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"Go ahead, make my day."

I don’t know.
Maybe I still smell to you like a prey, even if I am turning the other (not cheek but) page.

Just A Thought

100 Questions: Day 14

What signs have I been misinterpreting or ignoring?

I do this often in relationships: I make excuses for the red flags and intuition. The latest was HomieLoverFriend, who I was dating for over a year. 299 more words


Think about it

Do I love you because you’re beautiful,
Or are you beautiful because I love you?

What's Your Inspiration?

Leave your answer in the comments. My inspiration is the Bible, and some music I listen to (Mostly Lord of the Rings and video game music) and some movies I watch (Mostly the Lord of the Rings) and some video games I play (Mostly Nintendo). 36 more words


Here’s a thought: What if I kept a public dream journal somewhere? Like a blog for my subconscious? I don’t know if anyone would read it, or where I would put it besides WordPress, but maybe. 78 more words


Liebster Award!!!

So as promised earlier in the week, here is my Liebster Award post.

1. Who is your favorite Disney character of all time?

Oh my goodness! 624 more words