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Dear Navy; We regret to inform you...

That this video isn’t a video of Kara “Revlon” Hultgreen crashing into the ocean, which comes to even more of a blow to Kayleigh Marie. Perhaps the U.S. 349 more words


Heroism (Arthur Ashe)

“True heroism in remarkably sober, very undramatic”. “It is not the urge to surpass others at whatever cost; but the urge to serve others at whatever the cost”.

–Arthur Ashe

Quick Notes

The "truth" of things.

When attempting to withstand a world inhabited by enchantingly virulent distortions, you will find the only refuge will be the unforgiving and excruciating truth pursuing those fictions. 15 more words

Katy Mae

Quick Note on looking back

We weren’t expecting the Autism diagnosis when we went for the assessment, we had no idea that anything was going on other than a speech delay so a lot of Sambles behaviour just didn’t worry us…. 147 more words


Quick note on adjusting

I realised yesterday what my issue is with this whole thing… the reason I can’t get my head around it. It’s about expectations.

When someone goes to the doctor or the hospital, they get told what it is that’s wrong, then they get a path to follow. 106 more words


Quick Notes: Con Artists

Con Artists by Mikey Jimenez (Man Curtis Comics) and Gio Custodio (Loser Mangaka)

Mikey and Gio’s collaboration takes on what happens in conventions from the perspective of a komik creator – from preparations prior to the convention until what happens afterwards. 89 more words

Quick Notes

A quick note about day 2.

I wasn’t expecting an Autism diagnosis, so it’s taking me a little time to adjust. People keep telling me that this doesn’t change who he is and that he will receive all the help he needs now and while both of those things are true, that isn’t want’s messing with my head. 113 more words