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Cover Reveal: Binary by Stephanie Saulter

I’ve always enjoyed the minimalist UK cover designs of the ®Evolution books by Stephanie Saulter, but GOOD GOD the US versions are just STUNNING. My jaw dropped last year when Quercus showed off… 293 more words

Science Fiction

Only Ever Yours by Louise O'Neill

Only Ever Yours is a book that’s divided readerships. I know some people who definitely praise it as the intelligent, sharp breath of fresh, feminist fiction that YA literature needs. 1,330 more words

Young Adult Fiction

Only Ever Yours - Louise O'Niell

This is a vulgar, almost carnivalesque perception of a patriarchal world but that’s what makes it good. When I saw that Quercus had managed to get a cover quote from Jeanette Winterson (woo) I put this book straight on my ever increasing ‘To Read’ list. 496 more words


Leaf morphological and physiological responses to altitudinal gradients in Quercus (dicots)

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Wildlife of Yunnan – Quercus aquifolioides – Rob Burton 2012

Leaf Morphological and Physiological Responses of Quercus aquifolioides along an Altitudinal Gradient… 184 more words


Who put the Oc in Rock?*

A few weeks ago Alain, the teacher at my Occitan language class, brought in fifteen sprigs of greenery he’d gathered on a Sunday stroll, and passed them round for us to identify. 771 more words


Stomata in Quercus (dicots)

The impact of atmospheric carbon dioxide and temperature change on stomatal density: observations from Quercus robur lammas leaves

by Beerling D. J., Chaloner W. G. 216 more words