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Weekday lunches

Yesterday I went to dinner at a Hong Kong cafe. O my, I was pleasantly surprised. I ordered 2 dishes while I was the only one eating, so, plenty of leftover for lunches :) I made some veggies and meat to go with my leftovers. 299 more words


Tonight's dinner

Tonight’s dinner was also super fast, 25 mins. And, o my, sooo good.

Baked pig’s neck meat
Marinated thinly sliced pork neck marinated with salt, harissa, lime, thyme, white pepper and corn starch for 12 hours. 32 more words


Tuesday dinner

Tuesday dinner was so simple and delicious, and the best part, done in 25 mins! :D

Baked chicken with morel mushrooms
Marinated chicken steak (with salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme) overnight… 27 more words


Spicy Chicken Pasta

Y’all remember just last week I posted about my new Veggetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer, Makes Veggie Pasta and how much I loved it. Well I made another dish with it very similar to the… 260 more words


Let's Talk Numbers!

New research has shown that more than a quarter of students who put weight on at university have gained between 1 – 5 stone in ‘freshers flab’. 362 more words


Easy baked mushrooms

This week I didn’t make all the lunches ahead of time, instead, I prepared all the meats for this week dinners. So, definitely more postings to come :) 65 more words


Answers and Advice from Ange - the "no recipe" meal


Dear Ange(Mom),

I need some ideas for quick and easy meals – preferably those that do not need recipes!  I want to be able to throw together a dinner or brunch at the last minute. 419 more words

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