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Savoring Summer

Well it’s official, I saw my first pumpkin spice commercial on television tonight. Come on, people! Don’t get me wrong, I love pumpkin, but in no way does September 1st qualify as fall. 374 more words


Mexican Street Corn!! ¡¡Maíz calle mexicana!!

OMG.  Mexican Street Corn doesn’t get enough play.  It might the single best way to eat corn.  We just had some this summer at Añejo… 323 more words


Delicious Zucchini Soup Recipe - So Easy!

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Hello friends! Today I want to share with you the recipe for my most favorite soup – Zucchini Soup! 368 more words


Mexican Street Corn

I love Mexican food!  Every dish just hits you in the face with it’s intense flavours cut by the acidity of lime and fresh vegetables like tomato or ripe avocados.   347 more words


It Ain't Easy Bein' Cheesy 2 : Queso Fresco + Fried Cheese Recipe!

My personal experience with Queso Fresco has been from this cheese right here :

In cooking, I generally like to cut it into pieces and fry it up, kind of like mozzarella sticks without the breadcrumbs, and a bit less messy. 347 more words


Pinto Bean Nachos

These were really good, but I didn’t love the homemade tortilla chips. They ended up being really chewy! But I liked the toppings a lot! And you could add a lot more toppings, too, like chopped tomatoes, jalapenos, etc. 171 more words


Locro de Papas

Locro de Papas is a traditional Ecuatorian Potato stew. I learn this recipe from a Ecuatorian friend when I was living in Quito. Warm and flavorful it is perfect for cold days. 140 more words