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Chorizo con Papas

This delicious and comforting breakfast dish takes me back to Saturday mornings as a child. This delightfully spicy potato dish will certainly fill you up as well as make you feel right at home. 182 more words


Lime & Jalapeno Steak Tacos

These steak tacos are one of my most requested meals.  I get it.  What’s not to love: spicy jalapenos and lime, lots of garlic, fresh cilantro, queso fresco, homemade pickled red onions…?   177 more words



It’s the first day of MARCH OF TACO MARCH*, so might as well get it started at breakfast!

Up until yesterday, I didn’t have any flour tortillas on hand… and haven’t really had any in stock for a while. 322 more words


Steak tacos redux

Like I said when I made steak tacos earlier this week, there was plenty of leftover steak. I made a steak and eggs breakfast, had a few strips as a quick snack before going to the gym, but wanted to get one more taco meal out of it. 71 more words


Pi Day Tacos - Bay Scallops and corn

Tonight’s tacos were a play off the lobster tacos I made earlier this month. Corn goes so well with shellfish in a taco, it’s hard to not throw some in. 142 more words


5 alarm steak tacos

Apartment living can present challenges. No space for a garden, not as much room as I’d like, and no outdoor grilling. But a few Christmases ago I got a cast iron grill pan, and it changed my life. 281 more words