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The Types and Importance of Queries

Queries. Pitches. Synopses. Three words that strike fear into every author’s heart. And rightfully so — selling your book to an agent or editor depends on your ability to encapsulate your story’s heart into a few simple sentences. 1,724 more words


We all dread the word 'death', don't we?

Are you able to contemplate your death and the death of those closest to you? Accepting the fact of death, we are freed to live more fully. 2,328 more words

What do agents really want? — Peggy Riley

I don’t know if this is the eternal question of authors (maybe that question is ‘what do editors want?’) but there  is a lot of worthwhile information here. 84 more words

Q: Queries

More affirmations for writers, to go with the letter of the day – Q.


I joyfully send my queries to editors, agents and publishers. 55 more words

Trisha Faye

One of the first papers on LSI

Probably one of the first official papers on LSI that is still available online. Save it before no longer is.


Found with the [ lsi ] query through the IRC miner at… 15 more words

Data Mining

Working with Editors: How Writing for Magazines Can Improve Our Essays, Poems, and Fiction

Last week marked another first for me as a writer. Thus far, I’ve had personal essays and poems published (click here for a list), and now I can add… 486 more words


Here I go again...

So, about 7 years ago, I started looking for an agent or publisher. I had two finished manuscripts I was ready to send out. I also had a toddler and a kindergartener and a very supportive husband. 389 more words