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Quick Tips: How to properly cut a melon (promise it will save you time!)

Chef and cookbook author Marguerite Henderson shows us the proper way to slice a melon. For more from her, go here.  19 more words

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...Another Quick Tip Thursday

Hello! Happy Thursday!! I have a quick tip to share today…but before I do, I want to talk about my AMAZING Wednesday yesterday! My husband planned an awesome day trip for us after our lil firecracker had to get blood drawn at the doctor (OUCH!).  503 more words


Using Oils Safely

It is important to understand that there is a variation of different strengths of oils. Not all oils are created the same. Some are stronger than others. 89 more words

Carrier Oil

This donut might be good for you...

Mmmmmm….who doesn’t love a deliciously bad for you donut?!

Wouldn’t it be nice if there were another kind of donut entirely?  Something with the visual appeal of a donut, but which would feed you interesting information about academic articles?   1,157 more words

Quick Tips

The 2 minute workout.

The days when I could spend a whole hour working out are but a distant memory now that I’m a mom. Even as I write this, my daughter wakes from her morning nap…I put her down 12 minutes ago. 224 more words


Eat These Fats To Lose More Fat!

For too long, fat has been considered the enemy. As fat became replaced with low-fat and non-fat options, we were supposed to become thinner and healthier…but quite the opposite has happened. 934 more words

Quick Tips

Maillard Reaction

Okay, the Maillard reaction is a wicked complex reaction that happens when meat meets heat, or when other foods cook or bake. Sugars and proteins are changed dramatically, smells of cooked foods are released and…. 50 more words

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