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If Liberal Massachusetts Can Fight Legal Pot, So Should Nevada

This op-ed is used by permission from attorney Jim Hartman, from Nevadans for Responsible Drug Policy.

What’s the Matter with Nevada?

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has “Question 4” on their November ballot which mirrors Nevada’s “Question 2” — the commercialization of legalized marijuana in the two states. 399 more words


Dr. Kevin Sabet of the Drug Policy Institute, on Question 2

Heidi Harris welcomed Dr. Kevin Sabet to discuss the legalization of marijuana and what he wants locals to take into consideration before voting on it in the upcoming election. 94 more words


VAT and Brexit

One of the most significant developments since the May examination was the result of the Brexit referendum.

Whatever the UK does in response to this, there will be implications for the tax system. 146 more words

Question 2

Vote no on Question 2: Save Our Public Schools

By Bob Croce, Candidate for State Rep, 13th Essex District

For me, there is no gray area. Plain and simple, lifting the cap on charter schools in Massachusetts is bad for our traditional public schools. 309 more words


Guest Jim Hartman on Vote No to Question 2

Heidi Harris welcomes Jim Hartman to discuss the approaching vote on question 2, the legalization of marijuana in Nevada. Hartman warns against the dangers of monopoly powers taking advantage of the marijuana scene and endangering the state’s economy and well-being. 21 more words


Clean up

I have removed all posted on this site. The oldest posts dated back to 2011. As material about video analysis and hardware gets obsolete, this seemed the best and simples solution. 33 more words

Coaching With Video

Top 10 Tuesday - Top Ten Book Covers for Inviting Questions!

I always tell students, when practicing the strategy of questioning, that ‘good readers start asking questions even before they start reading’   Book covers are a great way to get your students thinking and wondering about a story.    743 more words

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