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আমার Kolকাta


bumping off buses and cars and subway stations and trains overflowing with the dead.


cowering behind shadows,


like the stench of battery acid, 103 more words


midnight hour

all of this romance is now at an end

and so I’ll return softly to my bed

and hope the soil whispers my name:

come back, come back to death!

—23:23, 5th September, 2017. Kolkata.

Quick Notes

TONIGHT!!! Film Screening Thursday

I’m Not Your Negro

Will be screened at the Holmes auditorium at 7:00pm on Thursday

*2016 documentary film directed by Raoul Peck, based on James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript… 15 more words

Quick Notes!

The OneNote Quick Notes feature you've likely never heard of…

This is one of those features I accidentally discovered by wondering what the Quick Notes entry was doing at the bottom of my notebook lists on the left-side navigation of my OneNote client. 178 more words


a foreigner in the land of the forgetful

Most of the time, I feel some kind of disconnection from my generation, if not from humans in general. Perhaps this is caused by the diminishing wonder in most people as they enter the world of adulthood, or such that comes with the realization that the world has its terrible parts. 298 more words


Power commuting

Just in case you’re wondering, if you’re lucky enough to ride one of the newer P2P buses, the one with individual LCD panels, one for each passenger … yes, you CAN charge your phone off the USB port. :)

Quick Notes

little needs.

i don’t desire much from life:

a room

i can call my own

my old wooden shelf

drooping under

my lifetime library

white curtains weighing… 29 more words