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Queries and Quandaries

So I have an idea. This idea is neither original nor clever; to attempt to provoke thought. Each day, I will explore the universe for the thought-provoking  140 more words


Why Do I Write?

As a kid, everyone knew what they wanted to be when they grew up. Once we arrive at university though, the general consensus seems to be that no one has any idea what they want to be. 433 more words


The Interesting Queries

For my whole life I’ve always followed questions. This curiosity has shifted as time has gone by. Yet I’ve always been driven by a desire to know. 92 more words


So You Want To Write A Book

Every since I’ve gotten my book contract, writer friends have asked what the secret is to getting an agent.

I’d like to tell you there’s a secret formula for writing a perfect query letter or giving the perfect pitch, but there really isn’t. 555 more words

Three Muppet Songs For When You're Feeling the Query Blues

Sometimes you need to go to your happy place. Mine is pretty much any Muppets movie ever. Here are a few Muppet songs for when you’re feeling the query blues… 72 more words


I write, therefore I am...what? Impatient.

Hope your summer has been great!!  We are actually having beautiful weather right now in the South. Cooler nights and mornings. I’ll take it.

Please tell me that rejection becomes easier. 397 more words


Tips for Navigating the Submissions Process

Writers often ask how they can improve their chances of getting an agent interested in their work, and of course the most important response, always, is to write a great book — fabulous story, strong hook, beautifully crafted prose, satisfying ending. 1,046 more words