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Rhetorical Questions #20

Q:  Could thieves be any thicker?

A: Could stand to lose a fews pounds.. of flesh


Dynamically Constructed Q Filters in Django

In Django, the Q() can be used to construct complex queries, such as OR-ing fields. The docs are pretty straight forward. But what if you want to dynamically choose which fields to OR together? 68 more words


World Search Engines and Directories

A new Minerazzi miner: World Search Engines and Directories (http://www.minerazzi.com/worldsearches).

Find all top generic and specialty search engines and directories from around the World. 43 more words

Data Mining

Radio Silence and Rejection: How to Deal with Agent and Publisher Rejections

Congratulations! You’ve completed your novel and have perfected it to the best of your ability. Bright-eyed and expectant, you send it out into the world, certain as anything that everyone will adore your work as much as you do. 1,184 more words


Who's knock-knocking? #6

In honor of resistance, those in charge of The Kids’ Table have recently felt inspired. Why should the knocker have the last say? Is it not the foil – those residing indoors – that, holding all sway, should have the last say? 37 more words


And these are a Few of my Favorite...Blogs

I really thought it might be a beneficial idea to point out few great blogs that are continually researching, finding great sites with fabulous information and making it available to other bloggers like us.   101 more words


Query Writing Advice

There’s lots of advice out there on how to write a query, but I thought I’d throw out my two cents, focusing particularly on the most common mistakes I’ve seen as a slush pile reader and agent’s intern. 1,538 more words