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Hybrid Performance Method - Push Only Program

I tweaked my back pretty bad during the CrossFit Open this year. It seemed a good opportunity to lay off the squats and deadlifts to ease up on my back. 429 more words

Nick Momrik

The Defenders Trailer

Second official trailer for the series!

Nick Momrik

The CrossFit "Cindy" Workout On Steroids

The other day I saw CrossFit Games picture of an athlete wearing a weight vest, which they’ve used when performing versions of the hero workout “Murph” in 2015 and 2016. 167 more words

Nick Momrik

DIY Overhead Camera Rig

I’ve been recording more videos at my hobby desk and hanging a GoPro from my LED desk lamp via a Gorillapod wasn’t cutting it. Having to run GoPro’s Capture app on my iPhone connected over a WiFi network broadcast by the GoPro in order to see a preview of the camera view was also a pain point in my setup. 674 more words

Nick Momrik

How Do You Pour A Bowl Of Cereal?


2 Kinds of People is a site I’ve enjoyed for at least a couple of years. Usually it’s pretty clear which side I belong on, but this image about pouring a bowl of cereal puts me on both sides. 51 more words

Nick Momrik