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Growing Business Using Images

Menuboards and promotional materials are as just as important as the food in quick-serve restaurants. The amount of time, money and effort poured into food photography should not be overlooked, as it may mark the difference between tempting thousands or millions of hungry guests or completely putting them off. 342 more words

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Would You Opt Out Of Tipping While An Employee Watches You?

Reader Bill was getting some sandwiches and paying with a credit card when he noticed something new and unusual on the payment machine. It prompted him to leave a tip between ten and twenty percent, to choose his own tip amount, or to decline tipping entirely. 148 more words

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Garlic Bread Is Coming, And Every Subway Will Smell Like Olive Garden

In a move that at least one commentator has compared to the novelty factor of Doritos Locos tacos, next week Subway will introduce a special limited-time bread offering: garlic bread. 160 more words


The Quick and Dirty: My Management History


I have three main purposes for writing this blog; the first purely being for self-reflection.  It will be a tool to help me to analyze the problems I face, decisions I make and the outcomes of each decision. 345 more words

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Blog Introduction

This blog will focus on topics such as cleanliness, training and development, planning and organization, and career opportunities. Plus much more!

These tools can be used by any QSR manager, but is geared towards entry-level management.


What It's Like To Work At A Subway Franchise, Get Blamed For Everything Customers Don't Like

Reader M. is currently (under-) employed at a Subway franchise. M. has a college degree, and is bright enough to be able to see the economic indicators that show they’ll still be working at Subway for a while yet. 662 more words

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The weekend before leaving for vacation my bestie asked if I wanted to go to Disneyland.  I hadn’t really thought about it so I told her it didn’t matter.   1,263 more words