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MOOCs 101: What Could You Gain From A Massive Open Online Course?

I recently read a blog post from GradHacker suggesting some interesting ways Graduate and Doctoral students might use MOOCs to bolster their education. While the post itself is worth a read, the central point is that using MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) could be one way to refresh knowledge you acquired back in undergrad, or to gain new knowledge about a topic related to your field of study. 824 more words

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Faux Pho

I know those words aren’t actually homonyms, but I couldn’t resist.  As you probably figured out from the title, one day I decided to make pho, but I’ve never had anything that I’ve considered “real” pho, so I’m making one up based on recipes from the interwebs.   434 more words


10 Quick Tips When Applying To Graduate Schools

It’s crazy how this time last year I was applying to various graduate schools. At the time, I felt like it was going to impossible to work on applications while being a full-time student. 752 more words


Painful Ribs Prefer Ranunculus!

Here’s a quick tip–and you know those are rare from me!

If you’ve hurt your ribs and are using Arnica without getting the relief to which you are accustomed with homeopathy, try… 185 more words

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OS X El Capitan -- Fixing Git and LaTeXTools

I have recently updated to the latest version of OSX — El Capitan (in my opinion a beautiful OS). One of the things that Apple decided to change with this release is access privileges to… 177 more words

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How to Re-Enable All-Caps on Virtual Keyboard

I was looking forward to the new keyboard feature in iOS 9 — the one that made it clear  whether you were typing in upper or lower case by displaying the correct case on the keys. 147 more words

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Sparkly Whiskey Sour

Here’s another home-bar creation!  This time, I was looking at the bottle of Maker’s Mark that I bought over a year ago, wondering in what manner I would ever use it.   238 more words