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5 Questions to ask yourself before buying

We all know that situation: You’re hungry and your eyes are bigger than your belly, so you put a huge amount of food on plate. At the end you have a guitly feeling because you know that the food you’re throwing away was worth more and could’ve fed somebody who’s hungry in this world.  778 more words



There are many ways to learn. One is superior above all others, and that is to ask questions. I touched on this in a previous post… 636 more words


Peter Drucker (1909-2005)

The today post is dedicated to Peter F. Drucker, the man that has been described as “the founder of modern management” (Denning Steve, “The Best Of Peter Drucker”). 189 more words


Deep Thought, Sunday Edition: Deep Questions

  1. If everyone wants to make America so great, they can start by abolishing hate.
  2. If immigration is so bad, why did it save us from breeding ourselves out of existence?
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While I think away....

Hello my dear friends!

How are you all doing? How is life being to you? How did/will you spend your weekend?

I’m down with flu and aches. 178 more words

Thoughts Of MIne To Share

Does the Mothman Exist?

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1966. Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Roger Scarberry was driving just outside town one dark and lonely night in November when something strange spooked him. 1,234 more words



This Lord’s day, I am finding myself asking many questions.  Hard questions.  Questions for myself primarily, but questions that may help spur others on to deeper reflection as well.   653 more words

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