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Honest Answers to Querying Writer FAQs

For fun, here are some honest answers to the questions querying (or pre-querying) writers REALLY frequently ask.

Q. Is my book any good?

A. Yes. But it could be better. 626 more words

Rhetorical Questions #16

Q: Did people even have ideas before the lightbulbs was invented?

A: A floodlight of.. possibilities



I spoke to the walls,
I asked them questions
What am I worth?
What is this bother?

Without the courage to stamp down my feet and demand… 100 more words

Mind Rumblings And Grumblings

A Confessionary Tale, Part 2.

“All art is a confession.”
~Gaston Lachaise

I confess that: I’ve been meaning to write a new blog post for weeks now, but life just kept on getting in the way. 736 more words


Rebuilding myself as a writer: I've been thinking. And yes, it hurt a lot.

I’ve been quiet lately. Silence can be powerful, especially when you’re having a conversation and you want the other person to spill the beans. But with social media, silence will get you nowhere. 427 more words


Rainbow After the Storm

The past eight months (and counting) of concussion have been long and hard . But there’s been a good side, too. I’ve learned a few things, and I thought I’d share them with you. 781 more words

Querying: A Necessary Evil

I totally understand the necessity of the querying process. It’s rough, but think about what would happen if we could just call up our top-choice agent and say: 957 more words