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Mediterranean couscous salad

One of the main reasons I decided to focus on recipes when I started the Cold Coffee Club blog was because whenever I made the family a winning dinner, I could never remember what I put in it, or how I made it, the next time I wanted to have it on the menu. 1,157 more words

Quick And Easy Meals

Zucchini and corn fritters with ricotta

I had popped these fritters on my meal plan for today, not intending for them to be a recipe I would feature on my blog. However, half way through frying them up I snuck a little taste of one and remembered just how damn delish they are I thought it would just be rude not to share the recipe! 383 more words

Quick And Easy Meals

Chicken parmigiana

Question: Who doesn’t love a good parmy?? Answer: No-one. Chicken parmigiana is the eternal good menu choice when you are out for a meal – the crumbed chicken, tomato and melted cheese combination is just too good to go past. 751 more words

Quick And Easy Meals

Sweet potato, cranberry and feta salad

This super quick and easy sweet potato salad may never have happened had I not inadvertently contaminated my pomegranate this evening – tipping the gorgeous bright pink seeds onto a chopping board I had just cut raw chicken on 😱😱😱 Having realised my mistake about a millisecond too late, I picked up a couple of the pomegranate seeds and actually ate them ‘to see if they tasted contaminated’ (yes, I did go to school – it was just a long time ago…) before realising my pomegranate dream for the evening was over, even if my salmonella nightmare was just about to begin. 359 more words

Quick And Easy Meals

That Delicious Moment

Crazy days have arrived! Black Friday is upon us and I’m at a loss for time – even with transit having been on strike for two weeks. 987 more words


Chicken with bacon, green beans and cherry tomatoes

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you would have seen I was in a spot of bother yesterday morning when I tried to pop on a pair of dress pants I hadn’t worn for a while. 746 more words

Quick And Easy Meals

Chicken caesar salad

I had never made caesar salad in my life until the last week of my pregnancy with Grace. We were smack bang in the middle of a heat wave, I was soooooo heavily pregnant (I literally used to pull a bar stool up to the stove to cook!) and one afternoon I just got a hankering for some caesar salad. 816 more words

Quick And Easy Meals