans are people too and like all people, will commit crimes. 65 more words

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I know I’ve successfully got back to meditating, as I’m missing meditating at the moment as I’m unable to mediate as I’m not well.

It’s not that I can’t meditate, it’s that I’ve been told not to as it’s difficult for themselves to get through the illness and speak clearly to me.

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