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Maternal Gatekeepers Might Want to Open the Gates—For Their Babies’ Sake

Maternal gatekeeping refers to mothers’ behaviors and attitudes that portray their reluctance to let fathers participate in childcare. These disapproving behaviors can be subtle things like… 153 more words

Fall 2018

Unrolling the Myth of the Black Lightning

The bikes created by British manufacturer Vincent Motorcycles are some of the most sought-after collector motorcycles in the world, and the Black Lightning occupies the top rung of this hierarchy. 336 more words


How Many Purchases?

Two purchases or no purchases? Make up your mind YouTube.

Nick Momrik

Titan Fitness 21.5" Fold Back Wall Mounted T-3 Power Rack

Yesterday I installed a folding power rack in my garage, which completes my garage gym reorganization. Since I now have a truck and a car, I didn’t want to dedicate half of my garage to the gym; I wanted to park both vehicles inside all year. 1,218 more words

Nick Momrik

We Live in a More Gender Progressive Society... But our Beliefs Don't seem to Reflect This

As our society becomes more progressive in terms of gender, we would expect that people’s attitudes towards gender would be changing as well. 110 more words

Fall 2018

Daily Posts For 2 Years

Yesterday’s post finished year two of publishing every day on my blog. Seven hundred and thirty days! I never expected to last so long.

How about some updated stats? 30 more words

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