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For the Love of Bats

“Oh yes.  Oh yes, ohyesohyesohyes!”  is what I said in a totally rated PG manner when I saw this fabric filled with batty goodness.  336 more words


Hoary, the Scrap Scarf

Bat make number two! (Of four now, I think?)  Simple, (possibly) stylish, and done in ten minutes so that I can run back to playing… 615 more words


Get Skelly

The 13 Days of Halloween are here!!  I wanted to gently break my boss and colleagues into these 13 days (11 business days) of Halloween wear, so I started off easy with this simple pencil skirt that’s reppin’ some skeletons. 282 more words


This is Halloween, This is Halloween

My favorite season is upon us!  I love stomping in leaf piles and rain puddles as much as any girl but this season all I want to do is find excuses to sew costumes, stay in bed all day, and cuddle my cat, Starbuck, while reading and playing video games.  407 more words


Sewing Room: Storage 

With all these patterns, magazines and gadgets, I always need new storage ideas to store them all.

Instead of recycling the florist boxes I received with flowers, I upcycled them and I think they look great. 79 more words

Sewing projects: The peg bag

Ever since the plastic peg basket broke earlier this year (shattered into a thousand pieces) I’ve been meaning to sew a peg bag.

It’s been on the list for a wee while and now I’ve done it.   118 more words

Wow I won something!

So I subscribe to Cardmaking and Papercraft magazine and have been enjoying the amazing free gifts papers and just heaps of inspiration and new techniques to try out. 199 more words