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7 questions to ask to know if your partner is the one you would be happily married to?

Would s/he be with me in thick and thin?
Does s/he accept me for who I am in all my nasty, embarrassing, dark, dirty, hopeless moments? 171 more words


How Do I Know

How do I know
Where I’ve been
Where I come from
How did I do the things
I’ve done?

Where will I go
When I’m finished… 34 more words


Should I keep Pushing Myself or Rest? Four solutions

Should I keep Pushing Myself or Rest? Four solutions

– self-care can sometimes be used as an excuse to not engage with activities & the achievement of goals… 333 more words

Canberra Psychologist

Questions to Ask at OUF

If you had told me five years ago that I would end up at Glendon, I would have replied with “where?”. I had honestly never heard of it until the September of my senior year, but WOW, am I glad that I did. 1,156 more words

Student Life


Have you ever asked yourself why you work? Of course, there’s the obvious answer: you need money to live. But have you ever dug deeper – have you asked yourself  659 more words

Career Satisfaction


There are so many buzz words and phrases floating around the professional world these days. “Work-life balance,” “mindfulness,” “inclusiveness,” “face time,” “leaning in.” What do these words and phrases really mean? 686 more words

Career Satisfaction

2 more important online dating questions

In my last post, I discussed important questions to ask when getting to know someone online. Like are you a criminal and do you live with your mother. 276 more words