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5 Year Journal| Day 41

What did you buy today?

Oh thank goodness this was this past Saturday’s question! I bought stamps today. We won’t go into Saturday’s purchases.

Writing Challenge


If there’s something I know more about than the things I’ve written in the past, it’s about single parent homes. It’s something you don’t hear much about these days, and I wonder why that is. 408 more words

Mixed Girl


“No matter how much you think you hate school, you’ll miss it when you leave.”


06. What do you want?

Chamisul : Hey Voodoo, I think this article might help you answer the question you asked in previous post, or probably for the future. Just a light reading for 5 to 10 minutes? 16 more words


Why is everybody driving so slowly?

I’m not a speed demon.  I drive a Prius.  When I was young, everybody drove fast.  People bought muscle-cars and drove as fast as possible. 182 more words


Présentation et première question

Mon nom, c’est Javlovsky, en tout cas pour l’internet.

Je viens de Biarritz, dans le Sud-Ouest, le pays-basque. Alors on y reviendra  surement plus tard en profondeur, mais je me sens basque quand je suis à Paris ou à l’extérieur, en tout cas j’aime dire que je viens du Pays Basque par contre je ne parle ni la langue et ne partage majoritairement que la passion de notre terroir et notre cuisine. 385 more words