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And They Persisted

As an aspiring author, getting to read the success stories of others – about what it’s like to get the out-of-the-blue (and life-changing) call from an agent or editor that says “yes” – was like candy. 1,366 more words

Rejection And Success

Wishes and Lists: A Christmas Query

Charles Dickens typed, “And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One!”. He scratched his chin, rubbed his eyes and a contented smile grew from one ear to the next. 737 more words

Writing Journey

Agent Advice

In the years that I have queried literary agents, I have had every encounter, misunderstanding, and disappointment known to man. Obviously, I have had no success in my endeavors but have had many lessons learned. 955 more words

On Rejections

Over the past month, I’ve sent out about 30 queries for the first book in my new fantasy series, A Thief in the Castle. (It’s a working title.) So far, I’ve heard back from 16 of those agents. 315 more words

Writer's Woes

The Magic of Manuscript Rejections: Part 5

The Query ship sets sail again this week! In batches of three, my latest begging letter will be heading out to seas unknown, trying to lure me in an agent. 361 more words

Process Of Writing

Query Letter Writing: My Imperfect Process

Here was today’s process for writing a children’s book query letter.

Open Word document.

Minimize Word document for hours.

Re-read articles on how to write a query letter. 284 more words

Writing And Expression

WARNING: Novel Under Pressure

You’ve written a novel. You’ve spent countless hours embuing your novel with nuance, subtle shifts in character, creating tension and building a narrative to a crescendo. 420 more words

Writing Journey