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French Onion Quiche

If you haven’t been following me long, you may not know my love affair with brunch. It is by far my favorite meal and if offered the option I will ALWAYS take it. 252 more words


Southern Comfort Food ~ Spinach and Mushroom Quiche

Welcome back to Southern Comfort Food!

Sorry I’ve been absent the past couple of weeks but with the beginning of a new semester and seeing both my daughters either off to a new job or back to college (both are now about 1,000 miles away from home–in opposite directions), plus writing deadlines, I’ve not been cooking much at all. 283 more words

Jenna Jaxon

Try Our Black Truffle Butter Short Crust Pastry Recipe

Here’s an easy recipe for black truffle butter shortcrust, perfect for your favorite savory tarts and quiches. We created it for this mushroom quiche but the crust would work with so many savory fillings … like leeks and bacon.  149 more words

Cheese & onion quiche

This is a post for my sister, living out in Peru and occasionally hankering after the kind of food she used to eat back home – quiche, snickerdoodles and mincemeat(!)  I’m not a fan of the last two items on her list, but I do attempt quiche every now and then. 1,445 more words

Spinach and Mushroom Quiche

Maybe it’s my southern roots, but there is nothing that a good quiche can’t fix. With sausage, with ham, with roasted vegetables, with cheddar cheese, with goat cheese…literally the possibilities for a quiche are endless. 251 more words

SPOTLIGHT on... FETA (#22)

According to mythology, the Greek people learnt how to make cheese from the culture hero Aristaios, son of Apollo, who was sent down from the Gods in order to teach them the craft (he also taught bee keeping and the use of traps in hunting, apparently). 384 more words


Try this Mushroom Quiche with Truffle Butter Crust Recipe Today

September is National Mushroom Month, and we’re celebrating with this creamy quiche. Our organic exotic mushrooms, Gouda, and fresh herbs are packed into a black truffle butter short crust in this easy quiche recipe. 467 more words