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Never Say This To a Woman. Ever.

Most of the anecdotes that come to mind when I consider the importance of knowing one’s audience have to do with pregnancy.

I could tell tales of the highly detailed ‘birth stories’ related to me by more experienced friends when I was still an innocent little unmarried lass. 836 more words

Unholy Pitches

For the love of all that’s holy, don’t try and sell a novel with an ensemble cast.

That’s the message I have for you today; another episode in the ‘Oh my lord, what the hell have I done?’ series I’ve been running for what seems like forever. 375 more words


These 26 Query Letter Rules Will Change Your Life

If you want a good laugh about how crazy it is to be a writer. Read this article about query letter rules. I loved it! 10 more words


First Round Edit

I started editing my YA fantasy novel Nefarious Wednesday night. Thursday night I surpassed the halfway point on the manuscript. At the moment, I’m loving… 1,032 more words


Pitch Wars

I have decided that what I really need is serious, professional-level input to help me across that final gap; to make my novel ready for publication. 363 more words




It came in at 67,166 words so I didn’t meet my goal of 70,000 words but this is just the first draft. 813 more words


Writing a Query Letter: Part the Fourth

Winding this series up with the last bit you need to make your query letter the most amazing one ever.  At the very least, you’ll know you have everything in a row and have not forgotten one piece of information. 1,011 more words