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20 Questions For Muslim Supporters - YouTube Paul Joseph Watson

If you think Islam is a religion of peace and is aligned with liberal ideals, you have some explaining to do…

Questions Before Buying

Hello and welcome again! Today I wanted to write about things you should consider before buying clothes, or anything really. I think that societies idea of fun is based on buying things, for example “shop till you drop”  which can be fun but it is not necessary. 241 more words


Must reading on the "exit strategy question"

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Patrick Henry has very wise counsel for entrepreneurs facing the frequent question from investors – most often from angels – “What’s your exit strategy?” I’ve posted about this… 339 more words


The Question

Questions, more or less are up to bother us and put us in situations unbearable and frustrating. Here are some, we usually come across either daily or at some point in life where situations makes us question ourselves. 291 more words

Mystery Blogger's Award

Good morning!

Gaz (Dr. Gary Lum to some) nominated me for the Mystery Blogger’s Award.  As part of this, I am required to answer his questions five.   981 more words


oh no

you don’t know

I have dreams and determination

but I’m not sure you fit into the equation.

Why use questions

To get to Point C, a person has to have attained Points A and B. How do you know whether they’ve arrived at Points A and B yet, and, whether they have or not, how can you help them to do so and then move on to C? 16 more words