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Works In Progress

“Works in Progress” are such nebulous things. Even the finished ones aren’t really finished and it’s easy to lose sight of the future and a concrete, published, printed book when you spend so much time thinking about the word document, saved and version dated on your flash drive that always needs revision and attention or gets… 411 more words

Faerl Marie

Tips for Querying A Literary Agent

Hello, my Beautiful People. It’s been a long time since I’ve written. I’m going to change some things and keep some things the same.

Before I slide into today’s topic, I have to write a few reflective things, because I haven’t talked to you all in so very long. 564 more words

Having an issue with the Query Task in the Workflow Builder

When loading or building a Query Task in the Workflow Builder, a blank window appears and fails to load the dialog. This only seems to occur with query tasks, and does not occur with field mapping, extended formulas, or similar windows within the builder tool set. 57 more words


Is there a way to left justify the actions in a query section?

Is there any way to left justify the actions (e.g. links, buttons) in a query section? As we all know, when we add an action in the query section, it will be shown at the upper right corner in a query section. 25 more words


Confabulating with Brent Taylor

 Brent Taylor, a literary agent from TriadaUS, is a charming blend of enthusiasm and candidness. He also has the ability to consume remarkable quantities of Diet Coke and Reeses Pumpkins.  778 more words


PS Query Timestamp to Date Logic

Converting a timestamp to a date in PeopleSoft Query seems to be a common item, which I have helped others with, to the point that I kept a personal note on the coding logic.  109 more words


PS Query Migration Validation SQLs

While PeopleSoft PeopleTools Application Designer is the best way to validate query migrations, sometimes a few SQL scripts can be helpful when verifying that queries and associated tree exist in an environment with the necessary nodes.  89 more words