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Knowledge of climate change basics doesn’t make people care

(Source: arstechnica.com)

Improving the public’s understanding of anthropogenic climate change is vital to cultivating the political will to do something about it. However, a lot of research… 708 more words


Microblog Mondays: The class act

There are two old ladies, one, now retired from service, staying in a big house all by herself and the other who works as a help in the houses in the neighborhood. 210 more words


WWOOF: Planning & Emails

About 2 months before we left, I emailed over 20 farms a copy-and-pasted message. Here are some details I would suggest including in your email:  405 more words


Worth 1,000 Words

I wish I knew what to call it,
how to put it into words,
what every fiber of my soul
and desires
to express. 174 more words


A Response to “Unsettled Christianity” and “with Bishops abandoning the Discipline, are we a church?”

Please read the above article here before reading my response. Thanks!!

Joel Watts, once more you have given us a well written, concise article. You have given me much to think about and I believe, with a lot of hope and prayer, that we share more common ground than we do disagreements. 743 more words

My Congregational Home

Why guys, why?

Why do men have the belief that women should not date other men while dating him? Isn’t that what dating is – the phase of exploration – seeking until you find someone suitable for a relationship.  99 more words


Rocker, Swinger, or Bouncer?

The many joys of having a newborn. Our baby is now a little over 2 months and this kid is ACTIVE! he is SUPER bored with his bouncer and I would have to agree, the thing is boring. 256 more words