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I'm gonna be in a play!

kinda. it’s really a production that consists little 10-minute plays. but still, i’m going to perform one in a big theater and i’m excited:D!

my first play. 14 more words


Writing Reflection

I’ve become accustomed to thinking in story. That is to say that I believe people want a story that is different enough from their own that they can feel something different that they normally do not experience in their own life. 114 more words

Wisp Of Knowledge

February Flurries: Quick Thought #8: ARCs/Review Books

Hi everyone,

Today, I’m going to discussing ARCs/Review Books, which I get FAQs about.

What is an ARC or Review Book?

An ARC is an Advanced Reading Copy of a book that is given to bloggers/reviewers/youtubers to read, review and publicize, even before it comes out! 286 more words


Quick Thought: Kantai Collection Winter Event - 2015

I can’t go on. With 4k fuel left and a few days left, I’m cutting my losses. I’m gonna send an E-1 fleet out to see if can snag some drops but other than that no more. 259 more words

Video Games

A Restart

I have been terrible at this blogging thing. But it’s the beginning of a new semester, and with it, I’m going to reprioritize my life, and make blogging one of them. 51 more words

Study Abroad

The Challenge to Notice Things

A few weeks ago, at the end of a business design class that featured active listening exercises, our instructor challenged us to notice things. We live our lives within routines and it is so easy to overlook changes or anything outside of the expectant. 286 more words

Applying The B. Com

currently i..

am watching it’s always sunny in philadelphia again because i just love danny devito and charlie day so much.

like the 70º weather we have but am sad that those 50º weather days won’t be back ’til next winter. 98 more words