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I wonder....

​If I asked my girl to tell me one thing about Autism, I wonder what she would say.
I wonder if she realises that there is something different about her. 204 more words

With everything that is happening in the world today, I am completely speechless. From the senseless killings itself down to the constant debates about the senseless killings.

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Ask A Techie 20 Questions – Anil Waithe – University Student

How would you define a techie?

Geek or someone who considers tech as the coffee substitute.

Tell us about yourself (short bio).

Was born blind like a bat, likes to play video games, pursuing MSc in Computer Science and after PhD (permanent head damage lol). 424 more words


Back on time

I’ve promised my students at least one post per two weeks, or half their load of a blog post a week. With this post, I’m back on time (within two weeks) and I’m back on time (the subject). 536 more words



Those who don’t ask questions remain baffled for their lifetime. Questions help to understand other people and their problems, and sometimes, fortunately, the solutions pave their way through the heaps of ashes form by questions. 141 more words


Why do Bad things happen to good people?

Like every other Christian I have wondered, why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? I have concocted many answers and wrestled with the question; yanking and tossing it about. 943 more words


Do you do things because you want to or because you don’t have a reason not to? Do you do things because you can do it or because you are compelled to? 68 more words