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Crispy Mackerel On Toast

Mackerel does have a strong taste, and it is one that I remember from being very young. I used to come home from swimming on a Sunday morning, and  pop a peppered mackerel in the microwave and consume, simultaneously stinking out the house. 121 more words

Quick Meals

Healthy Cooking - Flavorful Vegan Stir-Fry Sauce Over Rice and Vegetables with Cashew Nuts. (Quick, Easy and Inexpensive)

I used to think a delicious stir-fry meal required a lot of prep and cooking time and could be unhealthy and expensive.  My love for these dishes led me to experiment with different creations in an attempt to make them healthy, easy and inexpensive. 455 more words


Courgette pancakes

Tasty and mega simple courgette and pepper pancakes!  My kids always complain about courgettes but with a bit of good quality (next time I’ll make my own) bbq sauce on the side these went down a treat and they didn’t even realise they were eating courgettes until the end! 125 more words


Taco Heaven

If there’s one thing that my family will eat no matter what, it’s tacos. I’m talkin’ tacos for breakfast, lunch and dinner baby! We used to deep fry the corn tortillas and make ridiculously unhealthy tacos-that tastes amazing-yet weren’t very nice to our waistline. 408 more words

Udon noodles 101

By Glauce Fleury

The first time I tried Udon was at Hapa Izakaya, a Japanese restaurant in Yaletown (Vancouver, B.C.). On the menu, there was an option with chicken. 391 more words


Egg White-Turkey Bacon-Spicy Cheese-Breakfast Wrap: Simple is the Secret

Just to be clear, mornings are not my thing.  Never have been, don’t really anticipate they ever will be.  I’m always half asleep, running late, trying to get my coffee fix.  396 more words


"Magical" Applesauce Vinaigrette + Other Good Salad Dressings

My grandma used to say for a good meal, she just needed a good salad and good bread.  When I think about dinner with my grandparents, it always included a salad, and it always included a Mrs. 300 more words