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05.30.16 midnight questions

“I never met you but I know you’re out there” – Something Better//Lady Antebellum

How come that we know of someone’s existence without even meeting them? 184 more words

Journal Entries


So..AF decided to visit me today. So disappointing. But it only lasted one day. Which is very weird. Just like the month before.

Let me share with you my issue. 120 more words

13 questions to learn more about Bré

OK so my mind is in a little funk at the moment. I thought I’d see if I could google and find some questions I could answer to show you guys more about me. 451 more words



This Family Institute Family Tip discusses how to get your child to open up to you.

From this month’s tip:

“It’s a culture of engagement many parents try to foster, hoping to hear about a youngster’s school day or their time spent with friends or just their latest daydreams. 129 more words

Mental Health Awareness Month


Okay, I know 10 followers may not seem like much to be happy about, but it’s a number that’s a start to many more. Many more wonderful people and stories to come. 278 more words


Get To Know Me Tag

Since it is sunday and I am home doing nothing at all (well, that is not entirely true, I am reading on Wattpad) I though that maybe it’s a good idea to do this tag. 252 more words

There Is Only One Answer.....

There comes this time in life when you’re stuck in a dilemma, it’s like life is asking you to chose between water and breath, without both, one would die. 301 more words