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The Query's the Thing!

In William Shakespeare’s play, Hamlet, the main character of the eponymous title states “the play’s the thing” in order to bring to light the truth about his father’s murder.

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Find column Name in Database

WHERE COLUMN_NAME IN ('YourColumn Name 1','Your Column Name 2')
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Query Tips

So you’ve completed your book. Congratulations! This is a humongous achievement, and you should give yourself a pat on the back for even making it this far.  769 more words

Dude, Where's My Workflow?

There is no built view in Microsoft Dynamics CRM that shows the different solutions to which a component (such as Workflow Rule) is related. If you have many solutions, iterating through all of them can be exhausting and time consuming. 317 more words

Day 303: I Wrote a Novel. Now What?

For one thing, I definitely underestimated the number of people trying to get their novels published.  So.  Many.  Writers.  Some of them self-publish, but I think that’s not the best option for me for a number of reasons, some go with small publishing houses, and many compete for the big publishers. 351 more words

Everything I've Learned to Write the Perfect Query

Dear Agent That Absolutely Wants To Represent Me Via This Unsolicited Query,

This is where you put a one line hook to your book that may or may not actually be completely out of tune with the rest of your query. 358 more words


Alice in Storyland

So I had a great idea to write my version of Alice in Wonderland. I am not completely sold on the title listed above, but you get the idea. 2,049 more words