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Quick Tips: Instant Home Made Pancake Mix

Never pay for pancake mix again. This simple recipe is quick to put together and stores easily in the kitchen cupboard. Now you can have no-fuss pancakes anytime! 53 more words


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Quick Tip 2 – Toolbars: Buttons for “go to previous/next extent” ArcGIS 10.0 Often whether making a map or doing spatial analysis, you will need to zoom into an area and then zoom back out to your previous extent again. 122 more words


Bring Your Own Bag!

Here’s a question: Is it morally or socially acceptable to use a product for just 20 minutes but have it linger for a thousand¬†years in our environment? 510 more words


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Quick Tip 1 – Changing Layer Symbology From the Table of Contents Pane
ArcGIS 10.0

For quite a while, when I needed to change the fill color or outline of a layer, I would do so by going into the symbology display. 131 more words


Quick Tips: Home Made Vanilla Extract

Making your own vanilla extract is very simple. My home made extract is far superior to any store bought version, plus it makes an amazing home made gift, perfect for all the foodies in your life! 47 more words


Quick Tips: Freezing Fresh Herbs

Stop letting fresh herbs go to waste! This simple tip lets you freeze fresh herbs quickly and easily. Once frozen, they can be stored for months and used immediately to add an extra burst of flavour to your meals. 28 more words

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Love the Skin You're In: Sugar and Coffee Scrubs

These two SIMPLE scrubs are a great gift for Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s Day or just when you need to give yourself a little love. Stop paying a premium for expensive scrubs because you can whip something up in just minutes. ¬† 143 more words

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