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A Modern Legend- Page One Hundred Sixteen

They went on talking as the horses pulled them along the road, sometimes about the forest’s resources, other times about James and Baron Lexavier. They passed through villages here and there, but never stopped the wagon. 353 more words


A Modern Legend- Page One Hundred Fifteen

“What happened, then?” Nashtra asked, looking back towards the road as it began to curve away from a river that was flowing nearby.

“James essentially kidnapped us,” Peter said before Himeko could speak. 364 more words


BBQ Beginnings

Ahhhh, springtime in Colorado!  The sun shining brightly on the snow covered peaks, the lilacs in aromatic bloom, the breeze blowing…not so gently at about 20 mph, and the temperature a balmy 40, wait….now it’s 60, no, back to 45….Perfect time to start thinking about that American Classic: The Hamburger. 581 more words


Bubblegum Pop

We had a night of Bubblegum Pop at The Quest Qlub. For the people that don’t know what that is….fun, bubbly, happy music that makes you smile. 134 more words

The Quest Qlub

Review of The Dragon Keeper - Book 1 of the Rain Wilds Chronicles by Robin Hobb

This post appeared when only a passing fly noticed any of my reviews – so I thought I’d unleash it once more upon an unsuspecting world, given Robin Hobb is one of my favourite authors and I think this is one of her best books… 536 more words

Book Review

A Modern Legend- Page One Hundred Thirteen

“They always have liked having an adventurer around,” he said.
“They really seem to like you,” she replied.
“I do get a lot of attention whenever I come back home, ” he told her with a wink. 359 more words


Love brings peace, not shackles... Then why ...?

In our search to fill the void within us, we seem to find fulfillment in relationships that we find ourselves valued in the most. The feeling that someone loves you very much can embrace our hearts unlike any other feeling. 263 more words