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A Dreamer's Query

A Dreamer’s Query

By: Faith Buenaventura

Should I make plans in life, I sometimes ask?

I bet no guarantees in life, I sigh.

 Make big plans, aim high and finish the tasks. 190 more words


On the Journey to Bold-Round 2

Well guys, the journey this week has been pretty harsh.

Two rejections, and it’s not even the end of the week yet. That makes a total of three rejections. 202 more words


Querying Lit Agents

The thing about querying lit agents and sending your hopes out there is that it sucks. Yeah, it really does. I understand it’s a part of the process now unless you know someone, which I strongly suggest, and that sucks too. 250 more words

MySql query execution flow

To optimize the query its import to understand the execution flow of query, here is an example:

SELECT product, SUM(quantity) AS "Total quantity"
FROM order_details
JOIN orders on orders.id = order_details.id
WHERE order_details.type = 'automobile'
GROUP BY product
HAVING SUM(quantity) > 10
ORDER BY order_details.id DESC;

In the above query we will have flow like

1. 230 more words

Query Tips Post

Hi guys!

This is just a quick reminder that yesterday I posted at Queen of the Bookshelves. You can view the post by clicking here… 51 more words

How do you show records in a query using value comparison?

I have two different record types, A and B, which have some common fields. I’d like to show records of type B in the query section of a form based on A. 101 more words


Am I the wind that uproots the trees?
Or the air that dances with the leaves.

Am I the sand that is kissed by the wave? 136 more words