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Think About It...

“When we think of someone pursuing a calling, we often picture a person who has it all together, someone who knows from the beginning what they were born to do.

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Think About This

Without the construct of time,
cause and effect makes no sense.
Did the painkillers cause the wreck
or did the wreck cause the painkillers?
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Happiness is for everyone

It became clear to me, behind every thought and action lay underneath it the desire to be happy. I just want to be happy. Happiness, where are you? 250 more words


He's Back...For Now

I noticed a few days ago a change in his behavior. This usually coincides with my inability to take one more day of being ignored. Is there something in his subconscious that tells him I’ve had enough and he finds his way back to me? 469 more words

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It would appear that Christians see the Holy Spirit as Someone who inspires them to do the right thing.

Paul, an early Christian writer, lists the qualities he says that the Holy Spirit inspires in people. 396 more words


A "Why?" for a "Why?"

How Jesus responded

So often during Jesus’ ministry He had to correct the views of His opponents and even His own disciples. On several occasion when objectors asked, “Why?” Jesus replied with a “Why?” of His own. 301 more words


Q & A with Ichabod Brooks

So, here are the questions and answers for the Ichabod Brooks Q&A.  Thank you to everyone who participated.  Enjoy the fun!

From C.S. Boyack: … 913 more words