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she just knew.

If you read the post I wrote about being in a hospital, you might remember that I was there accompanying my grandfather.

I wrote that entry on May 29; he passed away June 11. 168 more words

John Green

My friend Doris (if you’re reading this, hey girl!) had this iPhone cover that had that quote in watercolors. It stuck to me since the first day I saw it.

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You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.
– Carl Jung

I just finished reading the humanitarian Zainab Salbi’s biography Between Two Worlds…

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milkmaid braids

Braids are usually all the rage during the summer time, or honestly anytime. I can only do certain types of braids on myself, other types of braids on other people, and some I just cannot master because either I confuse which piece of hair goes next or my arms tell me I should work out because they are not strong enough and get tired and shake and it’s becomes a mess just to keep my hair up.. 286 more words


Pistachio ice cream

Hypothesis: Quality of pistachio ice cream is correlated with its color. The more green the ice cream is, the worse it is.

This is because greener color means that the ice cream is more artificial and hence less tasty. 32 more words


Faith that sees the impossible happen...

…is faith that listens to what God is telling you to do.

God bless

James :)



facts are basically glorified opinions. any willing person can discover what is written in books, with the proper time and equipment. think twice before making any moves. 13 more words

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