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Ask an Editor: Query Letter and Cover Letter

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Dear Editor – What is the difference between a query letter and a cover letter? 261 more words

Ask An Editor

Well, NaNoWriMo is fully over and it’s December which means most agents are on submission hiatus or whatever it’s called and I still don’t know how buying a domain/website works and some agents say you need a website and some say you don’t–okay brain, stop. 149 more words


Balancing the Highs and Lows of Publishing

There’s little in a writer’s life like the euphoric feeling one gets when a book is coming out. Before the launch date for Mr. Neutron… 464 more words

The Writer's Life

Coming Dec. 3rd...Queries & Cover Copy

Your query letter is your first impression, the first taste an agent or editor gets of your writing, and can sometimes become the base for your book’s blurb. 66 more words


Writing Another Book Proposal

I just submitted a magazine article two weeks ahead of deadline. Yay me! Now, I can turn to writing a book proposal that an editor asked me to develop. 420 more words

On Rejections while looking for an Agent

I’m a woman of my word, and am therefore following through on a request from one of my WordPress friends to share a little something about the rejections I received, on the path that ultimately aligned me with my literary agent, concerning my third novel. 877 more words

The Best Time To Write Your Query (& Synopsis)?

I’ve seen a few writers give advice to write a query and synopsis for your book before you even start your first draft. Frankly, I thought they were insane to say that. 313 more words