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I arrived at Mr. D’s. I went to his room to say hello and let him know I was there. We talked and after I kneeled for him he said, “On your back.” 145 more words


Training for Tokyo

Dave and I worked on the technical point of focus.  Short court warm up.  Full court rally.  Cross court.  Serves. Play out points.  All is good.  Hand cramps.  Crushed the ball.

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The Tennis Scheme... A Hell Of A Lot Of Hard Work!

Sex. In public.

I have a lot to cover but now is not the time. About to fall asleep. I’m in Dallas right now. Before I flew out, I fucked Riddick in the airport bathroom. 45 more words


13 Sauces

I didn’t ask for a single one because I don’t use them. What a waste! Who needs 13 packets of sauce for one sandwich?

Nick Momrik

Masturbation 101

This is for the ladies that are involved in a relationship where their men only use their vaginas for the sole purpose of masturbation.

“How do I detect this?” You ask. 376 more words

Hump Day Quickie #92

Dead All Day
by Voima Oy

Johnny O’Neill was dead, again. Yes, quite dead and cold. My bullet in his heart. Belle, the barmaid, holding him and crying. 275 more words

Flash Fiction