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Quick note: the Suzuki Super Carry makes you feel like a ten-foot trucker

Suzuki’s Super Carry is just about the most common model exemplifying Japan’s pioneering Kei Truck concept. That’s true at least here in the Philippines… 252 more words


Quick note: the Suzuki Ciaz short-shifts like a carpooling champ

Get past the impressive trim on this base model—get used to it as the new normal, actually—and you’ll be more impressed with the Ciaz GL M/T’s powertrain that mates the small but VVT-equipped 1.4L K14B Suzuki engine with the nicely balanced ratios on a manual gearbox topped with an exquisitely positive stick-shift. 275 more words


Dalat 3 giờ chiều một ngày trước Noel.

Mây xám sà xuống thấp những triền đồi và gió từ phía hồ lạnh buốt thốc ngược dọc đường Bùi Thị Xuân, vào tới tận phòng khách sạn lay tấm rèm cửa sổ. 111 more words

Quick Notes

We’re always looking for connection among things, for explanation and for logic within life. While there’s connection, for sure, real life is almost unexplainably above logic. 57 more words


So I finally figured I lost the sense for small talks. I need someone to talk about how beautiful a sunset is. I need someone to talk about the Orion in the winter sky. 71 more words


A Relatively Quick Whinge

I was hoping to have a dinner report about a new-to-us place that specializes in hand-pulled ramen and in soup dumplings, but that’s not really gonna happen tonight (although there may be a note on the order the roomie is bringing home for me). 421 more words


Quick note: not a slave to pavement, BAIC's Bayanihan H5

You’ll want to stick to roads, of course, but with the truck chassis of the Bayanihan H5, you’ll also like it in the dirt.  Riding high enough and featuring a traditionally robust suspension system with ample articulation, BAIC’s new H5 is no slave to pavement.