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Taking the Leap in 2016

So, I’m not sure how often I’ve hinted about several projects I’ve been working on over the last couple weeks. One of them has been written and rewritten over the last year or so, and I’ve been trying to get it right. 714 more words


Life is a Work-Around: Forget What You Know

By the time you’ve introduced your rear to the chair, softened up your keyboard and bought a case of coffee, you feel like you are ready to write the most amazing story ever. 494 more words

Writing Tips

Do You Know Where Your Novel Is?

After spending months, and sometimes years, researching, pre-writing, writing, re-writing, workshopping, re-re-writing and polishing your novel, it’s fair to say you’ve gotten to know it pretty well. 564 more words

Jillian Scott

Expectation Frustration

Every writing site you go to, including mine, will tell you it is important to have a vision of what you want from your writing and what you are willing to give to it. 483 more words

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How I got my Agent

I’ve been hoping for the chance to write a blog post like this for a long, long time. Back in August 2012, when Clockwatching… kicked off and my writing career began in earnest, I barely dreamt that I’d ever get here; at the same time, if someone had told me that it would take almost two years, I might have been downhearted. 1,413 more words

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The Revisions are Done

My mom would be so proud, 358 days after finishing the first draft of my novel “The Oyster King” and I have finally finished the revision process. 136 more words

A Day In The Life

Take Cover!

One of the most important hurdles any hopeful writer needs to cross is that of the cover letter, which is sent along with their query when they are making contact with a literary agent, or publisher, or even when entering some writing competitions. 1,450 more words

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