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Smoked provolone and red onion quiche, no soggy bottoms here!

Quiche with smoked provolone and red onion

Serves 6-8

I love quiche! I used to be obsessed with the mushroom quiche from Sainsbury’s when I was a kid but as a grown up the one’s from the supermarket just don’t cut the mustard. 630 more words

Bacon Spinach Quiche Recipe

For the longest time I’ve thought that quiche was something that was really hard to make. I mean that’s why it was so delicious right? Because it took a long time and was complicated and there was no way I could figure it out. 519 more words


Chicken Quiche

This is a scrumptious recipe if you’ve had a roast chicken and you want to use up a bit of the leftover meat. It’s really, really easy too. 386 more words


(Pretty Much) Paleo BBQ Chicken Crustless Quiche Recipe

These have a lengthy name, but it’s accurate! The pretty much part comes from the fact that I put cheese on top of my muffins, but you could easily leave that out. 411 more words

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Hash Brown Quiche (using up those Easter leftovers!)

Hash Brown Quiche is one of my favorite recipes to make on a special occasion or just for a Sunday brunch. This is the alternative recipe which I made for dinner one night in order to use up those Easter leftovers. 342 more words

Crustless Quiche

My favorite portable breakfast is the crustless quiche.  I actually learned how to make quiche in high school, when taking French III.  Our teacher thought the junior and senior levels should include culture along side the language, so every Wednesday we swapped classrooms with the Home Economics class to make use of their kitchen.   364 more words