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Quick Thought: The Reading Slump.

Hey everyone!

Sorry I wasn’t able to get this post up earlier this evening! If you’re not from Toronto, or not a sports fan you probably don’t know what happened tonight. 267 more words

David champion doesn't understand laissez faire economics

When a person starts an argument with the other side are uninformed bigots. You know that you are in for some top tier intellectualism! He reads off the definition of the free market but after that his argument starts to fall to pieces . 669 more words


Two perfect examples of the decayed culture in the modern world

In entertainment you’ll occasionally see critiques of modern society. Whether or not the writer intentionally or unwittingly criticizes it does not matter in my opinion.  The television show “the middle” and the video game series “Saints row” display the flaws of modern society perfectly . 459 more words


How I Learned a Leadership Lesson from My Daughter's Fairy Tale

Maybe it is an age bias, but children’s books these days are richer and more engaging than those of my youth. I think a large part of it is that the change in media has impacted children as much as it has adults – what entertains them needs to be flashy and have a sharper wit to keep them occupied, and not necessarily as dull and infantile as I remember many of the books of my youth being. 407 more words

Quick Thought

Sakura Matsuri 2016

Today, I went to the Washington D.C. Navy Yard to attend the 2016 Sakura Matsuri. I had rushed there right after work, and within an hour-and-a-half (and roughly 13-14USD in fare the whole day), I was being jostled around trying to make my way up a pleasant Washington D.C. 392 more words