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Smoked Salmon and Jalapeno Appetizer

Our brother Anthony at Uncle Tony’s Seafood seriously, hands down, makes the very best smoked salmon on the planet!  He recently sent me a shipment of 20 +/- pounds of the pink gold and I couldn’t get to work fast enough.  102 more words


Spicy Pomegranate Guacamole

What’s better than sweet and spicy? Lots of things, I’m sure. But this sweet & spicy guac definitely still tops my list of favorites. For the faint of heart, go light on the Tabasco. 52 more words

Gluten Free

Pesto Poppers

Pesto Poppers


Christmas is NEXT WEEK?!? WHAT? I know crazy.

So I know I’ve already told you that I’m all done shopping and wrapping gifts but for some reason this year I don’t feel super ‘Christmas-y’. 388 more words

Cheesy Easy Appetizer

This is quick, quick, quick! Great for the holidays when you are busy making many other dishes…or for that relaxing football game.

½ cup mayonnaise – (Hellman’s or Best Food recommended) 68 more words


Mediterranean Bruschetta

Mediterranean Bruschetta


  1. 1 Baguette, slice into ½ in. thick
  2. 6 tbsp (45 mL) Extra virgin olive oil
  3. 1 cup (125 mL) Feta cheese, ⅛ in.
  4. 156 more words

Cheddar Pimiento Harissa muffins

I am always looking for savory options for breakfast. So when I made Harissa, I decided to make these muffins and use Harissa for flavoring. 296 more words


MmMmMm Stuffed Bread

So I’ve had this post written for a while and never posted. I guess I’ve been busy (with slight baby brain). My niece Jenna’s Birthday was several weeks ago when I originally wrote this. 403 more words