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Using the government to promote a company that proudly discriminates against LGBTQ+

Private companies are not persons!!! How do we get away from this drive to force religious beliefs on to everyone?  Remember this is also a food place that closes on Sunday, a heavy traffic day for airports.  130 more words


Contemplating Existence—The Why is in Asking

The human mind—easily misdirected and manipulated. The simple question has been hammered into a science—the number one tool of the salesman, psychoanalysts, politicos, and religiosos. Merely asking a question puts the asker in control of the conversation—and the human brain can’t help but go there. 404 more words


Book I want to read but don't

I saw this tag over on Elaine’s blog and thought it would be a good tag to do to really take a look at this TBR back list that I have going on. 349 more words

MI Couple Who Let Baby Die Because “God Makes No Mistakes” Wins Key Court Ruling

Religion is deadly for children.  How is this OK just because religion is involved?  If the parents did not take the child for medical care because they were poor they would be charged and found guilty.  433 more words


Great points to ponder


If China is paying the tariffs, why does Trump need a $16 billion welfare program for US farmers?

White nationalist pardons white terrorist. #GOP… 174 more words


Petz Interview Questionnaire

Petz Interview Questionnaire

Petz Questionnaire

So, do you have a pet who would love to be interviewed? If you are a K9 or a Feline, we have seperate questionnaires for you, but if you are something more exotic, then Scrappy and l would love to hear from you! 140 more words