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Hinduism :- Quest ?

The civilization of the world,to be more specific India’s civilization in past reveals the fact, ancient people did worship fire,tree,durga,sun,sky and some times even their tamed animals cutting across paleolithic to neolithic phases. 1,173 more words

Global Issues

I am Taking a Stand for My Life

On paper I suppose you could say that I really have what should be a good life or satisfying life; I have a loving family, a house that is comfortable and filled with love, great friends and a job that has meaning, .   447 more words


The Power of Meditation

I’ve been in Africa for the past five weeks. Most of the time was spent in the desert. What a wonderful place it is for meditation and mindfulness. 764 more words


Bhutan – a colourful nation of happy people

I love colour! Bright, vibrant, happy colours that reflect a positive energy. The devout Buddhist nation of Bhutan is abundant in bright, happy colours that are also reflected in the personality of its people. 786 more words


Desire and Belief

Dear Seamus,

Desire is part of the human experience. It can take many forms, like a physical desire for food when you are hungry or the emotional desire for companionship when you are lonely. 1,105 more words

Meditation for A Happier Brain

This blog arrived in my email today.

I was struck by its profound simplicity and by it’s practically as a useful tool to develop appreciation, gratitude and mindfulness. 711 more words


Meditation: just one practice

Meditation has been an important part of my life since 1980.  I have found myself thinking and saying over the years, “I don’t know how I would have got through (the day/the week/the year/the incident etc)  without Meditation”.   626 more words