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Funny Questions & Answers 2

What sort of dog would a vampire own?

  • A bloodhound

What do you call a teacher with earphones in?


What can a good question do?

Pop quiz: what is one of the most powerful tools in your ministry toolbox?

Entrust’s Al G. suggests it might be something you don’t even realize you have in your toolbox. 22 more words


Always Ask Questions

Lately, perhaps going back as far as last November when I first began writing again, I’ve found myself asking what seems like almost an empty, rhetorical question, and I’ve asked it about almost everything. 865 more words

Exploring Ideas

As We Breathe, So May We Live?

As We Breathe, So May We Live?

When love runs out of road,

And hope runs out of time,

And peace runs out of reason, 537 more words

Another Day Someday

4 Questions To Ask Before Writing Your Life's Story

Fact #1: Most resumes are boring. The average resume reads like an outline for a term paper. A,B,C, 1,2,3. BORING.

College Writers knows how much you care about your grades and academic success. 763 more words

Term Paper

Inaugural Seminar 8th April 2017

Goddess in the Machine

The SpringheadTrust

Fontmell Magna


3-13th April 2017


The phrase ‘the ghost in the machine’ and its many levels of meaning has for some time been used in an, often derogatory, fashion by critics of the philosophical concept Dualism; as set out be Descartes et al. 1,233 more words

Making Work