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Healthy Bowl Of Goodness!

Packed with vegetables, beans and tons of flavor, this Vegetarian Chili is super easy to make and is ready in no time! This is the best one-pot meal I have ever put together! 272 more words

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Papering Over The Cracks

Just last year we bought a new chest of drawers for our daughters bedroom. They were quite expensive as they are made of glass, very heavy and solid. 234 more words


5 Minute Face Fix

Let’s picture this; you set your alarm for 6am but keep slamming down on the snooze button every time it rings out. Before you know it, it’s 7:30 and you need to find a way to shower, sort your hair out, and not look totally dead. 538 more words


The 7 Secrets Of Slim People

much of the weight loss info I share is from the book…The 7 Secrets Of Slim People. That info is the most useful I’ve ever learned from the many weight loss books I’ve read & used. 68 more words


The Golden Ticket (Weight Loss)

working on fixing what’s broken on the inside is the golden ticket,the best way to lose weight,but for me its unbearable,cuz I am always sleepy & falling asleep & am in actual pain because of it. 142 more words


There is NO Quick Fix for Depression 

Everyone is unique. The same chemicals that are released in my brain at a particular time may not be released in yours. Thats why there are so many different types of medication for depression. 263 more words

Mental Health

"i am my father's daughter": whether we like it or not, our parents' behaviors are reflected in our own

Today I can officially declare, “I am my father’s daughter.” No matter how much we try to separate ourselves from our parents’ behaviors (the quirky, weird, or negative ones, anyway), sooner or later we start repeating them. 974 more words