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Why do we

Why do we wash our passions
clean from our hands
and why do we undress from
what we were earlier
How many people
can one person be
Who are you


Society Today

You have been victimized by a person’s good deed! Ouch.


one of those sad moments.

you know that feeling where something, anything happens and it just ruins your mood completely and it changes it to something you do not want? 156 more words


Tapping into a source of self-renewing motivation

I’ve been thinking a lot about my possible next career.

A lot.

Like, I’m sure my husband would say I’m obsessed (probably annoyingly so).

I’ve been in my current career since I somewhat accidentally fell into it over eight years ago. 478 more words


I feel bad for artists.

Any artist.
Designers, painters, musicians, you name it.

Not a lot of people get their work.
Not a lot of people appreciate all of the hours put into that project plus all the hours of practice needed to get that technique; all of that detail they managed to create, all of the things they had to do to get final result. 46 more words


my mother made me obsessed with snoopy

so I was exploring etsy, looking for a birthday gift for my mother, when I came across with this:

this plate, ladies and gentlemen, which may seem to you as just a wacky snoopy plate is actually  part of my childhood! 242 more words



treat the bad as well as you treat the good. each piece is essential to the whole.