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Quick Thoughts: A Republic, If You Can Keep It

Man, oh man, between the rapidly changing landscape of our presidential election, everything else happening in the world, my move to China and starting a new job — who knew it could keep you (a) so busy and (b) so tired? 497 more words

Election 2016

Quick Thoughts: Trump's "Apology"

We’ve seen a lot of apologies in this presidential election season. While there are psychological studies and theories addressing apology and remorse, I want to relate these apologies to something I learned while in therapy. 515 more words

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homes are just caves of convenience


Quick Thoughts: Clinton's Debate Strategy

The first presidential debate was surreal, wasn’t it? I still shake my head in amazement at how it went and how the follow up discussion of it is going. 2,595 more words

Election 2016

Quick Thoughts: Debate Tells of Trump

The first debate is in the bag. There have been lots and lots of talking heads on the TV — Max Headroom? — talking their heads off about this or that about the debate. 1,725 more words

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Status Changes and Fall 2016

I think I should write something. I know not many people would expect such a post from such an infrequent blogger such as myself. Not when others write enough to sate their reading audience. 969 more words


Spectacular Airshow: Catching Up On Macross Delta (Part 2):

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And so with Macross Delta’s last episode looming ever so slowly in the horizon, I thought it was best if I get down to the next set of epsiodes as quickly as possible if I wanted to get this series of blog post to go out in time for the next season where my viewing schedule picked back up.

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