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I'm Back! The Quest for Utopia can resume...

I’m back everybody! Sorry for the super duper long hiatus. Hope you enjoy this essay on the philosopher’s ambition to create a perfect society:

THE QUEST FOR UTOPIA: 764 more words

illusion within self discovery

one of the illusions i discovered within self discovery, was pretty unconscious. as everything in seeking is concerned, it is always a path tread, with so many seeming obstacles, which are essentially not, but we perceive it that way, since, to begin with, we are an unconscious entity, trying to seek or know the truth of who we really are, as a being. 686 more words


Sylvan LaCue - Fall From Grace

With “Fall From Grace,” Sylvan LaCue reflects on a self-realization that’s occurred over the past year. With an announcement of his Far From Familiar album, “Fall From Grace” is a look back at the 25-year-old artist’s decision to take a step back in order to take a step forward. 

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What mystery is this?

Tonight my wife is working late, dinner shall be a solitary affair, what mysteries doth the kitchen contain? What awe inspiring dinner shall we make to slack our hunger? 361 more words


Maurice White: A Shining Star

RIP Maurice White

When one of the greats from eras of music prior to my time have passed, I have never really been able to mourn the way I am for Maurice White. 216 more words


The Alchemist(O Alquimista) by Paulo Coelho

Year Published: 1988(Portuguese), 1993(English)

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Philosophical, Quest

Summary:The Alchemist is about Santiago, a shepherd boy living in Spain who meets the ancient king Melchizedek who tells him he must go to Egypt and fulfill his personal legend by searching for treasure at the pyramids. 274 more words

A Mind's Quest & Fight

A Mind’s Quest & Fight

(If you missed a part of Quest, find it here on its TOC.
Picks up where A Battle & A Quest… 763 more words