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Paying Bills in QuickBooks Online

In a previous column, we talked about setting up bills in QuickBooks Online. Now it’s time to pay them.

We recently laid out the benefits of using QuickBooks Online for bill entry and payment. 705 more words

QBO- Differences in Versions

There are three different QuickBooks Online versions. The one you choose depends on your business needs, the type of reports you want to see and other criteria such as time tracking and inventory tracking. 8 more words

Bookeeping With QBO

Closing the Gap – QuickBooks Online and Xero?

I was fortunate to be the guest of Intuit again this year at the annual QuickBooks Connect conference in San Jose, California at the end of October. 1,179 more words


Customizing QuickBooks Online Forms

Make a good impression on your customers by sending them well-designed sales forms. QuickBooks Online helps you create them.

Your company’s “brand” can be composed of many things (and has many definitions), but it’s really about what pops into your customers’ minds when they think of you. 699 more words

Small Business is easy with SaaS

Do you have an old clunky server in your small business office somewhere? Maybe under a desk, or in a back room? Do you not touch it very often? 1,550 more words


QuickBooks- Making the Most of the Business Software

The accounting software is seen by most small and medium sized business owners as a solution to all their worries associated with the efficient running of their enterprise. 979 more words

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XeroCon 2016 – Beyond the Cloud to the Stars

A few years ago we all used to cheer madly when Xero announced the release of features such as Quotes or Stocked Inventory, but XeroCon last week clearly flagged that: the product was moving from the mundane to the magical, that there are now no boundaries, that Xero has truly reached the ‘end of the beginning’ and is strategically poised to realise the dreams of CEO and founder, Rod Drury as it moves to Cloud 2.0. 704 more words

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