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Where are we heading?

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Where are we rushing so fast? Why does everything in our world have to be so hectic? Why does everything has to happen as fast as possible? 544 more words

Just Some Thought...

4:42 a.m. Questions

How exactly are we supposed to know that we’re falling in love? I’m serious. The word “love” is thrown around so often it’s nearly meaningless. I mean, admit it, everybody has said “I love you” at least once and not exactly meant it. 465 more words


Blogging Questions to Ask Yourself When your Starting or Revamping a Blog: A New Series

I am currently in the process of revamping my blog. I have neglected it for awhile and now that I am back and ready to write I feel it’s a little blase. 432 more words


Jesus vs. Paul. Do they preach the same Gospel?

Jesus never talked about Grace and Paul all he talks about is Grace through Faith.
Jesus mentions  the Gospel of Kingdom will be preached around the world. 19 more words

Questions To Ask

W e d d i n g V e n u e

Finding the right Wedding Venue is key to your day, you need it to fit into your budget, feel and theme of the day and have the important factors that you both want!  357 more words