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Eternal Champions - Sega Genesis Quickie

WizWar100 finally succumbs to working on the next quickie, why? Because it’s Eternal Champions and it’s a fighting game. A genre WizWar100 does not like and sucks at for eternity like a champ. 97 more words


[Film] Furious 7

By Frankey and Mai

First released in Australia on 2 April 2015
Directed by James Wan
Running time: 140 minutes

Frankey says: I’m gonna pull a quickie on this one and only say a few words. 279 more words


Fried Buffalo Wings

“Those who forget their wing-story are doomed to repeat it”

146 more words

Electric Super Joy[PC] - Valentine Quickie Review

While WizWar100 can’t offer everyone chocolate, he can offer you a short and sweet review on Electric Super Joy and what he thinks of this brutal action platformer. 130 more words


The Rockettes

As a leg man, Roger loved seeing The Rockettes perform in the Radio City Music Hall every Christmas. His wife, Valerie, went along for the ride, sitting right next to him during the show. 54 more words