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"The Right Question" / Memorable Fancies #1657

“That’s the wrong question,” he said, putting on one of those superior smirks.

“So what’s the right question?” I asked, annoyed.

“A question I can answer,” he said. 18 more words



I realize I’ve never done a ‘me’ post.For someone so self-absorbed,that’s shocking.My newest resolution is writing a lot more from now on so I guess we can start with me.finally. 937 more words

How to Respond to a Crisis? L37

Is it true that acting quickly and instinctively is the best response to a crisis? Or are there times when an urgent situation requires a more careful consideration and a slower response? 227 more words

English GR8

I wanna know...

“I wanna know, will you remember me when forever comes and goes?”

We have all made promises to do this or that. Promises we swore we would keep forever. 46 more words


Are we too dependent on calculators?

Going into my Precalculus class, it is almost natural to take out the handy Ti-84 graphing calculator. The question that sparked from my mind is that are we too dependent on calculators? 275 more words


A conversation with no one

Have you ever felt like you’re not you?

Like you’ve been put in the wrong body and every movement is just alien and foreign like it’s all wrong… 242 more words


Would Sex with a Robot Be Infidelity?

As I venture more into artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics, I will encounter a lot of issues for which there are no clear or right answers. 1,053 more words