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Living by the law of God

This time a statement, hoping to get some response


Animals, Feet & Time.

My daily post is to write 10 words, pick three and thats my post title. Here we go, Cheese,Feet,Animals, Clock,Future,Time,Abstract,Lamp,Decorating Halloween .

What is it about animals licking feet? 35 more words

True Life

The Decline of Whistling

Hello, all! Here is a piece which Al Jazeera did on Chinantec, a language largely comprised of whistling. Due to improved communications technology, the language is dying off, and the children learning it today only have reason to learn a few select whistles, rather than the entire language. 52 more words


Finding Bliss

My beautiful friend Tanya gave me this picture and wanted me to make it more descriptive and fancier.

I asked her to join along to the fanciness. 417 more words

Feelings And Emotions

The Answer

You will never understand why I think the way I do because to do that, you’d had to lose everything. I’m not talking about stuff or people around you, they’re only objects. 803 more words



This literally happened over a night.

I’m currently on 51 followers and I just want to say thank you so much.

There really isn’t a way to express my gratitude. 100 more words

What’s Your Take? (Responsive Question)

Question: Does Money Buy Happiness…?

Our Take: “Most people will instantly think no but it’s a much harder question than that. We believe it really depends on who you really are. 62 more words

Millionaire's Digest