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20 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Lease

Signing a lease is not something that you should take lightly. A lease is a legally binding document that will dictate how you spend your money for the next several months and any failure to comply will follow you for the rest of your renting years. 915 more words

Bill Meyer | 3 Questions to ask your REALTOR® before hiring them to sell your house

Throughout my years of consulting clients to get their houses sold I have found there are 3-4 key questions they need answers to in order to feel confident in the REALTOR® they hire. 90 more words

Selling A Home

How to know when you've found that person

While you’ve got your head in the love cocktail that’s got you feeling swooned and gaga over your MCM (man crush Monday) or WCW (woman crush Wednesday), you’re missing all the important aspects for what could truly be key to a successful and long-lasting relationship. 903 more words

Self Growth

In Your Corner: Ask the Right Questions!

Regardless of whether you are holding out for an old-fashioned publishing contract or taking matters into your own hands with custom self-publishing, here are 5 questions you should know the answers to when you decide to publish: 351 more words

Time For Your Own Q&A

Somewhere between my teenage years and today, we started saying no thank you. No thank you to settling. No thank you to doing what makes everyone else happy. 513 more words

Be effective

Be effective every time you are doing anything.  It sounds simple enough, but can be tricky because we do not always know the most effective way of a completing the task at hand.   439 more words


Save Stress--Ask Questions and Keep Asking

I remember being told by my eye doctor, “I’m going to refer you for cataract surgery.” The next six months were filled with anxiety, visits to the surgeon’s office, and lots of eye drops, in preparation for surgeries to remove cataracts in both eyes. 664 more words

Tips To Avoid Stress