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Tonight we write query letters...

Tonight, in our CVTech class, we will finish our bios and include them in our query letters.  Last week, we read good queries and some bad ones.   354 more words

Querying Versus Job Hunting

You know, these things are actually quite similar. I’d never realized it until after talking with one of my coworkers, but the similarities are pretty obvious. 585 more words


Writing query letters that sell

When I used to work as a reporter, I didn’t have a whole lot of leeway in what I wrote. I had a beat and it was my job to cover as much as I could in that area. 731 more words

Do What I Say...

… and not what I do.

Story time.

Yesterday, I’m working on querying.  I think I’ve sent out a grand total of about 15 query letters so far, and only about 2 with my SHINY NEW QUERY. 370 more words


Updates to Resources

It’s time for an update to my resources page! I have some great new sites for submission stuff (synopsis, query letters, literary journal submissions), craft (skin tone words and representation of marginalized groups), and some of that delightful money business we all love (taxes/insurance and publications that pay). 6 more words

Katta Hules

Interview with Agent Rick Richter

I had a one-on-one critique session with Rick Richter at a writing conference in Boston. I wish I could have chatted with him for hours. As you’ll see from his answers, he’s got a wealth of information from his many years in the publishing industry, and I am grateful he took the time to answer the following questions, including the tough ones. 1,750 more words

Picture Books

Querying is scary!

This past Thursday I sent out my first three query letters. I had meticulously edited them into perfection, had Kevin read them over (he’s a sticker for punctuation, which is my major weakness) and compared them to successful queries the agents I was sending them to had received. 252 more words