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Week 1: Aesthetic Usability - Question 2

We can see the phenomenon of aesthetic usability in regards to everyday products that we might come into contact with on a daily basis. Three examples for these would be cars, computers and books. 280 more words

Week 1

Graded Unit Interview: Chris Roberts

I have arranged to have a studio interview with Chris Roberts a Football Development Officer for the SFA. I found out about Chris by going on the SFA website. 290 more words


Q2)- Critical Reading & Writing

Wikipedia is a website which offers users the choice to edit, format and publish articles about any topic that may be included in an encyclopaedia. 282 more words

Credibility And Web Resources


1. Nike shoes- Aesthetic Consistency

When Nike shoes are designed they feature the logo in a prominent and visible position. This allows users to form an emotional bond with the brand and the product. 270 more words

Question 2

Q2)- Examples

  1. The iPhone 5

The better looking mobile does not necessarily have the best options available and the most advanced features. The example used here is that of an iPhone 5. 358 more words

Question 2

Evaluation Question 2

During my A2 coursework I created a music video for Fink’s “Looking too closely”, an album advert for the album, “Awake and Wishing”, and the digipak of the same name. 434 more words


Week 1 Question 2

Study 3 examples (e.g. products found in everyday surroundings) hat meet the aesthetic-usability effect principle. Provide a reasoned explanation for each item why they meet the design principle (300-350 words) 17 more words

Week 1