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Question of the Day – No. 34

What are the top five things you love the most at your job?


Essential lesson for life

You do exist or not. Yes, you do exist for yourself but out there in the rest of the world no one knows you, no one will care about the person of this name after you. 454 more words


To Shelve or Not to Shelve, That Is the Question

Good Morning, Folks! I stand (sit) before you (on your monitors) today to ask a question. Or two. About writing. Specifically, when to admit that you are getting nowhere with your latest WIP. 661 more words


How should I feel about my life?

Really close to the third X, still living with my parents, just finishing school to start to live in the world of unemployment. It does not sound like a dream life. 914 more words

What's On My Mind

Want to make your own website but you can not afford hosting costs?

Well why not host it yourself? Wait what? That’s Crazy? I don’t have a computer that can do that? Don’t you need a Server? Whoa Whoa Whoa!!! 625 more words


This too shall pass...

A week ago I did not know what the phrase “this too shall pass” meant. Until I googled the phrase and found out it meant that what ever you are experiencing or going through in a that moment, it will soon pass. 390 more words

In Between Seasons

By definition I’ve never had one
like this

it begins mysteriously
in medias res
in the middle of the day
the conversation
the song, the garden… 189 more words