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Hulk pasta (broccoli sauce)

Super green broccoli pasta! 😊

I love this, the sauce is fluorescent green and super good for you and easy to make to for a quick supper!   128 more words


Simple Chickpea in Tomato Recipe

A quick, easy, tasty, nutritious meal for the single people and working family. This meal will provide bulk to satisfy hunger, carbs for energy, proteins for building and healing, among many other vitamins and minerals for your body’s health. 303 more words


Baked Chicken Breast Fillet

I haven’t used the oven in a while so I decided to make a quick baked chicken breast fillet. This is the first time I’m doing it, thankfully it turned out edible 🍗🍗🍗 90 more words

Liver & Bacon With Glazed Chantenay Carrots

There are few things you can say that sound more middle class or poncey than ‘Chantenay carrots’, but I really don’t care. They’re a beautifully sweet, and also they’re cute and look good on a plate, but most importantly you don’t need to chop them up. 104 more words

Quick Meals

Spinach Mango Smoothie

Need a quick smoothie? Want a really quick recipe? Got some spinach, a mango, a banana, and some milk chillin’ in your kitchen? Want one of those green smoothies that doesn’t taste like a bunch of pulverized plants but contains all of that Vitamin K and whatever other cool vitamins and minerals reside within those spinach leaves? 65 more words


Aubergine & tomato tower

I love the taste of summer!  Pan fried aubergine and fresh Italian multicoloured tomatoes from the Keith deli (for those that are local)! 😊

Slice the aubergine into thick slices and pan fry in olive oil until cooked through and add a sprinkle of salt!   19 more words