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A damn good fighter, but easily confused

The naga’s body lies still at their feet, defeated after an intense battle. Phaedra climbs the plateau and releases the Astral Shard. The gem loses some of its luster and suddenly it becomes very quiet. 576 more words


Interlude Part 2

How To Make Sense Of Everything

It is easy to be consumed by your circumstances. Whether this entails being under pressure, having too much to do, not even knowing what to do or being in a very bad head space. 337 more words

Pieces of the Past

When Amalthea received an invitation to a museum in Dawnstar, she should have known that it would turn into her playing gofer for yet another lazy and/or cowardly Skyrim citizen. 300 more words

Amalthea's Adventures

A Modern Legend- Page One Hundred Thirty-nine

Peter looked at the elf as though he had just suggested that they turn blue. “The river went underground and you just said that we cannot go into the cave!” Peter protested. 434 more words


A Modern Legend- Page One Hundred Thirty-eight

They came to a point where the sound of the water seemed to echo, as though it had entered a cave. The bank had risen high enough that the rocky outcroppings arched and merged together above the river. 347 more words


Protein "pudding"

Day 1 and 2 of tracking my macros left me missing some so this just happened on day 3. #quest chocolate protein powder mixed with 1c greek yogurt. 167 more words


The Mind of Madness

Much of Amalthea’s time in Tamriel is spent basically dicking around. She collects quests as greedily as a lepidopterist collects moths – but she’s more like a lazy lepidopterist, one who never quite gets around to assembling and pinning his collection, so he eventually turns into the Weird Old Man with Dead Moths Just Lying There All Over His House. 524 more words

Amalthea's Adventures