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Trees in space

Please state what you see in the photograph.

Trees, I say, peering into the dark of its shape against the snow on the ground.

Very well, shape recognition, check, they reply. 24 more words


HumpDay Quickie #122

Reading an Avalanche

by Richard Edenfield

On the soft white page there are tracks that speak a language of discovery and bloodshed. Your eyes follow me like a hunter across descriptions of streams, the poetry of a mountain—the trail of a wounded heart. 321 more words

Flash Fiction

How Do I Sound?

A YouTube video I saw not too long ago inspired me to make videos for my channel a little differently than I have been. I’ve been separating the talking videos and the speedpaint videos, but this video showed me that I can do both at the same time: write about something on a topic related to the artwork (or create the artwork around the topic) and add a voiceover on top of the art. 254 more words


Cracked Review

​There’s nothing worse than when you are washing your hands in a public restroom, you look up and in the mirror you can see the dude in the sh!tter looking at you through the cracks in the stall wall. 14 more words


After years of looking, I have found my real papa.

Well, of course he is a drinker.

Photo credit B. Pilsudski.


A Natural Kink

I have always been very ticklish, avoiding having my ribs, feet and armpits touched for years because of how intense the sensation can be for me. 232 more words

HumpDay Quickie #121


by Ewan Smith

For as long as time itself, Mother Owl had been considered the wisest among the Birds. Always, it was to her that they turned for sense and guidance. 329 more words

Flash Fiction