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What are you doing to make yourself happy??


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Halloween


Harry receives a broomstick in the mail, a Nimbus 2000. Since first years are not allowed broomsticks Malfoy attempts to get Harry into trouble but it doesn’t work. 551 more words

Harry Potter

Daily Call To Action - 8/30

Today’s Daily Call To Action should be pretty fun. :)  I was thinking about how we all have these little things we treasure. Something that may have no meaning to anyone else.   501 more words


Question everything and then question your questions.

If you aren’t learning then you are going backward. Everything you do should be to the benefit of being further ahead tomorrow – for you, your business, your boss, your customers, your family. 203 more words


#LaurenAsk : Opportunity Offer from The Trending Stories Team. Legit or not?

So this day, I just got an “opportunity” offer from a company named The Trending Stories Team. I was strolling the town with my friends for school assignment as I scroll my Instagram. 304 more words

Life Stories

Dealing with body functions in a professional environment

I have a question for anyone who is currently in the workforce. It’s kind of raunchy, so bear with me. What do you do when you fart really loudly at work?  29 more words