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Quick Pic! Ghoulies!

Remember to check the toilet bowl before having a seat!

Just Fucking Awesome

Quick Pic - ♫On the road again♫

We decided to take a bus to Jiuzhaigou National Park, but unbeknownst to us it would be a 10 hour ride there and a 12 hour ride back! 422 more words

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Quick Pic - Jiuzhaigou 九寨沟

Hey oh! I’m back! This hiatus, of probably many more, was due to increased class load and lack of interesting pictures. Now that I’m done with the excuses… 175 more words

Quick Pic

Quick Pic: Zombie Outbreak Response Team!

Saw one of this country’s rarest Governmental emergency responders out and about today.

Quick Pic - Outside my window

This picture is a panorama shot from outside my dorm room window here on the 11th floor. Not the most beautiful, but there is at least something always going on. 51 more words

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Quick Pic - Pabu!

Okay, if you’ve never seen the cartoon Legend of Korra then you won’t understand the title’s reference to the red panda (aka fire fox) named Pabu. 79 more words

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Quick Pic - Old and New

This is a view from outside my dorm room window. The old style building is the main administration building on our campus. I’m at the Southwest University for Nationalities. 30 more words

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