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What choice do you make?

I encourage all to search out these books “Ordinary People Change the World” by Brad Meltzer, whether simply for your own reading, reading for family stories, use in your spiritual gatherings…great heroes, great stories, and if your family is anything like ours, great questions and discussion.


The life of a true me feels like a true lie,

An imaginative night mare,

I would love to cut ties,

Ties with myself for just one day, 15 more words


Trump for president !?

It’s been one year that Trump has been president, and he should do three more before the next elections.

Although I am not very much into politics and let alone foreign politics, I don’t mind just posting this here, since … c’mon, be honest … it has been some weird ride up until now. 38 more words

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You Bother?

In fact, why bother?

These days, just nobody does.

You bother? Care? … Thanks.




365 Questions week 3


Who Last Called You On The Phone?

My mother

Who Are You In Love With?

My husband der

What Are You Grateful For?

NHS, Drugs, my mentor’s, work, work colleagues, sleep, music… The list is endless… 85 more words

It’s just religion talk | Hafsa & Sana

Disclaimer: We have not written this article with the intention to cause offence. Please do read it with a comical tone but understand that the purpose of this article is to get you thinking about all religions, not just Islam and encourage you to start having meaningful conversations. 899 more words