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How to make an eye-catching, mouth-watering stir-fry supper fast

Just learning to cook? A while back, I shared my 15-30 minute broccoli skillet supper for two. If you’re fairly new to the kitchen, you may wonder how anyone can get a meal from scratch to table that fast, especially one that uses whole, real foods.  2,842 more words

Quick Suppers

A little bit of rainbow on a plate

Here is a really yummy dish that is super quick, and super healthy.

Grate one carrot and put 1 tablespoon or so, of peanuts on top (I added a few almond nuts also).   77 more words

Mushroom Goulash

I keep reading articles exhorting me to move meat to the status of a relish and to make vegetables the star of my meals. That’s not a bad solution for people who don’t want to give up meat altogether but are cognisant of the arguments against its production and consumption. 400 more words


Chilled Crookneck Squash & Pea Soup - Bounty shared from a West Tennessee Garden

West Tennessee folks have always been proud of their gardens. I have known this since a young child when everyone, rich or poor or in the middle,  had a vegetable garden…some small…some very large…all very neatly planted. 321 more words

Easy To Make

Quick broccoli skillet supper with toasted almonds

Got a head of pre-washed broccoli and some leftover rice or ferro in your fridge? You can slap this eye-catching, palate-pleasing broccoli skillet meal on the table in fifteen minutes. 1,049 more words


Spatchcocked Poussin with Harissa

Spatchcocking poultry is one of those things that many cooks avoid because they think it’s difficult, but it’s actually very easy. All you’re doing is removing the backbone so the bird can be flattened out for speedy roasting. 314 more words


Minute Steaks with Chimichurri

I was once whizzing down from the top of a mountain in Argentina in a rather antiquated cable car when its operator fixed with me an evil grin and said: “Remember the Malvinas!” Fortunately for me he was only joking and in spite of any lingering feelings (on either side) about the Falklands War I met with nothing but warmth and friendship as I travelled around the country. 372 more words