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He meets people.

He has answers for every possible question what those people could ask.

All why? had why not?

All what ifs had let’s try. 71 more words


First Ever Q & A !

Hey Guys

Its AGirlNamedEgypt and today I’m doing my first ever Q&A !!! ( Wow never thought I would ever say type that (*0*) ) 1,076 more words

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What Are Your Thoughts on Basketball?

Post 630

Good news! America DID invent basketball! I know I’ve had a go at America for claiming to have created baseball and bowling, which they didn’t. 658 more words


Love's Inquisition.

Do you love me because the forces of the universe were playing with puzzle pieces and I’m here and you’re here and it seems like we’re made to fit if only partially and not entirely but fit all the same? 351 more words


Kicking It Old School, Possibly.

I got a CD in the mail yesterday. As I unwrapped it this morning I thought, “Do people still do this? Buy CDs? They must, but how often?” 255 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Mea culpa...again

A whole month has gone by, and quite a lot has changed in the meantime.

I changed jobs. Took 2 weeks off as I still had those days remaining. 159 more words


My Drunken Thoughts

I was watching american sniper at the time so these will seem very military aimed. I was influenced by what I saw.

DISCLAIMER: I was drunk. 122 more words