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Nesting: Not just for the birds

When you hear the term ‘nesting’ it probably conjures up an adorable image of a little bird or animal building a home or caring for their young…. 742 more words

Quick Tips

No Blush? No Problem!

Now, I don’t wear blush every day, but it really wakes up your face and makes you look (and feel!) so much more put-together. Sometimes, though, if I’m in a pinch, I don’t want to bother with blush. 97 more words


Tip # 14: Ask yourself, "Could I be wrong?"

A quick way to bring peace to a troubled relationship.

  1. Ask yourself, “Could I be wrong?”
  2. Think about the areas where you could have faulty thinking and where your behavior can improve.
  3. 21 more words

Quick Tips: Cake Cutting Sets

Hello and Happy Wedding Planning!

Today’s quick tip should be read BEFORE you buy that $80 Vera Wang cake cutting set (or… *GASP* the $12 one from Michael’s). 237 more words

"Expert Tips" Aka My Soapbox

Quick tip #1 Credit cards

A bit of a mine field. Well, potential mine field. Credit cards, more like scary cards. In the wrong hands, yes. In the right hands, a very useful tool. 324 more words

10 Year Retirement Plan

Menu Planning Extravaganza

Happy Holidays!  You made it through Thanksgiving, and if you’re anything like me, you have a ton of food still in your fridge that you have no idea how to get rid of without wasting any of it.   875 more words


So where can I find.....? Quick tips for MyFielding

As Fielding migrates much of its old Felix content into MyFielding, it can occasionally be tricky to find what you need. Here in the library, we fairly regularly receive questions about how to navigate to a variety of these materials and thought we would share the answers to some common inquiries. 235 more words

Quick Tips