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Small relief.

I woke up today with you on my mind, nothing unusual. Nothing more painful.

A glass of tepid water, handing father the newspaper, asking mum if she wanted a sandwich, my usual routine. 189 more words


In another thousand lives.

A thousand times in a thousand lives you have been brought to me.
These are tangles in my heart that refuse to untie. Your fingers, like soft moonbeam that hesitates to illumine the darkness, never run through my hair. 184 more words


It's been a while...

It’s been a while since I posted, or even thought about posting on here. Not sure quite what happened – a broken tablet and no laptop to begin with, then going back to university which¬†doesn’t leave a lot of time for extra curricular reading and writing. 10 more words

Quick Notes

Quick note: Ford wades in at MIAS 2017

They’ve brought the Ford Island Conquest test drive experience to Manila International Auto Show (MIAS) and its the first time they’re featuring a wading pool on the test track. 31 more words


Quick note: the new Super Carry is a big mini

She looks like her predecessors, those commonplace mini multi-cabs that are the 8th and 9th generation models of Suzuki’s classic kei-truck line reaching back to 1961, but she’s… 24 more words


Quick Note: If You Really Hate Obamacare

For weeks, months, even years, we have been hearing about the nightmare that is Obamacare (which is, by the way, the same thing as the Affordable Care Act, just in case you hadn’t heard). 1,111 more words


Until It's Ready

As I wait for the break of dawn, I let my cup of coffee sit still on the table. A few more minutes, I tell myself, knowing too well that to drink it too soon would be to burn my tongue. 11 more words