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Beauty and the Speed

I see it. There she is.
My car I use to drive.
I miss how I cruised in it.
Her speed made me feel alive. 91 more words


recipe: protein peanut butter balls

A delicious on-the-go snack packed with protein and flavor! Yesterday morning, I was bitten by the cooking bug and there was nothing that could hold me back from rummaging through the pantry to find an inspirational ingredient to work with — in this case, it was peanut butter. 144 more words


sauteed and spiced apple slices

Hello apple lovers!

There is no better way to start you’re morning than the smell of warming spices wafting through the fresh air. You wake up (maybe still in pajamas or hurriedly getting ready for you’re day) and all you want is a warm fresh breakfast. 705 more words


How to cook Aubergines perfectly

I was mumbling the other time, I think on my Baba Ganoush recipe on how to make the best-perfect-melt-in-your-mouth aubergines ever! And I was telling you back then that you basically just need a little bit more oil than you would normally use and a little bit more salt. 222 more words

Raspberry Bakewell cake

I’ve always thought that those who live in consistently hot climates must simply never bake. A friend, who is a great baker of cakes, lives in Granada, Spain and I once asked her how she managed to bake anything when it was so hot that turning on the oven felt like punishment. 318 more words

Cake Recipes



For the nights you’d rather do anything but cook, these are quick, easy and impressive.

For my version: 137 more words


Summer pasta with shrimp and nduja

Quick and easy, truly! Sauce is made in less time that it takes to cook pasta. I know, many recipe writers state that but this time I can attest it’s true! 185 more words