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What Are Certified Funds?

Focus on Real Estate: Quick Tips.

When a lawyer asks you for certified funds in a real estate transaction, s/he is referring to a specific type of payment. 72 more words

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Kingdom Creatures: A Project Renamed

How can you embed Teaching for Transformation Core Practices in your lessons in a matter of minutes instead of hours? Just rename and reclaim the lessons you already teach. 258 more words

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Quick tips. The Purge: Election Year

Frank Grillo is, for the second time, the fascinating LAPD Sergeant Leo Barnes in The Purge: Election Year. 

Will the Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell) survive and manage to be elected as the next USA President to stop the annual purge? 76 more words

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Daily Water: Start Drinking Green Tea

Aside from green tea’s more well-known health benefits such as providing antioxidants and polyphenols for the body, it has another hidden talent—Burning fat.

Although most people don’t know much about this, the evidence is there. 259 more words

24-Day Challenge

Understanding Abstract and Concrete WSDLs

I am going to keep this very simple. When you start developing composite solutions involving multiple web services, it’s important to remove all design time dependencies in your integration. 333 more words

Getting UTC Time in ISO 8601 Format

Working on integrating with Amazon S3 services today, which uses a RESTful API. So far the hardest part is generating the login credentials. Amazon does this quite a bit different than most services. 303 more words


Quick Tips : Relief

To follow-up with last week’s post, This Funk, I wanted to share some things I do to pull myself away from stress! 350 more words