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Breastfeeding is not easy.  It gets better with time, but it is never completely easy.  The first few days are the worst; the pain, and crying baby not getting enough milk.  369 more words

Quick Notes

IF: A Brief Look at Stoicism in the Victorian Era (Quick Notes)

The poem IF – by Rudyard Kipling was written in 1895 and first appeared in Kipling’s book Rewards and Fairies. It is recognized as one of the most quoted and beloved poems of all time and provides a perfect example of stoicism. 456 more words

Blog Format Preference

We are trying to update the look of the ministry blog, and we would like your help. We want to know what format is easiest for you to read. 27 more words

Quick Notes

How to Make Journaling A Habit in 2018

Feels like just yesterday, it was New Years, but here we are in the late of August and the end of the year is once again quickly approaching. 2,111 more words

no story to tell

every morning
scattered sleep leaves my body
as if elastic strings
plucked from the bone,
i fish out fragments of my being
from clothes piles in my wardrobe. 55 more words


Doing The Right Thing Can Cost You Everything

In early 2014, an employee of the multi-billion dollar medical company Theranos began to worry that the company may be engaged in fraudulent activities. Despite being a relatively low-level employee in his early twenties, he decided to do something about it. 333 more words

Belonging to an Egyptian Family (Quick Notes:13)

  • The Extended Family: three or four generations living together along with all the unmarried relatives. This would be the typical scope of the ancient and medieval family structure.
  • 1,171 more words
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