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So the book's done. Now what?

Last week I gave you a sneaky peeky of my new novel, and this week and next, I’m taking a well-deserved rest. But what do you do after all that resting is over? 824 more words

Gwen Jones

Conquering the query letter

Lask week I tackled writing a synopsis for my WIP. Not exactly easy!

This week, I am working on query letters, a similarly despised but unavoidable aspect of writing (unless you self-publish…which is sounding very tempting…). 305 more words


Agents, Acceptances and Anticipation, Part 2.

So today I’ve gone public with the news that I’ve accepted an offer of representation from an agent. And I am, of course, beyond excited! This has led me to reflect on the process that got me to this point, and so here are some geek stats, for those of you who like that sort of thing. 1,125 more words

"Read and Rejected"

Let’s be perfectly honest.

I’m a writer. So it may not seem like it on the outside, but I try to organize the files on my computer. 1,024 more words

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New Post at Just Can't Help Writing

In which I continue to make my case that we may not need as much “grammar” as we think. This post: I introduce Joseph M. Williams’s article, “The Phenomenology of Error,” in which he takes apart some of the “language mavens” for committing the very errors they warn us against. Fun! https://wp.me/1KFmw

Learning To Write

8 Tips for Writing a Synopsis

By Cecilia Lewis

One of the most frustrating parts of the submission process is the dreaded synopsis. It’s difficult to tell your story in only a few pages while trying to include voice and keep it engaging. 690 more words

Submission Tips Series

New Post on Just Can't Help Writing: How Much "Grammar" Do You Need?

I’m making my case that there are grammar rules and then there are “rules.” Which ones should we obsess about? https://wp.me/p1KFmw-57

Learning To Write