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Did Plague Really Cause the Black Death? (Quick Notes:3)

  • One theory about why the Black Death happened in the fourteenth century was that an area in China, in 1346, saw a large Black Rat population being forced to leave its home and bring them into contact with humans.
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end of a love

so here we sit
staring into
setting sun

you and i
from our invisible war

here’s the rain
now to wash away

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The Epidemology of Plague (Quick Notes:2)

  • Peoples reaction to the plague were different: some gave themselves over to self-flagellation in an attempt to atone for whatever sin caused God to visit such death upon humanity.
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New Quote

If you form the habit of  learning to expect something you have recieved, you no longer deserve it.

M.S. 3/15/2018


Europe on the Brink of the Black Death (Quick Notes:1)

Today begins a new series– Quick Notes! Like their older and more detailed brethren, Historical Notes, this label provides some quick reference points for select content from a The Great Courses lecture series. 695 more words

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Dear Navy; We regret to inform you...

That this video isn’t a video of Kara “Revlon” Hultgreen crashing into the ocean, which comes to even more of a blow to Kayleigh Marie. Perhaps the U.S. 349 more words