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So, love is all you need?

Hi. Lately I’ve been wondering if I belong somewhere. Anywhere for that matter. And when I say ‘belong’ I am not talking about ‘fitting in’. In fact fitting in or not doesn’t bother me. 156 more words


How to dream a dream

There are many words in the English language used to describe those who aspire to more. These individuals are sometimes called ambitious and at other times they’re considered greedy or even discontent. 1,238 more words


Something To Think About

There is a constant pressure to live for the future, a time that is an illusion by which many people focus all of their energies towards. 170 more words



Unheard anomalies,
Unimagined situations,
Unfelt heartbreaks,
Or Unviewed pain,
I rise through all yet I burn in them.
I think I have conquered yet I feel like I failed.

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My Notes

Fire on the mountain, run, run, run!

So if there was really a fire, imagined or otherwise, what are the 5 most essential things you’d carry with you?

I guess the short answer to that is, … 512 more words


The Questions on Life!

Often people ask the questions ‘ What is the meaning of Life? What is the purpose of my Life ? ‘ either to themselves or on the internet. 202 more words