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Justine: Throwing My Hat in the Ring?

I don’t do well with obscure, arbitrary deadlines. I’ve always been a “do it at the last minute” sort of girl. I thrive on the pressure, I’m incredibly good at sharp focus when there’s lots at stake, and my desire to do something well means I’ll nearly kill myself to get it done. 298 more words

Eight Ladies Writing

How to Start a Blog Tour

Early last week, I had a conversation with a fellow writer on ideas to help market a book. I understand that this topic has been covered numerous times, but I wanted to focus on a single facet of the marketing approach this week. 525 more words

A Bit Of Business

If You Have a First Draft... What's Next?

Sam here! :D

We’re in the home stretch of NaNoWriMo (seven days left!). To all the writers out there, this is an exciting time. Either you’re frantically trying to catch up, frantically trying to finish, or… frantic. 259 more words


Reblog: The Evolving Literary Agent

Hello, hello, hello!  The hand is healing up nicely and I’ve caught up and then some in my NaNoWriMo daily writing goals.  Huzzah!  But I’m still busy tapping away to catch up to my personal goal of finishing 50k by Thanksgiving and hitting 60k by the end of the month.  286 more words


Tricks to Killer Query Letters

Need a killer query letter for agents or publishers? Queries can be tough! Try these tricks so you can connect with publishing professionals to get a “Send more now!” response. 852 more words

Writer's Life

Having an issue with the graphic query legend counts

Do legends only show space counts? For example, if I have the move line BO associated in the graphic query and have “count” set to the move line ID, it won’t show that count instead. 64 more words


Common Mistakes With CQRS

The Command/Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) principle seems to have divided the development community more than anything I have seen for quite some time. Do a simple search on Google and you will see articles for and against it everywhere. 613 more words