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Invisible and expandable

Sometimes I feel like my heart will vanish if no one notices it’s there. Unseen, resembling good deeds completed. I know I can be bitter, yet I don’t feel totally taken by what has happened to me. 139 more words


I truly do believe that God is all I need. He fulfills every desire in me, and even though I don’t understand that fully and I struggle with doubting it at times, I do believe it. 996 more words


FNF - Feb. 12, 2016

I actually remembered to do this, this week! Props to me. 919 more words


Truth in Love

by: Rebecca Taylor

How quickly perspectives change

Our minds tell us we belong with one sort of person

But heart’s reactions tell us otherwise

Then comes analyzing questions… 107 more words


Question often.

Right now, I’m proctoring an exam. Okay, so I’m a tad nerd-like. But I haven’t made a Marvel or DC comic reference yet, so you don’t know the full extent. 271 more words


Motivation and performance - What's your cherry on top of the cake - Part 1

This week I am sharing a performance management tool that beats 90% of tools applied in business. There is unquestionable evidence that it works. It motivates, changes behavior, is fun, provides real-time feedback, is visual, can be created in 10 minutes, is user-friendly (a 3 year old understands it) and does not cost any money. 519 more words


Be A Glow Stick -

Life. It happens. Some people seem to handle it better than others. I’m not one of those people. I often think I’m allergic to life. 531 more words

Life In General