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Garlic Bread

We all like a quick snack fix and my favorite is Garlic Bread! You can make the bread/baguette yourself, but then it’s no longer a quick fix.  177 more words


Make Up Your Damn Mind

I recently dyed and then cut my hair, as you likely know if you’ve seen either my Facebook or Instagram page. If you did know that then you probably also know that I instantly regretted cutting my lovely long locks off. 265 more words


DIY Farmers Walk/Carry Handles

After tweaking my back and starting a push-only program which has a lot of accessory movements, I’ve been all about unilateral movements. Constantly using the barbell for lifting can create a lot of imbalances. 264 more words

Nick Momrik

Autistic, Allistic, Neurodiverse, and Neurotypical: Say what?

Coming into the neurodiversity movement, there are some terms that a new person might not be familiar with. I’ve been seeing a lot of questions about some of them, and some misunderstandings about them as well, so it is perhaps time for writing something on these terms. 937 more words


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Infrared Hacking

Remember last week’s post about tearing apart a component switch to repurpose parts? I spent some time fooling around with IR after that. I thought it would be neat to recreate the basic functionality of switching between 3 devices. 1,633 more words

Nick Momrik


As I walked down the narrow street, with my back to the oncoming traffic, I had an epiphany.

It hit me like a gut-punch>

it was the feeling of drowning…in a sea of blackness<the sinking feeling>of helplessness…not knowing how to climb out of quicksand>> 276 more words