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How To Cut A Picture Frame To Size Easily

Under the box lid of a Sears Craftsman 45° miter cut-n-clamp set, which was produced in the 1960s.

  1. Measure the width of the picture. (X in inches)
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Nick Momrik

Don't Take My Phone

I spent all of last week with about 540 Automatticians. For an introvert like me it’s a challenging and exhausting week. When meeting new people each day we often repeat the same conversations. 155 more words

Nick Momrik

12 Years on WordPress.com

I signed up for WordPress.com over 2 years before I started working at Automattic. My user account was #840 and we’ll be passing 128 million any minute!

Nick Momrik

Used Tools

I’ve been wanting to get more tools so I can do different projects with wood. It’s a lot cheaper to start out with used tools, especially as I learn. 228 more words

Nick Momrik

Testing: RGB LED Strip, EL Wire, and Endoscope

I’ve been meaning to test out several new products I bought. Figure I would take the camera along for the ride.

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Getting back over 50% after I missed the 2016 Automattic Grand Meetup was a tall task. Wouldn’t have been able to do it without assigned meal seatings, the new homeroom groups, and activities. 22 more words

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