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Once in a While You Can Cheat via /r/Fitness

Hello, I’m a long time lurker and first time poster on Fitness. I just want to say I love this sub and I learned a lot of new things because of you guys. 169 more words


Resolutioners, how are you doing so far? via /r/Fitness

We’re two months in, and hitting that point where lifting is starting to get addicting. The weights are increasing rapidly, we’re getting our routine down into a groove. 19 more words


Cross-training vs. Functional Fitness shoes: what's the difference? via /r/Fitness

I do a mix of weight lifting and running, and I’d rather just have one pair of shoes. Shopping around online, I came across the “Functional Fitness” thing, which is never heard of. 12 more words


Are Anabolic Steroids Paleo? via /r/Paleo

Are steroids part of a primal lifestyle?

Submitted February 28, 2015 at 11:14AM by PensivePropagandist

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What are the advantages/disadvantages of going up in weight each set vs. going down in weight? via /r/Fitness

I go back and forth. Sometimes starting with max weight (after warm-up set) and go down in weight each set. Other times I start lighter adding weight every set. 19 more words



This is a shot in the dark, perhaps. Does anybody have any tips for aspiring travel writers? I’ve seen some lovely blogs and I would just like to gather some opinions on how to make travel writing innovative and ‘personalised’. 49 more words

How much should I worry about legs? via /r/Fitness

I work a highly physical job, currently jobs, and have stopped working out lately due to having both. I am a merchandiser for a soda company and a stocker at a grocery chain. 170 more words