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Balsamic roasted cod with cherry tomatoes, olives, lemon and capers

I love baked fish for a quick mid-week dinner. The classic combination of tomatoes, olives and capers is beautifully offset by the juicy lemons and balsamic vinegar, and it takes less than 25 minutes to get this light meal on the table. 185 more words


Quick and lazy paleo work lunches

On the rare occasion I take my lunch to work, it’s only because I remembered to be organized on the weekend. Roasting up a bunch of delicious vegetables to add to salads makes me feel like an awesome, saint-like person, and saves me money throughout the week. 359 more words



Sunday nights in my house come with catching up on extra zzz’s. (Sleep) and pizzas. !!

Rather than ransacking the coupon drawer, I whiff up this quick yet amazing pizza with loaded veggies and some subtle yet powerful nutrition punches that make this Sunday dinner worth the weekend wait!! 138 more words

Super Quick, Flavoursome Crab & Chilli Spaghetti (or Linguine)

I’m a strong opponent of ready meals.  They may seem an attractive option after a long day at work but they’re loaded with any number of additives, preservatives and chemical enhancers; they usually contain high levels of salt and sugar, and will undoubtedly work out more expensive per head, than a home cooked meal made from scratch. 159 more words

Cheap Meals

Creamy Chestnut Mushrooms With Spring Onion

I had not cooked with chestnut mushrooms before, assuming they were too strong in taste, but I was extremely happy with this jacket potato filler I conjured up. 241 more words

Shivaay Delights