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The Cured (2017)

Zombie virus horror without zombies…for the most part.

Stars: Ellen Page, Sam Keeley, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
David Freyne

Synopsis: The Maze virus, a zombie like infection, has had a cure developed with one draw back being that people remember everything they did while being infected. 425 more words


Quick Review: "Warlust" by Black Mass

One realizes the cultural importance that some records have had when almost forty years pass and there are still groups that are inspired by that music and write songs that sound exactly like the models. 425 more words


Quick Review: "Kosmik" by Violet Cold

Multi-instrumentalist and composer Emin Guliyev, who’s the artist behind the project Violet Cold, in addition to being gifted with extraordinary creativity and musical sensibility, is also an extremely prolific composer, at the point that honestly, it’s becoming every year more difficult to stay up to date with all of his releases. 699 more words


Review: D&D Monster Cards 0-5 by Gale Force Nine

One of the things I’m slowly coming to appreciate with D&D is just how central monsters are to the game, more so than for any of the other systems I have run. 788 more words


"Queen Zee" by Queen Zee

My initial reaction when I came across the debut LP from Queen Zee was a bit like going on a roller coaster: the very first time I listened to the album I was astounded (what an incredible debut is this one!!!) and I immediately started sharing the link to the album with a lot of friends on WhatsApp, whereupon I entered a phase where I partially reconsidered the value of the individual songs and I commenced to feel a weaker connection with the album, until I eventually reached a more balanced position between these two extremes, which is where I am at this time. 345 more words


The Binding - Bridget Collins Quick Review

The Binding – Bridget Collins Quick Review

The Binding – Bridget Collins

Emmett Farmer leaves his normal life, working as a farmer, to work as an apprentice binder. 320 more words

Nikita Angeles Writes,

Quick Review: “Vol. 6” by Seer

Among the thousands of different categories that have been invented to classify modern music, I don’t remember to have already encountered the hybrid definition of “ 443 more words