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Pitch Wars Cometh--Are You Ready?

I’ve mentioned a few times this month that I’m planning to enter Pitch Wars this year. Well, we’re down to the final week before the submission window opens up so I am really neck deep in revisions and query letters and synopses! 1,003 more words


radio silence

I’ve been ignoring my blog. No excuses, because they’re all lame.

It’s such a deeply ingrained pattern at this point, I’m not sure I’ve got the bandwidth to break myself of it. 135 more words


Authors Who Need a Binky

There are authors who believe their writing comes from the hand of God. Hey, maybe it does and I’m too dumb to realize it. But I do know what works for us and what doesn’t. 707 more words



So you might be asking yourselves why I chose to self publish. I actually did try traditional publishing and spent a long time writing the perfect query and synopsis. 223 more words


I want to be a Web Analytics Expert, but stay away from web coding. Can I?

Most of the web analytics tools today, claim that one can learn the tool and measure their website metrics for their company.

One sure can, but what if your business need to measure a new metric or a different web site interaction apart from the standard ones available on the web analytic tools! 513 more words


Retrieving data out of a Query string

Every website has a url (uniform resource identifier)/ unique readable web link.

The link points you to the web server and the web page you are looking for. 650 more words


July 20th Rejections

(All rejection explanations can be found here.)

Dear Jere Ellison,

Thank you so much for your query. Unfortunately, however, this project doesn’t sound right for me. 245 more words