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There is What

Beyond Man, there is what?

Such is which I cannot know…

I exist within the Hut,

Outside a place I cannot go.

But through an oculus above, 57 more words


A Forgotten Tune

Written 10/12/15

Let me say
I was confused.
I’ve never felt like that
No one’s ever said
Things like that
It went straight up to my head… 176 more words


Q&A (12.02.2016)

This week seems to have whizzed by!

Again some interesting questions have been coming through, which I’ve really enjoyed answering. I’m on the lookout for more questions, so keep them coming! 647 more words

Yuck and 100 questions.

I had an ocular migraine today followed up with a front of the head… headache. I took a pain pull and it still hurt. I felt pukey…. 742 more words


Question 4 and Question 6

These questions kept coming up during my MAT A33 office hours. The notes below are an extended set of hints for these questions. 146 more words


Q1. You sleep well every night and feel every morning.. BUT! you have to sleep alone for the rest of your life? Hell No

Q2. Your life was a book, what would the title be?  275 more words



Do you feel it?

The first time your soul cracks?

Shades of blues and purples

transforming to the deep colors of fall

before they fade away… 72 more words