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Just Because It's Overrated

Idealistic love is all in the mind.

I’ve been there – fairy tale romance and everything pastel and glittery and charming and sweet – it consumes you, it enchants your thoughts making you feel like you’re in another world of your own. 173 more words

Random Thoughts

Watch Dogs 2 Players Discover A New Mystery Quest

(Source: kotaku.com)

From Moesaurus

After last week’s Watch Dogs 2 patch, players have unearthed a mystery quest hidden in the game. Players’ investigations have led them to turn over every rock, and even mine the game’s code, to hunt for more information on “The Shuffler.” … 386 more words


41. Boat

Connie stood waiting at the bus station. She had considered bringing a sign with Davy’s name on it, but figured that the Steward would probably recognize her. 2,051 more words


Moana (Disney)

IMDB – Moana (2016)

This Disney movie is age appropriate for children age 5-12. There are some unlying content and jokes that were in the movie that was meant for adults, and it was very well put together. 144 more words


A Love letter to Myself

My Dearest Arun,

Hello. I am you. And I have come here to meet you and to talk about you. How does it feel to be writing about me, by me? 1,825 more words


on my book shelf is "Dear World, how are you?"

I first saw “Dear World, How are you? in the Nelson library (libraries are good places to visit when you’re new to an area.  337 more words

People And Places

Forest Path

The Elvesgates / Wolfbiter’s Pasture

This is an optional encounter while tracking the missing shepherd’s guild member and his guards.  The party may bypass it by going directly to the… 799 more words