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How effective is the combination of your main products and ancillary texts?


Whilst creating my music video, magazine advert, and digipak I ensures I created a recognizable ‘indie style’ so that the theme of the album will be easily recognized by the target audience, and as a result they are all working together in order to promote the album successfully. 1,094 more words


Rape-The Cold Hard Facts.

                                                    (Viresattached.com, 2016)


Solution fluency process:


The real problem is the reality of rape and what is can do to a country. However another problem was created when Interpol named South Africa the “Rape Capital of the World.” The issue now is that South Africa will lose out in the tourism industries and investors will start taking their assets out of the country which will lead to an economic crisis. 437 more words

Question 2

Nevada's Marijuana Initiative "Question #2"

The preamble to the Nevada Marijuana Initiative states, “In the interest of the public health and public safety, and in order to better focus state and local law enforcement resources on crimes involving violence and personal property, the People of the State of Nevada find and declare that the use of marijuana should be legal for persons 21 years of age or older, and its cultivation and sale should be regulated similar to other legal businesses.” 853 more words

African American In Cannabis

CIE Question 2 Revision

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