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Question of the Week #105

At a meal, your friends start belittling a common acquaintance. If you felt their criticisms were unjustified, would you defend the person?

You know, just a couple weeks ago, I was talking to the kids at church about this kind of situation. 169 more words


Is This Love?

I ponder often of a curtain feeling.
I search aimlessly for a comprensive meaning to what it could possibly be.
I could attempt to describe said feeling. 168 more words


Fun with mathematics: Question 2

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

Test your children’s problem-solving skills – and your own – with this new weekly series of maths questions.

The questions are targeted at students in upper primary, and the worked solutions have been given by Assistant Professor Dr Lee Ngan Hoe, Assistant Head (Mathematics Education – Teaching) of the Mathematics & Mathematics Education Academic Group from the National Institute of Education (NIE) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU). 702 more words

Current Affairs

Precedent Trump

The article “Spelling’s not for eveyrone, Mr. Precedent” by Allan Fallow shows how ridiculous Donald Trump sounds when he misspells words in his tweets. Some of the words that he misspelled are “sic” as in sick, “chocker” as in choker, and “honer” as in honor. 60 more words


Open Letter To Television, From Newspaper

Dear TV,

I know you have a cool abbreviation to you actual name, Television. Me? I have none. I’m the plain old Newspaper everyone talks about. 208 more words

A FRIDAY MEDITATION - And there was Light

These are the days of Elijah declaring the word of the Lord And these are the days of Your servant Moses righteousness being restored These are the days of great trials of famine and darkness and sword. 720 more words

A Friday Meditation

Question 55 : Pen Style

What type of pen do you prefer writing with?

There are many pen types and each person seems to have a go to pen. Depending on whether you are just signing a signature or writing a check, to writing on a yellow pad or sketching out drawings in a notebook, there is probably a tool of choice. 146 more words