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Crab Linguine

Summer, and in England at least crab comes into its own. I have used it elsewhere on this blog but sometimes with the heat of some chili and silky smooth pasta it can make a lovely, but light dish. 214 more words

Quick Suppers

Recipe of the week......Fish

Lemon crumbed fish with a shaved fennel, parsley and capers salad

Serves: 4

This is such a simple way of jazzing up baked fish fillets and is great for a mid week supper, ready in under 20 minutes! 237 more words


How to make an eye-catching, mouth-watering stir-fry supper fast

Just learning to cook? A while back, I shared my 15-30 minute broccoli skillet supper for two. If you’re fairly new to the kitchen, you may wonder how anyone can get a meal from scratch to table that fast, especially one that uses whole, real foods.  2,842 more words

Quick Suppers

A little bit of rainbow on a plate

Here is a really yummy dish that is super quick, and super healthy.

Grate one carrot and put 1 tablespoon or so, of peanuts on top (I added a few almond nuts also).   77 more words

Mushroom Goulash

I keep reading articles exhorting me to move meat to the status of a relish and to make vegetables the star of my meals. That’s not a bad solution for people who don’t want to give up meat altogether but are cognisant of the arguments against its production and consumption. 400 more words


Chilled Crookneck Squash & Pea Soup - Bounty shared from a West Tennessee Garden

West Tennessee folks have always been proud of their gardens. I have known this since a young child when everyone, rich or poor or in the middle,  had a vegetable garden…some small…some very large…all very neatly planted. 321 more words

Easy To Make

Quick broccoli skillet supper with toasted almonds

Got a head of pre-washed broccoli and some leftover rice or ferro in your fridge? You can slap this eye-catching, palate-pleasing broccoli skillet meal on the table in fifteen minutes. 1,049 more words