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Meals for when you're busy!

I know for me life is super busy..full time job, blogging, kiddos, and working out. I know that sometimes lunch is my poorest meal of the day. 236 more words


Wonton Lunches are a Favorite

On days when I’m not too hungry but am super lazy, I crave wonton soup.  It’s simple and delicious, and lucky for me, I have a huge pack of them at our disposal. 285 more words


Quick Chicken Roll

Remember the gluten free “flat bread” from the other post and how I was dancing with joy after finding such an easy alternative to flat breads… 303 more words


5 Minute Snack

Name a fast snack.

Name a fast, healthy snack.

Your mind probably paused for a second, unless you’re like me and going through a mild obsession with healthy snacks.   197 more words


White Pasta with Ham & Peas

I just love pasta! White sauce, red sauce, buttered… it’s all YUM to me! However, my husband isn’t a big red sauce pasta fan. So I am always trying new recipes to fit the needs of a picky husband + picky kids! 117 more words

Courgette and Cannelini Bean Fry-up

Today’s recipe is brought to you by the letter “C”….

~Courgette and Cannelini Bean Fry-up~

Gluten-free and Dairy-free if you use oil instead of butter (but if you can, butter and courgette are a match made in heaven!) 404 more words

Peppers and Sausages

That, my friend, is a lovely starter my Mom makes in dinner parties or if she just wants to make a small treat to make us happier. 349 more words