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Quick note: the new Super Carry is a big mini

She looks like her predecessors, those commonplace mini multi-cabs that are the 8th and 9th generation models of Suzuki’s classic kei-truck line reaching back to 1961, but she’s… 24 more words


Quick Note: If You Really Hate Obamacare

For weeks, months, even years, we have been hearing about the nightmare that is Obamacare (which is, by the way, the same thing as the Affordable Care Act, just in case you hadn’t heard). 795 more words


Until It's Ready

As I wait for the break of dawn, I let my cup of coffee sit still on the table. A few more minutes, I tell myself, knowing too well that to drink it too soon would be to burn my tongue. 11 more words


Quick note: call her the Diplomat, SsangYong's top-spec Rodius

Not for nothing but the top-spec SsangYong Rodius, the full size MPV with a premium saloon’s rear-wheel-drive handling, an early boost turbodiesel mated to a fast-twitch Mercedes-Benz 5G-tronic automatic gearbox, a cavernous cabin fitted with three sitting rows instead of the four it can accommodate, and a driveline designed from the start to have on-demand four-wheel-drive, yup, that one … we’d nickname her the “Diplomat.” 72 more words



There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of twitter of birds and the roosters’ crow. I delay to open my eyes for a while, and I am taken back to the place of my childhood: dusty road, trees, mountains.   94 more words

Quick Notes

Quick note: the Super Carry’s tiny diesel, powerful enough for hills and highway

Anyone would be sceptical about the Super Carry’s remarkably small 0.8L two-cylinder diesel, even with its output boosted to 32hp / 75Nm by an inter-cooled turbocharger. 404 more words


Quick note: the Suzuki Super Carry makes you feel like a ten-foot trucker

Suzuki’s Super Carry is just about the most common model exemplifying Japan’s pioneering Kei Truck concept. That’s true at least here in the Philippines… 252 more words