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Question of the Month: Watercooling

For PC Gaming and Reviews’ first question of the week for our viewers we have chosen a classic one. IS WATERCOOLING WORTH IT? Overclockers claim that it allows someone to get the highest performance from their GPUs and CPUs, but may it really just be for aesthetics?   26 more words


Live Your Life?

Hi guys,

Something someone said today made me think. People always say to ‘live your life to the fullest’, but how can you make the most of your life and do all the things you want to do without having to lie and deceit? 92 more words


Every story has a beginning

Heya x

So, this is my blog.

I just wanted to let the world know what I think, as I have a lot of questions but I am too scared to ask them, as they seem stupid and I will probably get a sarcastic answer. 24 more words

This is my answer to question 1

Question 1

Someone paid Meek Mill for a verse, while Drake dropped a verse on someone else’s song for free.



A Word of Advice?

So one of the problems that I am perhaps most infamous for is being hesitant if not outright resistant to participate in things that are out of my comfort zone. 246 more words