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All About the Story

Imagine you’re 15 and your undocumented immigrant mother has told you that the family is running away, again. You shove everything into a trash bag, and help your little sister do the same. 191 more words


How does SD card works?

SD is an abbreviation for “secure digital.” The data on an SD card is stored in a digital format. The solid-state chip inside the card’s plastic cover contains many tiny electrical circuits. 97 more words


How can we see different colours

We only know roses are red and sky is blue,but thanks to specialized cells in our eyes called “cones”.

When light hits an object , the object absorbs some of the light and reflects the rest of it. 129 more words


Query Letter Basics: The Don'ts

Welcome back! If you’ve read the post on the dos of querying, you might be wondering what not to do. Remember: the goal of a query letter is to get an agent to read your manuscript. 1,237 more words


AX2012 Use functions in queries and filters

These functions can be used in any query or filter. The functions need to put in brackets.

  • currentUserId()
  • currentEmployeeId()
  • currentBusinessRelationsAccount()
  • currentContactPersonId()
  • currentCustomerAccount()
  • currentVendorAccount()
  • currentSessionDate()
  • currentSessionDateTime()
  • 94 more words

Tweetledee Tweetledumb

When you’re actively trying to find a home for a book, you can’t help but encounter the word “platform,” the social media foundation from which one can proudly advertise their publications to a previously established audience. 299 more words


Pitching is not my forte...

I’ve been editing again today (shocking, right?) and am now up to the middle of Chapter 12 out of 36 / Page 40 out of 146. 408 more words