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Liebster Award

Well, I was nominated for Liebster, something which I had done sometime ago if any of you still remember. I don’t mind more, of course, but here’s a reminder of what it’s about: 1,801 more words


? (Questions) (Haiku)


by Bunmi Hazzan
Copyright (c) 2013

Why is it that you
Make it so hard to love you?
And why don’t I leave?


liebster award.

Hello everybody! I was nominated for the Liebster Award by annemarie & life and this means I have to answer some questions she came up with! 717 more words


Boris Nemtsov's murder

by USAToday, Feb 28, 2015, Was Boris Nemtsov’s murder staged to ‘destabilize’ Russia?…more


Things I Don't Understand

  • I don’t understand how people can be so cruel.
  • I don’t understand why our world has such greedy people.
  • I don’t understand how the world got so corrupt and sad.
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10 odd questions, just because

The perfect thing to do when bored..! I’ve stolen them from this website: http://buzzkenya.com/interesting-questions-ask-people/

Here we go.. And before you think otherwise, all of my answers are 100% true. 530 more words


Help Me Help You (Help Me?)


I need to engage more, I know. :)

So far, I’ve used this blog to showcase some of my already existing work, and I’ll keep adding new stuff regularly as I go along. 223 more words