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Question 3

What is the Internet of Things?

The internet of things is the connection of all devices, and not just cell phones and computers but also cars, kitchen appliances and even a heart monitor used at the hospital. 118 more words

Question 3

AP Lit Question 3 (open): a NINE

In our world today, the fear of people who do not look, act, or talk like us is crippling. We, as a whole, do not easily accept or assimilate those who have been otherized into our communities. 761 more words


San Francisco nails bikers

Sabotaging biking paths is a withstanding and detrimental concern, as I touched on this issue in my last post titled “Watch out for tacks!”. … 191 more words

Reading Log 1

Question 3

You have finished the risk management plan and are preparing to present it to your manager and the project sponsor. Once they review and approve it, you will then present it to the stakeholders and the team. 337 more words

What is My Sexual Orientation?

What is my sexual orientation?

There are so many terms for a person’s sexual orientation. In a world way beyond fluidity, we used to just have: … 327 more words

J. Blu

To Dump or not to Dump

Let’s talk about the landfill and Question 3. Tuesday is election day here in the beautiful town of Southbridge, MA. And I do mean beautiful. Yes, there are some areas that could use a little paint and landscaping, but that is no different than any other town or city in the country. 909 more words

Week 4: Web Creditability - Question 3

Question 3:

  • Web creditability is something that needs further investigation in the future as because of the vastness of the web not as much research is being done.
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Week 4