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Writing a Winning Query Letter

Daily Dose: Selling Your Script

Being able to write a solid query letter is an important tool when selling your screenplay. You need to hone this skill! 62 more words


The Rejections Start Coming and They Don’t Stop Coming

Getting the first rejection out of the way is always the hardest. It’s that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, that flicker of doubt, those voices in your own head whispering you’re not good enough. 464 more words


The Now What Stage

It’s the morning after I sent out my first round of queries. Admittedly, I’ve had very little sleep because not only was the whole process terrifying, it was exhilarating. 881 more words


The Dreaded Query Letter

In the background of today’s writing session is a thunderstorm. There’s nothing quite like thunder, and rain has always been my favorite weather despite its tendency to ruin plans. 1,050 more words


My YA Novel: Vain Weather

I want to share a little bit about my WIP! I’ve already started querying so I figured I could share a bit of a blurb with you guys. 328 more words


Having narrowed myself down to three best-fit publishers, I now have to start selling my manuscript. The most common tool in the process is the query letter or email.

1,402 more words

Trick Question: Which Instructions Do I Follow?

You’re writing the next great novel, a true classic. You know it’s a game changer for the world, you just need an audience. How are you going to get it out there? 397 more words

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