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Tortilla Taco Pizza!

I love this recipe because it spruces up the taco and makes it exciting again; not to mention it’s super easy AND you can customize each one to your family’s specific likes and dislikes! 155 more words

Clean Eating

Mushroom, Red Onion and Cheese Toastie

I like quick and tasty food (don’t we all..!) and this is a combination that I have been eating quite a lot lately. Let’s face it, anything with warm, melty mature cheddar cheese is always going to be a winner. 250 more words


Salaciously succulent skinny salmon!

Hey guys, here is a delicious and low fat recipe for all the fish lovers out there! I myself am partial to a bit of salmon but the same old salmon recipes can get a little boring. 387 more words


Living On Less-Dinner Night Five

So far we have been having a good time keeping our meal costs low but the meals still tasty. For tonight’s meal we will be going for the nice hearty home cooked meal that fills you up and makes you come back for more. 603 more words

Living On Less

Healthy Eats: Fruit & Yogurt Bowl

Hi everyone! I wanted to share a quick and yummy breakfast idea with you all that I made. Since I got from Paris (expect a two part blog post on that) I’ve been on a kick to get back to eating healthy and being active. 209 more words

Living On Less-Dinner Night Four

Welcome to night four of simple suppers! Tonight is going to be a wonderful chance to use up our leftovers in the house.  So grab those goodies out of your fridge now, look at that you just made some space again.  307 more words


Oats vegetable raita

Oats vegetable raita is a healthy, flavorful stand alone dish which is wholesome and nutritious.  Oats not only aid weight loss but are also beneficial in heart disease, diabetes and cholesterol. 148 more words