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10 days till spring break!!

I feel like I’m always floundering blindly during the school year, desperately waiting and reaching for the next break. You know, I used to like school. 59 more words


HumpDay Quickie #57

A Sticky Situation

by Sal Page

Wed 7th May
When I first met Toby I thought we were friends. We had some good chats up by the swings on the green. 349 more words

Flash Fiction

"It'll be the best years of your life", they said.

They lied. Between the mounds of homework, the terrible social environment, and this suffocating pressure to decide NOW what you want to do for the rest of your life when you still have to ask for permission to go to the washroom…

They lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeed.


Emotional Anarchy

the mess of the head
is the fault of the heart.
logic and emotions can never work
not eye to eye.
not even in the same mess of the body: 12 more words


Farewell, Leonard Nimoy

I know everyone and their dog has already heard about this, and not a god damn one of you didn’t hear about it somewhere else before you saw this post, but I felt like I should make a post about it anyway. 123 more words

Quick updates


Most Public Blowie Ever, Maybe

So I was making out with a guy, in the city, in a small park, on a seat, in the middle of the day, and there were a lot of buildings with a lot of windows overlooking us, like dozens at least, although there was also a tree next to us and over us, so maybe the people behind the windows couldn’t see. 546 more words