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Italian Beans

This recipe is a quick and easy recipe that can easily be modified to suit your tastes and preferences.

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Indian Style Scrambled Eggs

I came across Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe of Andra Bhurji. I adjusted the amounts to bring it down to a single serving. Its a very quick and simple recipe to whip up. 89 more words


Delicious Beef and Vegetable Soup

Baby it’s cold outside! This is the perfect soup to warm the cold, dark days of winter. It’s full of veggie goodness and a breeze to cook- great for those nights when you’d rather snuggle under a fuzzy blanket and binge on Netflix than make dinner. 162 more words


Don't Let Gluten, Soy, and Dairy Allergies Stop Your Love Relationship with Pizza

Recently, I found out my son is allergic to dairy. He loves pizza and cheese so this was devastating to hear because I begin imaging my son starving because I could not give dairy anymore. 293 more words


In and out in time for 'The Bachelor'

While I do enjoy cooking and eating delicious food, these days, time in the kitchen isn’t always as ‘relaxing’ as it once was. In the lead up to the 5/5:30pm dinner I try keep to for my girls, time in the kitchen is usually spent tripping over the girls, or random things that have been left laying in the middle of the floor, telling Evelyn to sit properly on the high bar stool, or to keep away from the stove, or to stop annoying her sister, or to come keep her sister company. 312 more words

Quick And Easy Meals

That Delicious Moment

Crazy days have arrived! Black Friday is upon us and I’m at a loss for time – even with transit having been on strike for two weeks. 987 more words


Beef Stroganoff

Our family loves this quick and easy stroganoff! We are definitely going to be packing this down in a vacuum sealer to take on our camping trips next year. 143 more words