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8th of May - Mother's Day

It’s basically the same question every year at this time. Sunday is Mother’s Day. Don’t want to spend that much money and somehow also would like to do something on my own, something very personal and Special for probably the most important person in my life. 116 more words


(Boba) Fettuccine Salad

It’s Star Wars Day! C’mon, it’s the perfect reason to give all your food goofy Star Wars names! I even went so far on this one as to make sure the food matched the color scheme for the character I wanted to rep, so here you have…Boba Fettuccine Salad. 657 more words


A More Traditional Cinco de Mayo

Here in the US, Cinco de Mayo is a time for margaritas and tacos, but very few Americans actually know what Cinco de Mayo is all about. 31 more words

Homemade Granola Bars Recipe

This is a recipe I found in an effort to do some healthier baking with some still delicious results. I had already wondered in the past how much money we waste on granola bars at stores that are processed to death. 317 more words

Desi Tangy Chicken

I didn’t make this today. Nor did I cook this yesterday. Infact I have not cooked anything new for more than two weeks now. Why, you ask? 408 more words


Star Wars Day - BB8 Sandwiches

Happy May the 4th :)

To be honest I am not a huge Star Wars fan. Mr D loves it though and is on a quest to introduce B to it. 64 more words

Fun Food

Quick and Easy Gearing Guide | Keep quiet about any details

That Blizzard is even meeting with them at all is noteworthy. Normally stuff like this gets shut down and that’s that. The server in question, though, had 150,000 players. 527 more words