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Catching up on Electronics Projects

I’m behind on a bunch of electronics subscription boxes and projects, so I’m just going to list out a bunch of stuff. None of its worthy of its own post anyway. 439 more words

Nick Momrik

Revisiting My Resistor Organization

My supply of resistors (and diodes) has grown over the last year. The previous solution worked well, although the screw tops were a pain. I’d been doubling up some containers if the values were close enough, but had run out of cylinders, so starting chucking parts into the box. 141 more words

Nick Momrik

Review: Alpha Fighter by Ava Ashley

Series: The Alpha Fighter, #1


My review (amazon link)

Savannah is out of cash and responds to and ad for a roommate. She was spoiled but knew how to work. 200 more words

Book Review

Bread Pudding with Maple Cream Sauce

At the Maple Grille.

“Do you need another spoon?”

To share? No.

Nick Momrik

Quickie #13

Yesterday I woke up to this video as a friend was wondering when I would return to the UK. Today I woke up with the song on the back of my mind and it is not stopping. 68 more words


Why Are Thermostats Still on the Wall?

A couple of weeks ago I noticed the heat was staying on in my office pretty much all day. I have a boiler heating system with 4 zones and the thermostat that controls the front of my house is right there in the office. 477 more words

Nick Momrik

[Quickie] XRB on Kucoin

Kucoin has just enabled RaiBlock withdrawals.

If you were expecting for this update/change it’s now live so feel free to move them wherever you want.