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Green Means Go

Forgive me, for the following will probably read like an angsty teen diary. Except it’ll be about query letters.

Guys! I’ve started sending query letters for The Fields! 574 more words

Manuscript Request Quandary: Include Photos?

The short answer is NO. For starters, photos make the file too large to send. So then you’re faced with a dilemma of how to send the manuscript to the requesting editor. 284 more words


NEW AT JUST CAN'T HELP WRITING! How Much Grammar Do You Need? Part V: Rules Erudite People Break (and other erudite people notice)

Four rules I’ve seen broken in some rather surprising places. But these are the kinds of rules agents and editors are likely to notice.  Do you have candidates for this list? 6 more words


Even Your Unpublishable Stories Are Still Important

With every worthwhile masterpiece comes a harsh reality: just because you have written the best story yet, doesn’t mean it’s right for the publishing industry. 743 more words

Meg Dowell

Socrates and the Query Letter

Query letters are tough. I mean, I have a hard enough time with my elevator speech: how the heck am I supposed to condense down everything I need to say into like four paragraphs?   912 more words

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