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We tried Strengthsfinder as a team exercise last week our meetup in Bulgaria. It’s a tool for measuring and identifying your strengths, with the goal of understanding and developing them further. 678 more words

Nick Momrik

A quickie

Sometimes words contain emotions, but not sentiment. Words say how you feel, and sentiment is putting those feelings to action. That is why actions speak louder than words.



Fing on a Plane

Fing is an iOS app that detects devices connected to a network. I ran it about 5 hours in to my DTW->AMS flight last week. Of the 47 devices found, only 12 were reporting as something other than an Apple product.

Nick Momrik

Phone Keypad Hacking: Part 4

So when part 3 of this series turned out to be a bit uneventful, I wasn’t expecting a grand finale with fireworks. I was right about it being more difficult though. 276 more words

Nick Momrik

Disable Chrome Notifications

Since switching to Chrome, I’ve been annoyed when sites ask to send me notifications. I never want them. Turns out you can disable them completely. 36 more words

Nick Momrik

Chicken Hearts & Wild Boar

Both amazing dishes! The milk cake I had for dessert was even better.

Nick Momrik

Fidget Spinners

I made a couple of fidget spinners out of wood, screws, and a couple of 2 cent coins from Spain. The bearings came out of old Rollerblade wheels. 83 more words

Nick Momrik