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How Do I Get An Agent's Attention?

I’m almost finished with revising my manuscript and plan to get a few well qualified friends to give it a final read through. Their job will be to make sure it is believable, there are no plot holes, and of course, it’s an interesting-grab you by the seat of your pants-type of book. 547 more words

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To Whom It May Concern: I'm Terrible At Query Letters.

Maybe it’s all in my head. I recall a conversation with a friend in high school. She suggested I turn my poems into songs because, according to her, “that’d be cool.” I disagreed with her, attempting to explain all the reasons why my poems couldn’t be songs or why songs aren’t considered poems. 964 more words


Update On My Queries to Agents

I’ve sent out 39 query letters to literary agents in the eleven days since I decided to do so. So far, I have received five rejection letters (actually, they were emails as that is how it is done these days.) Most agents don’t even bother to send rejection emails. 351 more words

Literary Agents

I’ve seen a lot of discussion in my online writing groups regarding literary agents lately. People have been asking what exactly they do, how to find them, and whether they’re even necessary to have, and it really struck me when I realized how many authors were sort of in the dark on this topic. 531 more words

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Literary Agent Query Letters

I’ve taken the plunge and begun sending out query letters to literary agents. I made a goal for myself: “Query 3 Before TV.” I sent my first three letters last night and treated myself to some TV. 279 more words

Sick, Query Letters Sent

I’ve sent out my first round of query letters for Pet and received my first two (gracious, thoughtfully written) form rejections. If my experience is at all the norm, there are quite a few of those waiting for me ;). 138 more words