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The most distant star, so far observed, is said to be nine billion light-years from Earth.

A day of light from that star, observed today, occurred nine billion years ago. 89 more words

The Potty Dance

This subject is a mixed bag of emotions, as well as something that has brought a lot of judgement due to people who just do not get it. 656 more words

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you (not) Alissa (☺) for nominating me for the sunshine blogger award. Check out her blog at https://outrunningmydemons74.com/. She is a pragmatic individual who lives in the Midwest; her blog contains some amazing photos. 379 more words

Experiencing Gender

How do we live our gender? What does our gender expression say about us? Where does our gender intersect with our other social identities? Why does gender matter? 57 more words


Kids ask questions

The wife visits her husband in jail.

“Kids grow up and ask questions…”, she tells him.

“Do they ask where their father is ?”

“No. They ask where you hid the money…”



I’ve had plenty of conversations here. From politics to food to hair removal to drunk stories and little flings. However, there’s one question that always comes up. 364 more words


The Sunshine Blogger Award - Questions and Answers

This is the first time I have ever been nominated to participate in such a challenge. Thank you to Red Metal for the nomination and the variety of questions. 1,159 more words