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INSHA’ALLAH THIS IS GOING TO BE INTERESTING….REMEMBER I told you I am not longer going to chat to brothers for a few days before meeting or not meeting them,like every soft hearted female, I get emotionally involved and get my hopes up only to be dashed  down so  should they be interested in me, particularly from online , then they need to answer a list of questions.This is the second reply I have had, most brothers just show interest and wont take it any further but this is the second brother i had received a filled out list when he knew I wouldn’t entertain him unless he filled it in, may Allah reward him for that but he is not suitable, see if you can find out why? 242 more words


The First 100 Details to Ask Before Your Child Joins a Gymnastics Team

My last two blogs talked about the decision to join a competitive gymnastics team and the benefits of doing so.  But, before you spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours, you will want to get as many details as possible before you commit your child to a team.   882 more words


nì lái shùn shòu

意思 :

[出处] 明·周楫《西湖二集·侠女散财殉节》:“若是一个略略知趣的,见家主来光顾,也便逆来顺受。”

To go with the flow.

(1) What does the ‘[出处] 明·周楫《西湖二集·侠女散财殉节》:“若是一个略略知趣的,见家主来光顾,也便逆来顺受。” ‘ means?


Questions to Ask Before You Date - editorials

by Ignite Your Faith

Ever wish you could predict whether or not a dating relationship will work out? Here are some great questions to ask yourself. 1,145 more words


The questions I ask my fashion interviewer

Lots of questions have been fired at you, the interview is winding down, and it comes to that final hurdle. The interviewer looks up and asks, ‘so, do you have any questions for me?’ 265 more words


These are great questions to ask your children after school!

Talking about school with the kids is sometimes like teeth pulling! Here are some tips and questions to ask your kids after a day at school to get an answer more than “I dunno”. 22 more words


– slide from cofounder of WatrHub Inc. (who spoke last week to our class about market discovery)

John D. Rockefeller: “Move with shocking speed and minimum fanfare. 408 more words

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