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Well, NaNoWriMo is fully over and it’s December which means most agents are on submission hiatus or whatever it’s called and I still don’t know how buying a domain/website works and some agents say you need a website and some say you don’t–okay brain, stop. 149 more words


Looking For An Editor Or Writing Coach?

The new year, with all its resolutions, is just a few weeks away. I’m going to tick one of my resolutions off the list right now with this announcement that I’m starting an editing and writing coach business. 304 more words

Hunter Shea

How to Build a Good Query Letter

As any writer seeking traditional publication knows, query letters can be a tricky thing. They are just as personal—and just as difficult—to write as a cover letter when applying for a job, but this time you’re doing it to get your work in front of a much larger audience, and with that comes more scrutiny. 481 more words

A Daunting Task

I finished my third novel and started looking for a Literary Agent to represent it. What a daunting task! If you thought it was hard to write an entire novel, just wait until you start this process. 282 more words


Possibilities ~

I love this word because it’s full of hope. Anticipation swells in my belly as the word rolls off my tongue.

Possibility is defined as the state or fact of being possible. 1,761 more words


13 Editors Tell You What Makes Them Say 'Yes' to a Manuscript

We asked our in-house editors – the yay- or nay-sayers, the people who decide whether or not to publish manuscript, the folks whom you’ll work with as they delete a word here or add a sentence there to make your book the best possible version of itself – … 373 more words


I'm On A Podcast!

Talking about my book!

The nice people at TheAuthorInsideYou Podcast asked me on to talk about my book and about the process of getting published. 50 more words