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It’s the first day of MARCH OF TACO MARCH*, so might as well get it started at breakfast!

Up until yesterday, I didn’t have any flour tortillas on hand… and haven’t really had any in stock for a while. 322 more words


Pi Day Tacos - Bay Scallops and corn

Tonight’s tacos were a play off the lobster tacos I’ve made in the past. Corn goes so well with shellfish in a taco, it’s hard to not throw some in. 145 more words


Queso Fresco de Almendras

Hola a todos como han estado???

Bueno, la receta de hoy es un poco la continuación de la Leche de Almendras que preparé la semana pasada; pero en esta ocasión prepararemos un Queso Fresco con el residuo de las almendras molidas que nos sobro de la preparación de la Leche. 287 more words


More carnitas for day 3

It’s another carnitas day, and very similar to yesterday’s tacos. Still used the mojito salsa, this time added extra cilantro. Because there’s no such thing as too much cilantro (unless you’re one of those… 35 more words


Day 2 tacos - leftover carnitas all dressed up

Yesterday I made carnitas. I made a lot of carnitas, so it’ll be featured in a few more tacos going forward, I think. The key is to make a change now and then, and today it’s a new salsa. 154 more words


Day the first, taco meal the second

You didn’t expect me to start the month of MARCH OF TACO MARCH with only one meal of two paltry tacos, did you? Okay okay, the tacos weren’t exactly “paltry.” I would go so far as to call them “plentiful.” But still, two tacos won’t cut it on day 1. 355 more words