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Questing - Sarah #writephoto

So, Level 1 of The Quest is all about getting kitted out. I’m a Warrior, so I need weapons – obviously – and armour, and all that. 172 more words


A ray of light for stroke patients

New research has shown human cells discarded after birth can actually be used to treat stroke patients, and help them in recovering.

Astril Andrades with more. 80 more words


Bird Quest #1: King penguin

I’m going to showcase a bird each week in my Bird Quest. There are probably a lot of birds. I could look up how many are currently in existence, but that would spoil the surprise. 1,223 more words

The Dragon's Scion Part 21

She didn’t stop until she got to the edge of the water barrier. She managed to get her tears under control by then.

Anger and frustration fed into hunger from earlier, and she realized she was ravenous. 1,019 more words


In Darkest Africa, Vol. 2; Or, The Quest, Rescue And Retreat.Pdf

//load.to/pySeFq7T4l/The_Challenge_of_Democracy_-_American_Government_in_a_Global_World Vol 2 – From Postwar to A Guide to Building Your Own Nature //2shared/document/DcMlNvoz/The_Retreat_PDF.html.

Twilight_-_The_Graphic_Novel,_Vol_2__The_Twilight Yoga_and_the_Quest_for_the_True Vol 2: Through the dark continent : or, The two volumes that compose In Darkest Africa; or, The Quest, Rescue, and Retreat of Emin, 11 more words



Questing is an essential part of any computer adventure game. In a quest the hero receives a mission from the bland like “fetch 10 tree bark samples” to the extravagant “find your lost son that was taken from your wife while you were in… 249 more words


Monster Hunter: World’s Best Event Quest Is Its Simplest

(Source: kotaku.com)

Monster Hunter: World offers new limited-time quests every week. Some of these involve brawling tons of monsters, while other feature giant versions of familiar beasts. 550 more words