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Sexy Six Authors Q&A #3:What's your favorite color and favorite dessert?

This post would be the continuation of Q&A session with the Sexy Six team and in case you’ve missed the second one, here is the… 152 more words

Monthly Interviews

Evaluation Question 3

For my third evaluation task I have produced a prezi which can be accessed here.

This prezi answers the question ‘What have you learned from your audience feedback?’.

Evaluation Questions

Day 3

What are you reading right now?

Blogs! I love reading blogs whenever I have some down time :) I’d list my favorites, but there’s too many to name. 44 more words

GCSE Language in Year 10

We start off in Year 10 studying a play, An Inspector Calls, but we will also be covering various Language skills to ensure that you are prepared for your exam in Year 11 as well as the mock exams you will have along the way. 36 more words


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What is one thing that you will do in the next year?

“Attend a PGA golf tournament.”

It only took shuffling around flights a little bit to make it happen at the last second :)

My Three Questions

Would You Rather w/ Friends #3

Find part 1 here (with more info)!

Would you rather…

  1. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?

Rebecca: 5 books per week would definitely stress me out, so 5 pages per day at the moment, thank you. 185 more words


Day 3 Question 3 again

Day 3