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Query Do's and Don't's

A lot of authors and writing blogs talk about query letters and dispense advice on how to compose one. There’s a lot of tutorials out there, some very detailed and informative. 768 more words


I'm no more patient than I used to be

…but I do have more experience waiting.

If you’re following along, you know it’s Pitch Wars time. You probably also know this is my favorite contest of all because as I mentioned in my last post, it’s nice. 863 more words


Solving the Query Letter Conundrum: Four Parts to a Perfect Pitch, by Lori Ann Palma

If you’re in the process of writing a query letter, you’ve likely struggled with the pitch section. Nestled between the introduction and your biography, it’s easily the most difficult part of a query to master. 922 more words

The next step

Believe it or not, there is something more difficult than sitting down and writing a book.

The writing is the fun part: creating characters, plots, and scenes in your head and translating them to… 293 more words


Quieting the Voices in my Mind: my quest to get published part 1.

Day one:

So this isn’t really day one. Not truly. I have always dreamed of being an author and breathing life into the characters that populate my inner landscape, but I have always been afraid. 1,800 more words


How to research and prepare for querying literary agents.

People keep asking me about this, so I thought it was worth making a blog post.

This is not “How to write a query letter” — you’ll find plenty of those posts elsewhere. 2,472 more words


Query Letters & Pizza Hut & Alcohol: lessons from PNWA Writer's Conference 2016

So many emotions inside of this body. So many questions, doubts, and fears. Will my book ever be ready? Will an agent want me? Will my book be published? 1,037 more words