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One pan wonder 

I hate washing up, and love cooking things that use minimal pots and pans so when I got the idea for this dish (thanks Jamie Oliver you absolute kitchen legend) I was so excited and have made many variations on it. 393 more words


Chilli prawns and lentils with spring greens

When I tell people that I have cut refined sugars from my life the first question they ask is ‘What do you have for dinner?’ They seem to accept that chocolate and sweets are out but when I say we don’t eat pasta, rice or potatoes, let alone ready-made sauces and ready-meals, their interest in following a similar lifestyle suddenly drops. 352 more words

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Purple sweet potatoes & skirt steak 

quite a quick post this one.

I saw these purple sweet potatoes on red ticket.. Had to try em..

With a great piece of skirt.. Dusted in secret Irish smuggled seasoning mix.. 73 more words

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Mash with kale and cheese

This is the ultimate in comfort food. The recipe is based on one from Waitrose Kitchen magazine for March 2015. This is a very simple dish, which can be eaten on its own. 184 more words


Kale pesto

This makes a generous amount for 2, or smaller portions for 3 people when served with pasta:


Quick Italian eats

Sometimes store bought products are the perfect answer for a quick meal..

Great pasta and good sauce.. Perfecto !

A quick garlic bread made with yellow ticket petit pans. 133 more words

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It's Meatless Monday-Smoky Lentil Tacos



For this recipe I used more of the lentils from the batch I’d cooked the previous week. Here I combined them with some mushrooms, red onions, and a host of spices including smoked paprika which is more readily available than it once was. 192 more words

Meatless Mondays