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Quick Thoughts: the Flynn Scandal and Playing to the Rubes

We all know by now that National Security Advisor, complete caustic creep, and blackmailed-by-Putin-a-second-time, your favorite Lt. Gen. and mine, Mike Flynn has resigned. There is so much to unpack here — and by unpack, I do mean unpack my impacted rectum — that I think I can do it in a quick thought post. 771 more words

Quick Thought

Dreaming of Spring

Right now is the coldest time of year in Japan, when it is windy and the snow falls often. This morning I was dreaming of the deep blue skies of spring…



Today I am especially inspired by those around me. :)

The availability and accessibility of public spaces are essential for peaceful assembly and freedom of association. 22 more words

Net Neutrality


A small warning.

This site openly encourages the gentle expansion of boundaries, questioning spirituality, faith, and the Human Condition using a multidisciplinary, pagan lens.

If you disagree or are sensitive to this topic, we highly encourage you to find other resources which align more fully to your beliefs and practices. 17 more words

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How to Record a Holiday Classic

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With chestnuts roasting on an open fire and children watching mommy kiss Santa Claus, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… song season! 775 more words

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A Quick Thought on the Ending of Arrival.


I just got home today after seeing Arrival. It was a good movie, with a great cast, great acting, great plot and pretty original ideas… until the end. 245 more words


A Quick Thought: The Benefit of DMing and Playing Simultaneously

In writing another blog post I mentioned that I was simultaneously running a game and playing a character at the same time. This is something my wife introduced me to as she really wanted to play but I wasn’t willing at the time to run a game. 150 more words